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Texternalthread TThread--Delphi--cannot terminate an externally created thread?

cannot terminate an externally created thread?The VCL have a new Texternalthread class which derives from TThreadAnd can be attached to a existing Win32 thread object by filling inThe Handle and ThreadID properties using the GetCurrentThread () and

HoloLens Development Notes-app model app models

HoloLens uses the app model provided by Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The UWP app model defines how apps are securely and completely installed, updated, versioned, and removed. It manages the application lifecycle-how applications are executed,

iOS app crash log analysis

iOS app crash log analysisTo make sure your app is correct, you must have done a lot of testing before submitting it to the App Store. It also works well on your device, but after the App store, there are users complaining that it will come back! If

Quickly build a Windows 8 style app 30-app lifecycle management

Original: Quick build Windows 8 style app 30-app lifecycle managementIntroductionIn Windows 8, you can launch multiple apps and switch between them, and there's no need to worry about slowing down the system or draining the battery. Applications

iOS app crash log analysis

Transfer from Raywenderlich as an application developer, have you ever experienced the following? To make sure your app is correct, you must have done a lot of testing before submitting it to the App Store. It also works well on your device, but

IOS App crash log analysis

In this tutorial, you will learn some common crash log cases, and how to get crash log files from development devices and itunes Connect. You will also learn to symbolize (symbolication), from log tracking to code. You will also learn to debug an

Start from scratch-go deep into Android (practice-let's start coding-android framework learning-7.app widgets)

Chapter 2 App Widgets APP widgets is a micro view of an application. It can be embedded into other applications (such as the home screen) and can be updated regularly. You can publish an app widget, which is called the window user interface. An

APP Extension Programming Guide (Ios8/os X v10.10): Solutions to frequently asked questions

This section is translated by Cocoachina translation Group member devtalking (blog) from the Apple official document App Extension programming guide--handling Common Scenarios section, Please errata. Welcome to our translation team, see: Cocoachina

IOS app life cycle

Reported the attitude of consulting, began to write iOS blog, I hope that we learn together, and common progress ....Their own drawing has been added to the HJC watermark. Not their own drawing, there is no HJC watermark.iOS Knowledge Points:1. Have

App Functional Test Knowledge Summary

1 App test basic Process 21.1 Flowchart 21.2 Test Cycle 31.3 Test Resources 31.4 daily newspaper and product launch report 32 App Test points 32.1 Safety Test 32.1.1 Software Permissions 32.1.2 Installation and uninstallation security 42.1.3 Data

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