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Test network and inter-network throughput -- OneTouch Network Test Application

In Internet search engines, the most commonly used keyword for network testing is "network speed testing". From the log of an Heng website, statistics on the access volume of this keyword can account for 30% of the keywords of network testing

GAF-based MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

A wireless sensor network consists of a large number of low-cost micro-sensor nodes deployed in the monitoring area. A multi-hop self-organizing network system is formed through wireless communication, it is mainly used to collect, disseminate, and

Switch port Speed Limit summary

Speed-limiting switches are typically on three or more switches, and the new switch model two-tier device since 2008 can achieve the QoS speed limit of 1Mbps, such as the Cisco 2960 series switches. After this, most of the domestic standard

Network connection is normal, network speed is fast and slow

The following are the reasons and solutions for the slow speed of the network: First, the network itself problem The destination Web site you want to connect to is on a server with insufficient bandwidth or too much load. The processing method is

Common troubleshooting methods for local Area network substitution

Network failures are unavoidable, and it is important to isolate and troubleshoot them quickly. The maintenance personnel of Internet cafes should have basic network knowledge, and can solve some common network problems. This article enumerates

Network Card composition principle

1. Recognize NICs, one of the essential components for accessing the Internet. The network adapter works on the last two layers of OSI. The physical layer and the data link layer define the electrical and optical signals, line statuses, clock

"Turn" [Network] summary of basic knowledge of computer network

Read Catalogue1. Network Hierarchy Division2. OSI seven-tier network model3. IP Address4. Subnet mask and network partitioning5. Arp/rarp Agreement6. Route Selection Protocol7. TCP/IP protocol8. UDP protocol9. DNS protocolTen. Nat protocolOne. DHCP

[Network] basic knowledge of computer network summary

Read Catalogue 1. Network Hierarchy Division 2. OSI seven-tier network model 3. IP Address 4. Subnet mask and network partitioning 5. Arp/rarp Agreement 6. Route Selection Protocol 7. TCP/IP protocol 8. UDP

Hardware devices for the network

Say it in the front.  The hub runs on the first layer of the OSI model, the switch on the second layer, and the router on the third layer.  Network hardware devices, including: network cards, hubs, switches, routers, connected network devices,

Network Protocol Model Analysis

Network Protocol Model Analysis Network Protocol designers should not design a single, huge protocol to complete the details of all forms of communication regulations, but should divide the communication problems into multiple small problems, then a

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