ternary association

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Frequent itemsets and Association rules (English version)

Introduction The study of finding frequent item-sets and association rules is a important part of Data Mining, which have been widely Applied to optimize marketing strategies, enhance the performance of recommendation as well as outlier detection.

Database design step by step (7) -- Conceptual Data Modeling

Introduction: The first two blog posts (Database DesignStep by step (5)-understand user requirements and database designIn step by step (6) -- extract business rules), we analyze database requirements, focusing on two topics: 1. understanding user

Chapter 1 collection class colleing

Chapter 1 collection class ing Directory Persistent Collections) Ing a Collection) Collections of Values and pairs-To-pair Associations) One-To-multiple Associations) Lazy Initialization) Sorted Collections)

Database design step by step (3) -- Basic ER model component

Introduction: Database DesignStep by step (2) -- after the database life cycle is published in the garden, I received some emails and a friend called me directly to ask why it does not contain the physical design of the database. Here I will explain

Information security technology and application Internet Security protocol

I. Internet Security Protocol Overview 1.1 Internet Protocol SystemArchitecture of the TCP/IP protocol IP datagram format and TCP/UDP message segment format Web Technology composition: HTTP protocol, HTML markup Language. The relative

Database design step by step (5)

Introduction: In step by step (4) of database design, we discuss components and semantics of advanced entity-link models, such as generalization, aggregation, and ternary relations. Starting from this lecture, I will guide you on the database design

Canvas 2d Mapping Technology Practice

  Recently in the company's Internal Technology Association forum, when wandering, inadvertently found a hand Amoy front-end big Nuetzen two years ago wrote a blog, about the canvas 2d mapping technology. It feels pretty magical after seeing it. So

SPARQL Language Model (i)

In the case of RDF data query or description, SPARQL whether from birth, standard or operating habits are a good choice, but for a beginner more or less "taboo" means, operation is a bit timid, so just use this time to summarize and learn language,

Javascript User Manual (1)

Javascript User Manual1. Introduction to Javascript Javascript is a Web scripting language developed by Netscape Based on Client browsers, oriented (based) objects, and event-driven web pages. The predecessor of JavaScript is livescript.Javascript

Database Design Process (Continued 2)

Role(The contact set can be defined in an object set) The entity set involved in the contact does not have to be named as roles by the different tags "manager" and "worker"; they specify how the employee entity is related to the contact set

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