test website speed from india

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Use the command line tool Speedtest-CLI to test your upstream/downstream network speed

Use the command line tool Speedtest-CLI to test your upstream/downstream network speed We often need to check whether the network between the home and the Office is connected. What should we do? Open the website Speedtest.net and start the test. The

Linux Web page capture instance (shell + awk)

In the previous blog, we talked about how to capture web pages in Linux. There are two methods: curl and wget. This article will focus on the Linux Web page capture instance-capturing the top game rankings of Google Play in the world's 12

Nginx optimization and load balancing in high concurrency

Nginx optimization in high concurrency   Original English version: optimizing nginx for high traffic loads I have talked about some frequently asked questions about nginx in the past. Some of them are about how to optimize nginx. many new nginx

Basic knowledge of civilization 5 beginners

Civilization is also getting tired of some experience now. Due to the lack of skill, you can only provide some basic skills in the foundation, and hope to improve your skills. Please do not correct them.1. City ride:The urban immigration rules

Ten-year summary (i.)

Another year at the beginning, think that you have been working for 10 years. Annual year-end units are debriefing, but there is no continuous summary of the work of several years of change, growth, the work of the fallacy and improvement is rarely

Remote sensing data download

OriginalWestern Data Center list 2009-04-23 23:07 (i) basic geographic data1. China 1km resolution DEM: According to the data formed by China 1:250,000 contour line and elevation point, the default projection is Alber projection, which can provide

Programmers talk about how to master computer professional English

If you have a certain degree of knowledge in English and want to break through the obstacle of Computer English and become a master, you can develop a good habit of learning computer English from now on. For example, you can select a computer

Nginx optimization solution for high concurrency in linux

I have talked about some frequently asked questions about Nginx in the past. Some of them are about how to optimize Nginx. many new Nginx users migrate from Apache, because they used to adjust the configuration and execute magic operations to ensure

Complete software company entrepreneurship manual [2]

Technology If large international companies generally take the pursuit of high profits and market share as their own goals and operate on a customer-oriented basis, then newly-started enterprises aim to pursue technological innovation,

Some questions about Python

first, what is Python? Python (English pronunciation:/?pa?θ?n/), an object-oriented, interpreted computer programming language, was invented by Guido van Rossum at the end of 1989 and the first public release was released in 1991. The Python syntax

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