test network speed between two servers

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Deep Analysis of slow network speed: Interview

Surfing the Internet has become an indispensable way of work and leisure in our daily life. However, in our daily work, we often encounter questions such as "why is the network speed slow and how to do with the network speed slow. To solve these

Use the command line tool Speedtest-CLI to test your upstream/downstream network speed

Use the command line tool Speedtest-CLI to test your upstream/downstream network speed We often need to check whether the network between the home and the Office is connected. What should we do? Open the website Speedtest.net and start the test. The

Competition of WEB servers: Evaluation of six schools

Summary Sometimes Apache is everywhere, and everyone is running Apache, and even the dogs including Apache are running their own Apache. But even so, there are still many other types of Web servers to choose from. This article provides a

Detailed Method for installing partition servers

The Domino server partition allows multiple Domino servers to run on one computer. Using the partition server will reduce hardware fees andManagementThe number of computers is minimized. Each partition server has its own Domino data directory And

Performance Analysis and Optimization of CentOS servers

Performance Analysis and Optimization of CentOS servers As a Linux system administrator, the most important task is to optimize system configuration so that applications can run in the optimal state on the system. However, hardware, software, and

Linux Network Performance evaluation Tool IPERF, chariot test network throughput

Network performance evaluation is mainly to monitor network bandwidth usage, maximizing network bandwidth utilization is the basis of network performance, but due to unreasonable network design and network security loopholes, network bandwidth

A simple discussion from the SDN originator Nicira to the VMware NSX Network virtualization Platform

The previous sophomore layer technology, typically using Is-is routing technology at the bottom of the physical network, is based on a two-tier extension of the data center network, such as public trill, SPB Technology, and Cisco private OTV,

Hardware devices for the network

Say it in the front.  The hub runs on the first layer of the OSI model, the switch on the second layer, and the router on the third layer.  Network hardware devices, including: network cards, hubs, switches, routers, connected network devices,

M $ test plan Overview-Chapter 3rd-test requirements

Who should perform the test The number of people included in the program testing team depends largely on the complexity of the design, the prescribed time limit, and potential business opportunities. People with recognized and profound technical

Competition for WEB Servers

Source: http://blog.csdn.net/AppleBBS/ ReprintedA few days ago, I suddenly wanted to find a Web server with better performance than Apache. I remember that I was in a large BBS (which has been forcibly disabled by relevant departments) we can see

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