telnet from linux to windows

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Configure and use telnet in Redhatlinux9

Configure and use telnet in Redhatlinux9-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. To configure the Telnet service, follow these steps: 1. Install the telnet package (usually two)

Windows uses Telnet to Telnet and control Linux systems in VMware virtual machines

First, describeInstall the VMware WORKSTATION10 in the WINDOWS7 system, install the CentOS6.5 operating system in the virtual machine, of course, this can be any Linux, the current mainstream is the use of SSH, SECURECRT or putty to log in and

Precautions for remotely logging on to a Linux host using Telnet

Article Title: Precautions for remotely logging on to a Linux host using Telnet. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems,

Windows uses telnet to remotely log on to and control the Linux System in the vmwarevm

Windows uses telnet to remotely log on to and control the Linux System in the vmwarevm I. Description Install VMware Workstation10 on Windows 7 and CentOS6.5 on this virtual machine. Of course, this can be any Linux, currently, SSH, SecureCRT, or

Windows XP uses telnet to remotely connect to Linux (centos6.2)

Although telnet is not safe in plain text transmission, it is always necessary to take time to learn. I do not have a deep understanding. Currently, most of the cases are through SSH (not quite familiar ). The environment of my experiment is in

Telnet server configuration for CentOS-5.1 server configuration Learning

During this period of time in the CentOS-5.1 server related configuration, also will gradually send some of their own notes and problems encountered in the experiment and solutions. CentOS-5.1 ( FC6 ( Windows XP (192.

Telnet Deployment and startup Windows&&linux

Telnet Deployment and startup Windows&&linuxFirst, Win7 The default is disable telnet Service (can be executed sequentially)Restart the Telnet method as follows:1, if you go directly to the Control Panel management tool in the service to find telnet

SSH protocol and Telnet protocol telnet

TelnetWhat is Telnet protocol?Telnet Server Software is our most commonly used Telnet Server software and is a typical client/server model service that uses the Telnet protocol to work. So, what is the Telnet protocol? What features does it

Telnet Server under CentOS

Telnet Server under CentOS1. What is Telnet?From the Niang explanation: The Telnet protocol is a member of the TCP/IP protocol family and is the standard protocol and main way of Internet remote Login service. It provides users with the ability to

Telnet + Extranet Login (adsl+ router) (VNC && Telnet && SSH) (consolidated)

I want to log on to my Linux today. So you can log on to your Linux when you are in the computer room class. Oh. Using VNC to achieve it. First, the successful login on the LAN is realized. But it makes sense to have an extranet login. Then because

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