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Use of Nginx upload module

Now the site, there will always be a little interaction with the user features, such as allowing users to upload avatar, upload photos, upload attachments such as. PHP writes a program that is not very efficient for uploading files.Fortunately,

Dedecms5.7 realize batch upload picture two times development

Implementation steps:1. Download 5.6, go to the official download 5.6 version, pay attention to the code to be consistent!Under Include folder, copy the FCKeditor folder to the Include folder in 5.7!2. Modify the background configuration: as shown

PHP implementation upload picture and equal scale thumbnail image compression picture

function _uploadpic ($upfile, $maxsize, $updir, $newname = ' Date ') { if ($newname = = ' Date ') $newname = Date ("Ymdhis"); Use date to make file name $name = $upfile ["name"]; $type = $upfile ["type"]; $size = $upfile ["Size"]; $tmp _name =

Free image upload php image upload class with picture display

This is a php file upload class with pictures displayed. In fact, it is possible to make a function. But it's still a little fun to do. ~ ~ ~ You should have used JS to verify the upload file type. But too lazy to do it. Untitled

iis+php server cannot upload picture (500 error)

If the form cannot be submitted properly, modify the temporary file permissions ~ ~ ~ If you can submit the form normally, modify the upload file Small!!!Server on the use of apache2+php normal operation, replaced by Iis+php, has appeared php.ini

PHP File Upload form excerpt from Drupal code _php tips

Example of a Drupal file upload form Copy Code code as follows: function Upload_form () { $form = Array (); If This #attribute isn't present, upload'll fail on submit $form [' #attributes '] [' enctype '] = '

PHP step-by-Step implementation of File upload and upload file class

One, a relatively simple implementation of file upload File Upload principle File Upload principle: The client's files uploaded to the server side, and then the server-side temporary files moved to the specified directory. Client Configuration

"SPRINGMVC Learning 08" springmvc implement file Upload

  Previously wrote a STRUTS2 implementation of the file upload, this blog post is mainly to summarize the next SPRINGMVC implementation of file upload Steps. First take a look at the individual file upload, and then summarize the next multiple file

PHP file picture upload class program _php tutorial

PHP Tutorial file picture upload class program upx.php file Upload operationRequire_once './libs/uploadx.php ';$UPX = new UPLOADX ();$upx->uploadx_form = ' swfile ';$UPX->uploadx_save = "Upload";$UPX->uploadx_size = "1024";$UPX->uploadx_name =

PHP picture upload class with picture Display _php Foundation

This is a php file upload class with pictures displayed. Actually make a function on it. But it's a little bit more fun. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You should have used JS to verify the type of upload file. But too lazy to do it. Untitled Document

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