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Google AdSense Terms Update

Google AdSense Login, found that the terms of AdSense changed, asking users to accept the above "terms." This clause is very long, the language is obscure, I read it again did not see how to understand what the main explanation is, this kind of

Web site test Performance tool

Hey, guys, it's time to wrap up the weekend! Thanks to a large number of Grunt and Gulp plugins, we can easily visualize the data on our website, although it is difficult to understand these tools in depth, but it is also helpful to list them in

Play Google-manage personal knowledge-presentation transcript

Play Google-manage personal knowledge-presentation transcript Play all over Google services and use Google services for PKM (Personal Knowledge Management )? China Telecom Internet department of services Google adwords digital institute

Google's Open Source project summary

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. turn from http://www.feng5166.com/blog/424.htmlGoogle's open source projects are worthy of our use, these projects are meaningful, and even can be used directly in

Mobile Site Performance Optimization: Web page loading

Original link: http://caibaojian.com/mobile-optimization.htmlDue to the environmental limitations of mobile devices, such as low bandwidth, high latency, small memory, low processor performance, etc., forcing developers to find ways to optimize the

Actual Combat analysis: Modify the robots file Baidu Google's response to the site

To do the site has been done for such a long time, webmaster can encounter things have met, the most common is nothing but the site is down right, the site snapshot does not update the main keyword rankings decline, and the number of outside chain

Improve Google Anlytics performance by loading ga.js files locally

Google Anlytics Analysis Code is asynchronous loading, generally does not affect the performance of the Web page, but the technical department of the Web performance report is always mentioned ga.js status of aborted, stating that although GA is

Build an intranet WCF service with NAT123 and implement an Android app to access a simple performance test on a companion site

The following original, transfer please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation!Introduction: NAT123 is a very powerful tool, and the use of the very simple, really to help users ignore the internal and external network of the

Google's 8th revision is to stand for a meeting every day

Even a few pixel changes could affect Google's profits, but why is Google willing to overhaul the most successful product in the history of the Internet? The web has been changing, evolving and innovating, "Mayer said," Even for Google, which people

Explore Google data Center internal operation

CNET Science and Information Network June 2 International report Google unveiled the internal work style of the mystery. Google, the search giant, rarely exposes its data centers, but last week Google researcher Jeff Dean uncovered some of its

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