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Create a table in oracle and add a primary key to set auto-growth of the primary key

: 1. Sqlplus is logged on first:SQL> conn scott/tiger;2. Table creation:Drop table users; create table users( id number(6) , name varchar2(30), constraint pk_id primary key(id) ); 3. Sequence creation:Create s

SQL Server (chapter I) Create a table Delete table create a PRIMARY KEY constraint, a unique constraint, a foreign key constraint, a check constraint, a DEFAULT constraint

Tags: int pos creat GPO ble delete time arc primary KEY constraint1.Employees Employee table /** Create employees employee table **/ UseTSQL2012IF object_id('dbo. Employees','U') is not NULL DROP TABLEdbo. EmployeesCREATE TABLEdbo. Employees (EmpidINT not NULL, FirstNa

CREATE table in database (including create primary key, foreign key, non-empty column, unique)

Tags: establishing required Oracle log includes SDN and cancels. comCREATE TABLE (including create primary key, foreign key, non-empty column, unique)-PROS-Blog Park http://www.cnblogs.com/CodingArt/articles/1621921.html ****************

Table operations-Create Table-delete table-Modify Table Name-Modify column name and data type-delete/Add primary key-Add a column at the end of the table-View table structure

Use dB; -- List all tables in the current database Show tables; Show tables like's % '; Create Table Name ( Column name type modification constraints, Sid int (3) unsigned zerofill primary key auto_increment Sgender Enum ('male', 'female ', 'confidential') default 'male' ) Engine = MyISAM default charset = utf8;

2016/3/10 Database simple operation (CREATE database CREATE table numeric type primary key foreign key auto increment)

1, right-click on the root directory under the connection to create the databaseEnter the database name, set it up, and click on the page to determine the success of the creation2. Double-click to open DatabaseThe first of these is the table, the most important and fundamental of the table.3, CREATE

mysql5.5 Base CREATE Table ... Create non-nullable, primary key, self-growing fields

Li Wu:Heng Learn to think together, honouring teachers save Thanksgiving. Leaf See root three return to one, rivers the same oneness.Meekness Conscience Lord, willing to do without regrets to the most bitter. Reading exercises to keep the body and mind, sincere advice and the line and cherish. Data, data, Lingen on the data. You must be cautious about operating the database. Give the most bitter code here, and take a look at it, to have your own judgment. Meet the choice, or ashamed t

CREATE TABLE Add primary key Add column common SQL statement

--Delete primary keyALTER TABLE name drop constraint primary Key name--Add primary keyALTER TABLE name add constraint primary Key name

Create a primary key auto-increment table in Oracle

1. Create a table Create TableTest_increase (useridNumber(10)Not Null Primary Key,/*Primary Key, automatically added*/UsernameVarchar2(20)); 2,

Create a sequence comment primary key for a table in Oracle

DECLAREICount number (2): = 0;BEGINSelect count (*) INTO iCount FROM user_sequences u WHERE u. sequence_name = 'seq _ TCAPITALNOTIFY ';IF iCount = 0THEN/* Create sequence */Execute immediate 'create sequence SEQ_TCAPITALNOTIFY minvalue 1 nomaxvalue start with 1 increment by 1 ';End if;Select count (*) INTO iCount FROM user_tables u WHERE u. TABLE_NAME = 'tcapital=y ';IF iCount = 0THEN/*

[SQL Server] Create a table-auto-increment field and primary key

Create Table ds_tcategory -- problem category information table (categoryidint identity () primary key, -- category ID, primary key, automatically increasing categorynamevarchar (20) un

SQL Server CREATE TABLE add primary key Add column Common SQL statement "Go"

\ ' database name \ ', \ ' autoshrink\ ', \ ' true\ '\\\ ' Add field general functionSub AddColumn (Tablename,columnname,columntype)Conn.execute (\ "Alter Table \" tablename\ "ADD \" columnname\ "\" columntype\ "\")End Sub\\\ ' Change field general functionSub Modcolumn (Tablename,columnname,columntype)Conn.execute (\ "Alter Table \" tablename\ "alter Column \" columnname\ "\" columntype\ "\")End Sub\\\ '

Create primary key times error: Error 1075 (42000): incorrect table definition; There can only one auto column and it mus

Reprint for self-study ERROR 1075 (42000): incorrect table definition; There can is only one auto column and it must be defined as a key Mysql> CREATE TABLE ANIMALS1 ( -> grp ENUM (' Fish ', ' mammal ', ' bird ') not NULL, -> ID mediumint not NULL auto_increment, -> name CHAR (not NULL), ->

Create a table with a primary key that automatically increments with a default value that is not an empty comment by sql

--CREATE database Db_std_mgr_sys; UseDb_std_mgr_sys;Create TableStudent (std_idbigint not NULLAuto_increment,std_namevarchar(Ten) not NULL default "', Std_codevarchar( -) not NULL default "'Comment'study number, the value is unique', Std_sexvarchar(8) not NULL default "', Std_phonevarchar( -) not NULL default "', school_idbigint not NULL default -1Comment'Your School ID', grade_idBIGINT not NULL default

Common SQL statements-create a table, add a primary key, and add a column

Create a table:Create table [table name]([Automatic number field] int IDENTITY (1, 1) primary key,[Field 1] nVarChar (50) default \ 'default value \ 'null,[Field 2] ntext null,[Field 3] datetime,[Field 4] money null,[Field 5] int default 0,[Field 6] Decimal (12, 4) default 0

Oracle Create PRIMARY key self-increment table

Oracle Create PRIMARY key self-increment table 1, CREATE TABLE Test_increase (userid number) not NULL primary key,/*

Using JPA to create a primary key increment table in the PostgreSQL database

="abc") @Column(name="id") private Integer id; which 1) test_sequence: The sequence name in the database, if it does not exist, will be created with an initial value of 1 and a step of 1 (PostgreSQL and Oracle, the dependent sequence implements the self-increment of the primary key) 2) @SequenceGenerator, note the use of this annotation to declare a sequence. There is a problem: I

Create Table primary key constraints

No CREATETabletb_1 (colINTPRIMARYKEY) GO CREATE Table tb_1 (col int primary key) GO Create Table primary key constraints --> $veloci

Create a table/sequence/comment/primary key in oracle

DECLARE iCount number (2): = 0; begin select count (*) INTO iCount FROM user_sequences u WHERE u. sequence_name = 'seq _ TCAPITALNOTIFY '; www.2cto.com IF iCount = 0 THEN/* create sequence */execute immediate 'create sequence SEQ_TCAPITALNOTIFY minvalue 1 nomaxvalue start with 1 increment by 1'; end if; select count (*) INTO iCount FROM user_tables u WHERE u. TABLE_NAME = 'tcapital=y '; IF iCount = 0 THEN/*

SQL modifies the table's primary key field type and primary key name to set a new primary key

* ** Filename: DropKeyAddKey. SQL * Description: If you want to modify the attribute of the table's primary key field, you need to delete the primary key and then recreate the primary key. The default

In mybatis data table (mysql), the primary key does not grow. how do I insert data (primary key needs to be inserted) to achieve auto growth of the primary key?

For example, there are three fields: Table person, person, id (mysql database, primary key, non-auto-increment), and name and pswd. In the case of auto-increment, we usually process insertintoperson (name, pswd) values (# {name}, # {pswd}) in this way. you are not allowed to insert a primary

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