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Teradata Database using notes (1)--teradata installation

Operating system: Windows 7 a Teradata installation 1.1 Teradata Installation Source: https://www.w3cschool.cn/teradata/teradata_installation.html The Teradata website provides the installed Teradata Database VMware virtual machine files. Download run

Comparison between the with clause of teradata and oracle

Comparison between the with clause of teradata and oracle supports multiple with clauses in the following format: With t1 as (select ....), With t2 as (select ....), ..... With tn as (select ....) Select * from t1 ...... The column names are not listed after the temporary table name www.2cto.com. The clauses are separated by commas. The last with clause and select are not separated by commas. Teradata suppo

Teradata banking data warehouse solution

When foreign banks enter the Chinese market, they often adopt differentiated service strategies, that is, they use standardized products, advanced management and services, and advanced information technology to win local gold customers and then expand the market. This requires domestic commercial banks to strengthen the construction of analytical application systems, strengthen business management and decision-making analysis, understand customer needs and credit risks, and develop new products

Super Classic SQL exercises, implemented on Teradata

c.t_id=d.t_id left joins student A on a.s_id=b.s_id where D.tname= ' Zhang San '; /*dense_rank () */select E.s_id,e.c_id,e.score from (select s_id, c_id, Score,dense_rank () over (partition by c_id ORDER BY s_id) Rank1 from SC) e left joins course C on e.c_id=c.c_id left joins teacher D on c.t_id=d.t_id where D.tname= ' Zhang San ' and e.rank1=1; Select Top 1* from (select s_id, c_id, Score,dense_rank () up (partition by c_id ORDER by s_id) Rank1 from SC E left J Oin course C on e.c_id=c

Teradata Automation Developer position

Position Title: TRM Automation Developer Responsibility: • Responsible for Teradata Relationship Management (TRM) automation testing. • Develop and maintain the test automation framework. • Develop and sustain automated testing including Web Service and integrated functional tests. • Investigate automation results to identify application/automation issues or bugs. • Identify framework or other automation issues and provide/develop extensions to the

Teradata data contains newline characters causing query results to export serial issues

Teradata data contains newline characters causing query results to export serial issuesDuring the daily operation of the system, part of the data is read into Excel import into the production system. This results in a mixed data quality. Some Excel cells have line breaks, data import, when queried again, it is possible to export the results of data serial problem.First to restore the problem. (no solution has been found ...). T_T)Write SQL and run the

TERADATA SQL Learning Essay < a >

Recently learned SQL in Teradata environment. Here to record the study of the knowledge points, as a record.Directory: About SQL learning and the online database used Table Union (join) SQL Sub-query Create a new field at select (as, Case time) Data Grouping (group BY + aggregate function count, SUM, AVG, etc.) Use over (partition by) to group data and create new fields Sample Selection 1. About SQL learning and t

Full teradata Transformation

Full teradata transformation in the big data age [Key Point]: technologies and solutions related to data analysis ==> helping enterprises realize data value realization 1. All enterprises reach consensus Data has become an enterprise's asset or even a core asset. 2. teradata Transformation For data analysis vendors such as teradata, providing data analysis-relate

Use teradata fastload

Step 1: First open teradata fastload.exe Step 2: paste the import script Script: Sessions 4; errlimit 25; set record vartext ","; logon localhost/teradata_education, educate;/* localhost: IP address; teradata_education: User Name; educate: password */drop table pt_temp_p.rfm_label; drop table partition; Create Multiset table pt_temp_p.rfm_label (r varchar (20), f varchar (20), m varchar (20 ), CNT varchar (20), lab varchar (20); record 2;

Error message when JDBC connects to Teradata

Today, try to connect Teradata directly with JDBC, and quote the following error: Gssexception:failure unspecified at GSS-API level (mechanism level:userfile parameter null) at COM.TERADATA.TDGSS . Jtdgss. Tdgssparsexml. After a while, I found that the original Teradata need 3 packages, and I only gave 1 packages. Terajdbc4.jar Tdgssjava.jar Tdgssconfig.jar To tell you the truth, I think Tera

Two common data partitioning methods (take Teradata as an example)

A basic principle for massive data performance optimization is "Partitioning" (also called "Partitioning ). The idea of partitioning is actually the principle of drawer in daily work and life: we put our items into multiple small draws according to some logic. A basic principle for massive data performance optimization is "Partitioning" (also called "Partitioning ). The idea of partitioning is actually the principle of drawer in daily work and life: we put our items into multiple small draws ac

Paging methods for oracle, mysql, and teradata

Oracle, mysql, teradata paging method/*** add paging information to the original SQL statement * @ param SQL the SQL statement to add paging * @ param start the start position of the record * @ param limit the record to be displayed number * @ return: converted SQL */public static String addPageForOracle (String SQL, int start, int limit) {int end = start + limit; SQL = "select * from (select t. *, rownum rn from ("+ SQL +") t where rownum

Some personal experiences on teradata database Optimization

+ insert19. When two tables are joined, the field names of the association conditions should be as consistent as possible, and the columns located on the PI should be used whenever possible.20. When creating a table, if you can determine the width of a string field, try to use char instead of varchar.21. When querying or joining multiple tables, try to exclude or filter the null field first, or process the null field in the original table before querying or joining.22. In

Use the profile of teradata

=Employee_p; modifyUserEmp03AsProfile=Null; 6. Priority of USER Parameters (1) Specify the database or account ID at the session level (2) User parameters specified in profile (3) User parameters specified by the create user or modify user statement 7. Create a complete profile instance Create Profile employee_p As Account = ( ' $ M0_educ S D H ' , ' $ L0_educ S D H ' ) Default Database = Hr_vm Spool = 1e9 Temporary = 500e6 Password = (Expire = 90 , Minchar =

Teradata Certification Series-3. The concept of relational database

thought to never change FOREIGN keyThe relationship between the foreign key indicators tableFOREIGN KEY rules: Foreign keys are optional A table may have more than one foreign key A foreign key may consist of more than one column Foreign keys allow duplicate values to occur Foreign keys allow null values The value of the foreign key may change The value of each foreign key must exist in a primary key These terms are not unique to

Oracle rank and Dense_rank rank function __c language

1.rank function Rank calculates the rank of a set of values and returns the numeric type. Rankings may be discontinuous. If there are 5 people, 2 of whom rank first, then rank returns the result: 1 1 3 4 5. As an aggregate function, returns the

ORDER BY descending desc, ascending ASC, Rank function rank () over () _order-by

ORDER BY descending desc, ascending ASC by age descending Select *from Student ORDER BY age DESCAscending by age Select *from Student ORDER BY age ASCRank function rank () in descending order of use age, if the sort field is the same, rank equal Select *,rank () over (DESC) as rank from studentSorted by age after sex g

The strategy of rank-finding (maxium rank finding) based on divide-and-conquer method

A summary of rank finding's questions is as follows:In a group of discrete points, check if the x and Y values are less than its points for each point, and if so, the rank of the point is the number of points less than it.The thought of divide and conquer law:Recursively divides the target area into two parts, based on the median of x values in all points on the interface, until the points in each region ar

[Rank] Learning to rank

From: http://jiangfeng1124.diandian.com/post/2011-04-02/5532416 In May last October, I started to get started with learning to rank. The initial motivation was due to sorting tasks encountered in experiments. However, although traditional sorting formulas are simple and easy to adjust, they have very few features that can be used, unable to mine the information of the Internal Supporting sorting, resulting in unsatisfactory sorting performance. Theref

HDU 1811 rank of Tetris (and check set by rank merge + topology sort)

Rank of TetrisTime limit:1000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 9267 Accepted Submission (s): 2668Problem description Since Lele developed the rating system, his Tetris career is even more powerful, he soon all over the game to the world.To better match the preferences of those enthusiasts, lele a new idea: he will make a global Tetris Master rankings, regular updates, more than the Forbes rich list. a

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