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Teach you how to use photoshop to build an electronic one-inch two-inch standard photo-PS tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to use photoshop to make an electronic one-inch two-inch standard photo. The tutorial is also very practical. I recommend it to you and hope to help you. this tutorial teaches you how to use photoshop to make an electronic one-inch two-inch standard photo. this tutorial is also very practical. I recommend it to you and hope it will help you. ID card, student ID card, pass, d

PS Invitation to create a tutorial to teach you to use Photoshop to make electronic invitations

Many people will use Photoshop to make wedding invitations, although the software to make electronic invitations is very many, but if your PS skills are very good, then you can produce an absolute exclusive electronic invitations, this small series to teach you how to use Photoshop to make electronic invitations. Let's take a look at the effect chart:

Video tutorials teach you to learn Photoshop

Video tutorials teach you to learn Photoshop Chapter One: photoshop7.0 Overview 1.1 Overview 1.2 Basic interface Chapter II: Introduction to the Toolbox 2.1 Selection and cutting class 2.1.1 Selection and mobility tools 2.1.2 Lasso and Magic wand tool 2.1.3 Cutting Tools 2.2 Editing classes 2.2.1 Rep

PS Tip: Teach you to use Photoshop to remove bags under the eyes

This article will teach you how to use Photoshop to remove bags under the eyes, learned that this method can give you a photo of people around easy to pouch oh. Original: Open the original image: and copy a layer, in the copy layer operation, and in the future to develop such a habit, copy layer can use shortcut keys ctrl+j. The use of Imitation Stamp tool, choose the eye bags clo

Teach you to Photoshop photos into popular comic characters Zhao Shi

Recently there is a Zhao Shi cartoon is very hot, I believe a lot of students have seen, and then Zhao Shi Avatar also suddenly popular, hot today, @ Fresh squeezed cecum juice students to teach you how to draw their own Zhao Shi avatar, by the identification effect of up to 99%, to accept your knee bar. @ Freshly squeezed cecum juice is so handsome, really hard. The students are going to pay attention to him now. Run to micro Bo read the next Zhao

Teach you how to use Photoshop to make moving axis photographic effect

Moving-axis photography (Tilt-shift photography) refers to a photographic work that presents a miniature model of the real scene. This kind of photograph usually needs to use the moving axis lens, sometimes also needs to use the digital later to produce the shallow depth of the effect. This article teaches you to create a moving axis photographic effect in Photoshop. This is a hands-on "fool" tutorial, even if you do not have the basis of

Teach you how to understand the histogram in Photoshop to make the exposure perfect

Http://nongxinhua.blog.hexun.com/49525615_d.html With the continuous development of digital cameras (DC) image processing technology, more and more cameras have built-in histogram functions. Although histograms are still unfamiliar to beginners. But it already exists in our life and work. For example, in the famous image processing software Photoshop, the command for the corresponding histogram is histogram (the Chinese version is "histogram "). Histo

Teach you how to use Photoshop to easily create a Banma mural relief effect-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to create a simple Banma mural relief effect. The effect is very beautiful. It mainly uses black material pictures, magic wand tools, layer blending modes, and direction keys. the tutorials are very detailed and very simple. If you are interested, you can refer to this tutorial to introduce you to the simple production of Banma mural relief effect using Photoshop

Teach you to use Photoshop to draw cool 3D door art words

If there is a PS 3D function interested in the students, this is a good tutorial, there are many small set of skills, hope to help everyone, and again thank the original author so careful tutorial. Tutorial Material: 3D effect WordArt PS Tutorial Material Final effect 1. Create text and basic shape changes (1) Open Photoshop, create a 1280x1024 pixel document, background fill with #a1a1a1, and then use Sanchez font to create text glo

Teach you to use Photoshop to create ink landscapes

In Chinese painting, there is a kind of drawing is the use of water to adjust the ink, showing the color of the changes, and then use the hand strokes on the raw paper, produce beautiful picture, this is called ink painting. Here we use Photoshop to make a landscape of ink painting. Original: Use Photoshop to open the background layer to copy 1, copy 2, and copy 3. Click the visibility icon for the re

Teach you how to make the Dragon Boat Festival blessing text effect with Photoshop

This PS tutorial produced Photoshop effect diagram composition is very simple, by the surface text, the middle color block and three-dimensional surface composition. The text part of the most troublesome, need to create their own slowly. Other parts are basically made out of selections and gradients.   Final effect Diagram Figure 0 1, a new 1024 * 650 pixel file, background fill light green: #D0F0CF, the following figu

Teach you to use Photoshop to remove image watermark

More and more pictures on the Internet, but see your favorite pictures, you download it will be found to make you hate the watermark. Let's share the universal way to get rid of your watermark.   Tools/raw Materials Photoshop Watermark Picture   Method/Step The first step is to enlarge the picture in the interface so that the following operation Step two: Use the pen tool to dig out the white watermark: The third step, w

Flood Teach you to use Photoshop to make irrigation effect

Content tip: Water production is mainly used in Photoshop "cloud" rendering filter and "Ocean Ripple" twisted filter. 1, open a need for irrigation pictures (Figure 1). 2. Create a new file with a height of twice times the added water effect, the same width, execute menu-filter-render-cloud, to menu-image-Adjust-auto contrast, (Figure 2). 3, select menu-Filter-twisted-ocean ripple, the amplitude of the size set to 10, the ripple amplitude set to

Teach you how to master Photoshop's contact list tool

Editor's note: Today to share an unknown feature in Photoshop, although the people know less, but powerful, if you want to focus on the work of the show, or need to create a page for the site, then this tutorial is not you! It allows you to make contact pages in a few simple steps, Come on, try it! Sometimes you want to share your work with people when you finish the picture. It can be done in a variety of ways, such as direct display on laptops, tab

PS Novice Tutorial! Teach you to use Photoshop to create elegant, lightweight splash-ink text

Editor's note: There are many ways to make ink words, today introduced a relatively simple method, with a liquefied filter to complete the process is simple and easy to use, the effect is surprisingly good, suitable for beginners to practice, deepen the understanding of various types of operation of Photoshop, now start practicing it! Process: First set a simple background texture, input the required text, grid after the use of liquefied filters pain

Teach you to use Photoshop to create elegant, lightweight splash-ink text

Final effect 1, create a size of 1275*610 px background canvas, the canvas color is the default white. Then import the downloaded paper texture footage into Photoshop and select a portion of it and copy and paste it into our file. As shown in the following illustration: 2, as shown in the following figure, with a soft eraser to make the edge of the paper fade 3. Add the following two adjustment layers

Teach you to use Photoshop a classic little wooden box tutorial

Effect chart 1, open your Photoshop tools, find a good network of the following diagram description of the detailed operation 2, we do to solve the line, and then do a straight line, as shown in the following figure. 3. Connect all the lines together, form a square as shown in the following figure.

To teach you to create swatches in Photoshop through photos.

appropriate additions and deletions neutral color, and then through brightness and saturation adjustment to complete the whole set of color plate that meets your needs. After the color is complete, no matter how you want to control the color of the visual elements. OK, so let's take a look at how to complete a color scheme with Photoshop, using the color of the photo. Create swatches   Step 1 Use PS to open your selected photos.   S

Teach you how to use Photoshop to make a gold-textured artistic text

This example teaches us to use Photoshop simple to make a golden texture text effect, very simple, only need to set layer style can be completed, novice friends can also learn, like the students follow together to learn! Effect Chart: 1, a new x 400 white file. As follows: 2, click the foreground scenery, set the color #993b17. Create a new layer and fill it with the paint bucket tool.

Teach you to use Photoshop to make cool meteor effects

Author: Nichicon First look at the effect, like the words with me to start making it Figure 00 1. First create a new document. I'm using 300*500 pixels here, and then using the gradient tool to fill the gradient from black to dark blue.

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