test connection speed between two computers

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What should I do if the test speed cannot reach the network speed of the Telecom broadband?

After using a wireless router, the speed of a computer, laptop, or mobile phone cannot reach the network speed of China Telecom broadband. For example, if the bandwidth you requested from China Telecom is 12 M and the network speed is only 4 M after

High-Speed PCB design knowledge Q &

Expert answers to high-speed line cabling questions 11. How to deal with some theoretical conflicts in actual cablingQ: In actual cabling, many theories conflict with each other;Example: 1. The connection method for processing multiple models/Data

Tp-link Router speed difference how to do

solution method of Tplink router speed difference One, the computer cable connection speed Slow The use of wireless routers, computers or notebooks, mobile phones and other speed can not achieve the speed of telecommunications broadband. For

Deep Analysis of slow network speed: Interview

Surfing the Internet has become an indispensable way of work and leisure in our daily life. However, in our daily work, we often encounter questions such as "why is the network speed slow and how to do with the network speed slow. To solve these

Network bandwidth and speed test Iperf tools for Windows and Linux

Iperf is a network performance testing tool. Iperf can test TCP and UDP bandwidth quality. The Iperf can measure the maximum TCP bandwidth with multiple parameters and UDP characteristics. Iperf can report bandwidth, delay jitter, and packet loss.

What to do when TP router does not reach broadband network speed

TP Router does not reach the solution of broadband network speed One, computer cable connection speed Slow 1, excluding other terminal interference Routers can provide more than one computer to share the Internet, when there are other computers in

Network transmission rate and speed measurement method

Network Transfer Rate OverviewAccording to the Communication industry standards promulgated by the State, fixed broadband 4m/6m/12m/20m products and 3G network 21m/42m products published rate is the data unit bits per second (bps), and the usual

connection after each request ends, so the HTTP connection is a "short connection"

Socket is a set of interfaces built on the TCP/IP protocol is not a protocolApplication layer: HTTP FTP SMTP WebTransport layer: Provides logical, not physical, communication between two applications (TCP UDP)TCP reliable connection-oriented

How to test the network speed and data throughput of a LAN

The most common problem for network administrators is the network connection problem. Maybe the computer of the company's employees cannot access the Internet, so we can detect the problem through a few simple steps, however, there is a network

Find the source of slow speed

First, the network itself problem The destination Web site you want to connect to is on a server with insufficient bandwidth or too much load. The processing method is very simple, please change the time period to go up again or change a target

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