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Using TDM-GCC (MinGW) in Windows to develop DLL involves the problem of data synchronization lock and DLL initialization termination function, tdm-gccmingw

Using TDM-GCC (MinGW) in Windows to develop DLL involves the problem of data synchronization lock and DLL initialization termination function, tdm-gccmingw In Windows with TDM-GCC (MinGW) Development DLL if you want to use data synchronization lock, theoretically, you can use the critical section provided by Windows APIs (required functions include InitializeCrit

MinGW QT (can be removed Mingwm10.dll, Libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, Libstdc++-6.dll Dependence, the official MinGW by default are dynamically linked to the GCC library and TDM is a static link to the GCC Library, TDM version better use)

Original Address:MinGW QTSun 1 EastProblems and workarounds for compiling QT source code using MinGW without using the QT SDK:Configure-fast-release-no-exceptions-no-rtti-no-stl-no-qt3support-no-opengl-no-multimedia-no-webkit-no-script- No-scripttools-nomake tools-nomake examples-nomake demos-nomake docs-nomake translations-platform win32-g++The TDM version of MinGW GCC is highly recommended, compared to the official MinGW slow and obscure, the

TDM-GCC is from the MINGW-W64 project patch, all using static links, the thread does not need additional DLLs, the default use of SJLJ exception (really good things)

Windows version of GCC TDM-GCC 4.5.2Usually write a C + + small program, do not like to open vs, too large, but also to build projects. For small programs, a single-file compilation of the IDE is my first choice, I use C-free 5.0, built-in compiler version Mingw,windows GCC.The first few in C-free 5.0 write sort program, want to see the approximate execution time, so with C standard library function clock (), the result contains the Time.h header file

MinGW mingw-w64 TDM-GCC The difference and connection between tool chains

Improper, please correct me.Same point:One, they are all tool chains for compiling build Windows applications.Second, they are all based on GCC.The difference (only the big point):I. The relationship between projects1. MinGW should be the first to be born.2. The MINGW-W64 project was originally created as a branch of the MinGW, but is now independently developed. For specific information, see:Http://

Implementation of TDM service in Epon system

Beacon Communication Technology Co., Ltd. domestic market headquarters Zhang Yong 1 Introduction In recent years, the proliferation of data traffic and the rapid development of IP service have put forward many new problems for the current network construction. On the one hand, the traditional telephone service and leased line business and other basic telecommunications business is still the main source of revenue for telecom operators, on the other hand, the rapid development of data services

Use C ++ to read and write TDM and TDMS files

TDM and TDMS are NI-based data storage file formats, with both speed and logical organization considerations. Third-party libraries provided by NI are also easy to use for data files in this format. For more information about TDM and TDMS, go to google, Baidu, or the official website. Here, we mainly provide the simple use of third-party libraries and the efficiency Conclusions About

TDM's gcc/mingw32 builds

Http:// In a nutshell The TDM-GCC builds are unofficial replacements for the official mingw releases of GCC binaries. TDM-GCC was previusly recommended for experimentation purposes only, but constant use in day-to-day development and a total download count of over 40,000 have proven the TDM-GCC releases to be at least as usable as the most recen

Use tdm to compile the 64-bit qt mysql driver, tdmqt

Use tdm to compile the 64-bit qt mysql driver, tdmqt The official website only provides the 32-bit qt version compiled by mingw. After testing, the mysql driver can be directly installed and transactions can be executed.However, if I use the 64-bit tdm-gcc qt compiled by myself, I will not be able to enjoy this benefit. The procedure is as follows:Http://

Eclipse configuration TDM-GCC 64-bit edition method

There are tutorials on how to use eclipse + CDT + mingw on the Internet Now I am here to solve the online is not resolved a problem is how to configure the 64-bit version of The TDM-GCC. The method is simple: 1, step by step installation of TDM-GCC 64-bit. 2. If netbeans is installed with msys, you can use it directly, but eclipse does not recognize it. 3366mingw32-make.exe, replace it with make.exe

Using TDM-GCC (MinGW) to develop DLLs under Windows involves data synchronization locks and DLL initialization termination functions

Using TDM-GCC (MinGW) to develop a DLL under Windows if you want to use a data sync lock, you can theoretically use the critical section implementation provided by the Windows API (the function that needs to be used is initializecriticalsection, DeleteCriticalSection, EnterCriticalSection, leavecriticalsection) can also use Pthread mutex lock in the Pthread library of GCC Mutexes are implemented (functions that need to be used are pthread_mutex_init,

455373m. 455373, infoms. TDM, zxfpri. dll, dhbpri. dll, xyupli. dll, and other virus killing tools

Follow the steps below to try to delete and fix the Sreng scan log 1. We recommend that you use xdelbox to delete the following files: (xdelbox1.3 download)Instructions for use: copy the paths of all files to be deleted during deletion. Right-click the list of files to be deleted and choose import from clipboard. After import, right-click the file to be deleted, select Restart now to delete the instance. The computer restarts and enters the DOS interface to delete the instance. Before Runnin

Ege Graphics Library Configuration (dev-c++ 5.10, TDM GCC 4.8.1)

Ready to work: 1>dev-c++ 5.10 Version System Win Xp/win 72> Download Ege Graphics library "Ege-13.04.02-full"!, for information on the dev-c++ of this configuration, see:Now start the configuration:1, unzip "Ege-13.04.02-full" to any folder, such as C:/ege2, there is an "include" folder in the extracted file. There is a "Ege" folder in the folder and two. H files are copied down. 3, copy the files in the Include folder to the folder corresponding to the installation directory. C:\Program files\d

Qianzichen wedding photography vs stunning photography

Last year, I took a set of photos in the morning and this year I took a set of photos in the dark. I can't help but compare them. 1. PriceQianzichen: RMB 1500 million includes four sets of clothes (one set is your own cheongsam) and four corresponding styles; a 12-inch album (20 Design photos); and a palm store; A 20-inch magnified photo (with pressure film and wooden photo frames) and 20 negatives Stunning Photography: RMB 1800 includes four se

Bikini beauty _ Portrait Photography bar theme, bikini beauty Portrait Photography

Bikini beauty _ Portrait Photography bar theme, bikini beauty Portrait Photography Homepage Post Bar category Portrait Photography Bikini beauty Bikini beauty Reply topic LandlordRegion nameBikini beautyBikini beautyThis is a group photo of three floors underground car wash room.[Device]: Canon digital camera canon 5D Mark III[Parameter]

Photography appreciation: 25 eye-catching beautiful river photography photos [photos]

The winding river looks very beautiful from the top of the hill, so you should be ready for your wide angle lens to capture the whole area. A warm evening or Dawn is perfect for capturing amazing photos. So it is best to prepare your camera, lens, and rubber boots to capture beautiful river scenery in the morning or before the sun goes down.Articles you may be interested in 25 beautiful photos of happy moments 30 stunning photo Reflections 20 beautiful autumn fallen leaves 30 amazing high-s

The three-point photography technique allows you to highlight the subject of photography

.       But when we want to emphasize a relationship or thing through this distortion, we can use close-up photography to achieve the goal. For example, the strength of a boxer's punch is exaggerated, and a close-up shot can make that fist gigantic. Each method has its limitations, even if the simple and practical approach we have mentioned above is no exception. Proximity can mean aggression and aggression. If we shoot ani

Custom photography function in CameraAPI, photography by cameraapi

Custom photography function in CameraAPI, photography by cameraapi A few days ago, the project needed to use CameraAPI to define the camera. The previously used QR code also needed to write the underlying code. Therefore, I would like to summarize some things about using CameraAPI. Currently, the official documents of JDK and later versions no longer recommend using the camera package but the camera2 packag

Five basic practical photography techniques for beginners in photography

One, keep simple There are a lot of techniques to try when photographing people. But one thing to keep in mind is: Don't try too much, just keep it simple. Make the light as simple as possible, make your subjects feel as natural and relaxed as possible, and choose the right equipment, and you will be able to capture wonderful characters.    This picture is simple but impressive. The subject is cheerful and quiet, but the tilted head makes the character feel powerful. Diagonal meth

How to use iPhone 6 delayed photography? Apple 6 timing photography skills

How to use IPhone6 time-lapse photography 1 Open the IPhone6 "camera", and then use the finger in the lower action bar from left to right to slide two times to enter the "delayed photographic interface." (pictured below) 2 to enter the "Delayed photographic Interface", click the "Red dot" below the beginning of photography, after the completion of the photography

A few photography tips to teach you how to make a good night view portrait _ Practical Photography Skills

viewing function (if your camera has this function) when you are exposed to it, which will make it easier for you to take a second picture of the visual composition.                6, the late thinking Bold color: The color of the night is colorful, if blindly want to shoot transparent bright small fresh, uninteresting. Bold later colors can make your photos different, I have some films in the adjustment of white balance is more exaggerated

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