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Localization of the Telerik control-retrieving key-value pairs of the current control and telerik Retrieval

Localization of the Telerik control-retrieving key-value pairs of the current control and telerik Retrieval (For the first time, I wrote something and found it to be reproduced. I giggle at it, so I will try it out in the afternoon for you to analyze it. The sister paper says it is rare to be reproduced once, encourage me to write more) Telerik has different buil

Telerik: iis7 & IIS 7.5 and 'telerik. Web. UI. webresource. axd' is missing in Web config

Few days ago, I upgraded my work machine from Windows XP to Windows 7, one of my projects which use global theme and telerik control stopped working on my local machine. here is the solution I 've found so far to fix this error. First solution: Change the project's application pool under IIS 7 or IIS 7.5 to "Classic mode ". it will simply solve all the problems. what I think is because iis7 IIS 7.5 total change the pipeline. Second solution:

Radcontrols controls of telerik (4)

corresponding server events. Select multiple nodes at the same time (CTRL + select)You can select multiple nodes at the same time. When the server side time is submitted, all selected node information is automatically submitted to the server side. Tree-view ComboBox ModeThis is a major feature of R. A. D. Treeview. You can customize the Treeview ComboBox, similar to the drop-down effect of the custom

Commonly used telerik (kendoUI) controls, telerikkendoui

Commonly used telerik (kendoUI) controls, telerikkendoui Recently, I used kendoUI to learn and use it in projects. For later use, I will make a note (here I use MVC, in fact, I think the js method is more flexible, but MVC is more concise) 1. The most common estimation isGrid. Find a representative project. @ (Html. kendo (). grid Let's talk about some usage. Find the usage here for development to save time. (1). Editable. Editable (e => {e.

WPF third-party control Telerik

Demo Demo: ault/defaultcs.aspx Telerik Extensions for ASP.Telerik Extensions for ASP. NET MVC is an extension to ASP. Control Download: Official page: Demo Demo: Http:// Telerik radcontrols for Silverlight (includes Si

Silverlight telerik Control Learning: Theme Switching

Telerik's radcontrols for Silverlight has the following built-in theme styles: Office black-this is the default value and does not need to load any other DLL files.Office blue-telerik. Windows. Themes. office_blue.dll.Office silver-telerik. Windows. Themes. office_silver.dll.Summer-you need to reference telerik. Windows. Themes. Summer. dll.Vista-you need to ref

Stepping Pit (Running) pits (zssure): DevExpress Xtratabcontrol, Telerik Openaccesscontext and STARUML

Tags: devexpress xtratabcon telerik OpenAccess starumlPrefaceToday, friends in the circle of friends to share a good article in depth, "Please encourage your children to be a happy ordinary people", the article slightly longer, carefully read down the feeling a lot. In addition to the recent day to look at the small nephew of the growth of a step-wise, has gradually moved away from the young, mature and stable I have a new understanding of learning, r

Telerik justdecompile 2014.1.255.0 Development version (. NET anti-compilation artifact, free download)

Telerik Justdecompile is Telerik company introduces a free. NET Decompile tool that enables plug-ins to be integrated with Visual Studio 2015~2013, and also creates Visual Studio project files. Justdecompile compared with reflector, the individual prefers justdecompile, because he is free, and for some C # dynamic types of anti-compilation effect is better. Telerik

Solution to failed to create designer when using the telerik Control

Solution to failed to create designer when using the telerik Control Choose one of the following three methods. (I used the third method. The first two are not tested) Bin-Deploy the design-time assemblyThis solution wocould work only in case you have not installed radcontrols for ASP. net Ajax using the provided setup program. assemblies installed by a setup program cannot be removed from GAC until the program is uninstalled. this approach is suit

Parser error message: cocould not load file or assembly 'telerik. Web. Ui' or one of its Dep

The above error occurs when dotnetnuke is installed in the source code. The specific error message is: Server Error in '/dotnetnuke' application.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration ErrorDescription: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately. Parser error message: cocould not load file or

Telerik radgridview dynamically adds and deletes rows and columns

Label: style blog HTTP color OS AR for SP Recently, we have been using a third-party control telerik, version 2011 Q1, and the display control radgridview, which is easier to use than javasird, Control problems are also found. 1. Add rows Use begininsert () in radgridview to dynamically Add the default row method to avoid use with showinsertrow.   1 ///增加行  2 radgridview.BeginInsert(); Or use showinsertrow = true;   1 radgridview.ShowInsert

Telerik problems with XML data source bindings

Telerik GridView default XElement data source direct binding, will cause the built-in sort, filter, group and other functions can not be used.The reason is that the functions of the Telerik GridView are implemented according to the data type, while the XElement binding is indistinguishable from the data source itself.One solution is to convert the properties of the binding to specific properties, that is, t

Radcontrols controls of telerik (2)

Next we learnedRadwindow ControlIn this article, we will learn how to make it easier for developers to use common controls in projects.Radajax Control. Radajax Is for ASP. NET Applications Program Without coding Ajax, make the first framework of callback. This patented click-and-go technology lets you do not need to make any changes to your application (Placement of callback panels, setting triggers, etc ). The best thing is that you don't need to write a line of JavaScript or server-side enc

ZSSURE: XtraTabControl of DevExpress, OpenAccessContext of Telerik, and StarUML,

ZSSURE: XtraTabControl of DevExpress, OpenAccessContext of Telerik, and StarUML,Question: Today, my friend shared a deep article in his circle of friends, "please encourage your child to be a happy ordinary person." The article is a little long and I have a lot of feelings. In addition, I recently watched my nephew's step-by-step growth every day. I have gained a new understanding of learning, and I think back to my own growth process, experience and

Installation of Telerik reporting

Telerik reporting is a very powerful reporting tool that you can learn from today. I am also a beginner, inevitably there are shortcomings, welcome to correct me.Official Help document: Http:// with: it's just a downloader, like, openSelect reporting (I am already installed). Because the server is abroad, the download may be a bit slow oh, please wait pat

Telerik Fiddler Web Debugger filter Selection monitoring website

Before, Telerik Fiddler I had not heard, until after the change to the interface programming, began to contact. The first time use, the Internet to check the information, probably understand the interface grab Bag tool.Ready to use:In the interface testing, we need to monitor and view the interface data transmission, you can use the Telerik fiddler this clutch tool, then the problem, it is generally the def

[Telerik] Raddocking No. 01 Preliminary Introduction to Raddocking layout controls

I. Overview of the PresentationThis demo is the first demonstration of the Telerik control's use of a series of demos, which initially shows the layout of the Raddocking control, which corresponds to the initial look in the demo provided by Telerik home.Hope that through this demonstration, can let everybody have a preliminary feeling to raddocking.related Download (screen recorder): Http://

Telerik Kendo UI [2] culture (Chinese) and telerikkendo

Telerik Kendo UI [2] culture (Chinese) and telerikkendo On CSDN, there is a blog about the web hosting software, which contains the common usage of the kendo ui. I will not repeat it here. Due to the framework design requirements, the background uses spring and the foreground uses kendo ui to build the page. In order to speed up fast sending and the underlying compatibility, it is incumbent upon us to continue to use hibernate as a bridge for database

Initial knowledge of Telerik for AJAX

As a result of the project, I have just started. NET development, the project manager introduced a. NET popular development framework Telerik. So I began to learn slowly, found that the control is still good, learning the content and beginners to explore together.1: The first stepWhat is TelerikTelerik is the r.a.d.controls Suite, the most revolutionary and extensive set of development tools for Professional-grade ASP. NET Development, for Ajax, Atlas

How to create an MVC Telerik Reporting Project (i)

For everyone to be able to intuitively follow the steps to learn, I try to manipulate the process in a GIF format recorded.Step1: Create a new MVC solutionStep2 under this directory C:\Program Files (x86) \telerik\reporting Q2 2015\html5 Drag folders ReportViewer to the solution:Step3: Add namespaces: Telerik.reporting and Telerik.ReportViewer.Mvc Remember to add a reference to the namespace in the Web. config under viewsOther references to add

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