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Now learn to use-my second little little reverse telecommuting

ObjectiveThe purpose of writing this article is to record the experience of reverse telecommuting and share the knowledge that I learned from reverse telecommuting.For the second reverse telecommuting I'm going to talk about, I want to mention the first reverse telecommuting I've done before.First oneA college classmate, want to find me to help his relatives to m

Connect reverse telecommuting, have a good framework,. NET rapid development artifact

The same company's colleagues, the same salary, he used to use the kidney machine, I still use Connaught. At dinner he was the King of the bill, and I was wondering if this guy was going to save any money. As a result, he bought a Volvo s60l a while ago, but I have not yet set down the down payment of the small three room in the provincial capital.He said he often outside to take some reverse telecommuting do, I feel also not very reliable, I also too

Experience summary of Programmer's receiving reverse telecommuting

Original address:Experience summary of Programmer's receiving reverse telecommuting Author:Red Dust Reflection One, 1, before the rejoined, first with the art to tell the remuneration, if the programmer and the United States to make the same remuneration, then do not answer. Because of the vast majority of the late living procedures. And the United States of the task than the program, much worse. 2, before the rejoined, must first let, the customer wr

3 years after the XXX "serial"-"Programmer's Reverse telecommuting" 2.1 began

The first chapter recalls "If I have my own development team ..." Chapter II 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Chapter II Programmer's Reverse telecommuting 2.1 Start "Photo Source with Baidu" It is tempting to estimate the name of this chapter. The word "reverse telecommuting" should not be unfamiliar to programmers, but it is impossible to speak openly. Let the boss know that the consequences are serious.

Looking for reverse telecommuting, Java-related

Want to find a reverse telecommuting do, Java aspect, the following is I Master of things: ㈠ Master Java Programming Basics and network Programming (UDP,TCP), input and output streams (i\o), multi-threading, Swing (AWT) and applets;㈡ proficient in Java EE-based web programming technology: JSP, Servlet, JSTL, etc., Master Enterprise application ejb/spring;㈢ Master the basic operation of Linux/unix operating system, vi editing environment and system sec

I have read the User Agreement Entry Agreement page

New Spannablestring ("I have read and agree to the user agreement");New Clickablespan () { @Override publicvoid OnClick (View widget) { = "/ Android_asset/html/statement/index.html "; New Bundle (); Bundle.putstring ("Webpath", url); Ui.showweb (signinctivity. This , bundle); } };this. useragreement = (TextView) Findviewbyid (; This . Useragreeme

Object-c the difference between an informal agreement and a formal agreement

Object-c the difference between an informal agreement and a formal agreement-Braddoris's Column-Blog channel-csdn.net Object-c the difference between an informal agreement and a formal agreement Category: iOS 2014-04-28 09:32 1428 people read Comments (0) favo

WCF design and implementation service agreement (01), wcf agreement

WCF design and implementation service agreement (01), wcf agreementWCF terminology:• Message-A message is an independent data unit. It may consist of several parts, including the message body and message header.• Service-A service is a constructor that exposes one or more endpoints. Each endpoints exposes one or more service operations.• Endpoint-An endpoint is a structure used to send or receive messages (or perform these two operations. An endpoint

How to select an open source license agreement (1)-understanding the agreement

, everyone is used to piracy and cracking, and it is taken for granted that such free software is encapsulated into their own commercial components for sale. If you are doing this, immediately stop and study the license agreement for these open source components, or one day you will receive a subpoena from the court. If you are developing or preparing to develop open source software but do not know about the open source license

Objective-c Commission, informal agreement, formal agreement

First, the concept:1. Delegate (delegate, also called agent): When an object receives an event or notification, it queries its delegate object whether it can respond to the event or notification, and if so, This object sends a message to its delegate object (executes a method call). With this mechanism, you can avoid the modification of complex objects by placing your own custom code in the delegate object without subclasses and method overloading. When an event of interest occurs, a complex obj

Preliminary Study of WCF-15: WCF operation agreement, Preliminary Study of wcf-15 Agreement

Preliminary Study of WCF-15: WCF operation agreement, Preliminary Study of wcf-15 Agreement Preface: In the previous article, when we define a service agreement, OperationContract is added to its operation methods. This feature belongs to the OperationContractAttribute class and applies OperationContract to methods, to indicate that this method is used to perfo

What is the IPV9 agreement, what does the IPV9 agreement mean?

What is the IPV9 agreement, what does the IPV9 agreement mean? According to the method of assigning addresses to computers on the internet using all-digital codes, the "Decimal Network", which is implemented and developed by the invention patent, adopts independent intellectual property rights, the IPV9 protocol based on Decimal algorithm (0-9) is used to connect the computer to each other so as to achieve

All the terms of employment agreement and contract for recent graduates in China's Labor Law

The employment agreement is a written contract formulated by the department of College Students of the Ministry of Education to sign employment agreements for college graduates during employment. The content mainly reflects the graduates and opinions, the employer's situation and opinions, and the school's opinions. The agreement only refers to a written contract in which students go to the employer to work

Introduction to open source software license agreement

Document directory What is a software license agreement? GNU General Public License BSD license agreement MIT License Agreement Apache License Agreement Creative Commons Knowledge Sharing Protocol Open source software license agreement introduction Source: External m

Software License Agreement Template

Xxx System Software End User License Agreement Important Note: Please read carefully: This End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is you (single entity) legal agreement with xxx system regarding the above XXX system software products.This software product includes computer software and ma

Oracle po-Module Package Purchase Agreement summary

Label:This article summarizes the knowledge of the Oracle EBS Purchase Order (PO) module Package Purchase agreement, which is summarized as follows:1 , Theoretical introduction(1) Noun termsA blanket purchase agreement (Blanket Purchase AGREEMENT,BPA) is a blanket purchase agreement that is planned for a period in whic

"Aliyun Monitoring Agent" software use license Agreement

Welcome to the "Aliyun Monitoring Agent" SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The terms and conditions described below constitute the agreement between you and Ali Cloud Computing Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Aliyun") on the "Aliyun Monitoring agent" software use license (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"). Once you have used the Aliyun monitoring agent software, you have accepted the terms and conditions de

What is a third-party agreement?

The tripartite employment agreement is different from the labor contract. First, the tripartite employment agreement is printed by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It mainly clarifies the basic information and requirements of the three parties. The three-party employment agreement is formulated based on national regulations and regulat

Software Development Commission (individual) Agreement

Software Development Commission (individual) Agreement Author: Unknown Source: Change Record Date Modify chapter Modify type * Modify description Modified Version * The modification types are dividedA-AddedM-ModifiedD-Deleted Document No: Project name: Proposed: (Signature and date of the subcontract Project Team Leader) Review: (signed by the Project Manager and dat

Software confidentiality agreement

After reading the software confidentiality agreement, I did not understand it. For confidentiality, we have hidden Party A and Party B. Let's take a look: Software confidentiality agreement Party A (disclosing Party): XXXX company address: xxxx, room XXXX, Beijing Legal Representative: XXX Party B (Receiving Party): XXX address: Legal Representative: in view of: 1. project (hereinafter referred to as "proj

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