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Reflections on mathematics Learning and teaching concepts of teachers and students in China Priory Professor Dan

Reflections on mathematics Learning and teaching concepts of teachers and students in ChinaProfessor Priory Zhong Dan1. The origin of the problemfor a long time, we have a heartfelt sense of pride in the mathematics of Chinese students. However, in the past more than 20 years in the teaching process of the mathematics department of Beijing Normal University, we h

How to implement a teaching assistant platform for teachers and students?

In the software engineering learning process, we want to complete a group project, about the personal teaching assistance system, for this, there is too much to learn. For how to implement the function, we will use the HTML,CSS and other languages to write the Web page front end, also will use the knowledge of the database. In the initial scenario, we intend to make him a limited

First-class scientific research and teaching are required (the speech at the 2011 Teacher's Day Meeting of young teachers of Fudan University)

world-class universities. Compared with domestic universities, competition in various fields is fierce. However, I'm glad that the principal and Vice-President have a sense of crisis. As a young teacher, I often ask myself how to contribute to the development of Fudan. I am now 36 years old. As a young teacher, I must first devote myself to scientific research and strive to make first-class scientific research achievements. I also need to teach teaching

Temporary Teaching Standard of Xiang Heng (all teachers and TA must read]

Teaching specifications: The course hours from Monday to Friday are from PM to PM. Teachers and TA should enter the classroom 5 minutes in advance, debug the projector or other teaching equipment, and bring their own laptops; the class time on Saturday and Sunday is-, the class time in the afternoon is-, and the class time in the evening is. Every Monday li

Java Learning notes-918 classes Liu Yan in Silicon Valley *: Teachers have a very good grasp of teaching standards

technology to find a job. In these one months, we have mainly studied the Java Foundation, this one months course is very important for us, because this one month study is the foundation of the back study. In these one months, I have spent time looking at the Silicon Valley Java video, I deeply understand the Java language programming thinking. What I understand most clearly in this paragraph is the encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism of the Java language. And my weakest spot is that

Information Technology environment Teaching reform construction and university teachers ' sunshine mentality and high efficiency can promote video publishing

today is very happy, why? First of all, I will record the good video on the internet, second, by compressing the video uploaded to the college server; Finally, the video will be posted to the College forum, so that we can share and learn, do the right thing, do a good thing, feel particularly happy. Resources Link:The 1th set of information technology environment teaching reform and constructionHttp://

The application of data perspective in Excel in the statistics of teachers ' teaching hours

The application of data Perspective in Excel in the statistics of teachers ' teaching hours 1, with Ecxel2013 Open the document "Lesson statistics". xlsx, open the interface as follows: 2. Select any cell in any area of the statistic, click the menu insert → PivotChart report, select PivotChart, and open the Create PivotChart dialog box, as shown in: 3, in the pop-up dialog box,

National information Technology Shortage Talent Training project (software application and Development) 2015 National Backbone Teachers ' seminar in Beijing Hot class

to the introduction, the teachers have gathered to the sample booklet display for detailed understanding. Due to the limited number of sample booklet, a time will be teachers "Rob" Take an empty, many teachers can only fill out the sample booklet claim, follow-up access. The attraction of the teaching material to

A letter to the teachers of the Software Institute

believe they will not hesitate to show interest. This task should be done by the teacher. Why are few graduates from Microsoft, Google, and IBM who claim to be outstanding graduates? Because these companies need people who really know, understand, innovate, and love computers, ask the teachers to ask themselves, "can I cultivate such students ?". My colleagues played games from morning till night. They studied hard and did not know much about it. Th

Guang Shang Level 14 software engineering: Teaching Assistant Summary

progress bar blog did not submit in the deadline I can not track, some students just wrote a title before the assignment, followed by the submission time to supplement the content (such people should give 0 points, but, I changed my homework time after he submitted, so I can not judge, so the default is divided.To enhance their programming ability, I am currently working for nearly four years, contact the project is more limited, I in the spare time also to add their knowledge, so as not to be

. NET Software Engineer Professional high-end network online training employment course (weekend class, online teaching, off-site study, Shanghai Employment)

. NET Software Engineer Professional high-end network online training employment course (weekend class, online teaching, off-site study, Shanghai Employment)Course Lecturer: North Wind. NET full-time lecturers teamCourse Category: PackageSuitable for people: advancedNumber of lessons: 2000 HoursTechnology used: Mvc5,ef6,bootstrap,html5,jquerymobile,vs,.net,asp.netCourse Advantages:Advantage 1, a strong curr

The realization of English pronunciation teaching software based on Delphi

Introduction Mstts (Microsoft Text-to-Speech) is a powerful English text reading engine developed by Microsoft, which converts English text messages in documents into computer voice messages and reads them aloud through the sound card of a computer. Using it and the relevant voice interface to develop English pronunciation teaching software, can achieve the pronunciation of English words and the whole para

Webus Fox (1) Free installation of online teaching, video conferencing software

Webus Fox is a web-based online teaching and video conferencing software that does not have to be installed and used directly. It provides text, voice, video chat, file sharing, electronic whiteboard and other functions.1. LoginVisit http://flash.webus.cn/#, log in with your name:Ability to log in to two different account experiences at the same timeAfter logging in, click Allow Voice, Video:2. File sharing

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