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DNS Spoofing Attack and Its Protection

Domain Name System (DNS) is a Distributed Database that maps Domain names and IP addresses. DNS is the infrastructure of network applications. Its security has a significant impact on Internet security. However, due to the flaws in the DNS Protocol

Designing the DNS Infrastructure for DirectAccess

TechNet LibraryWindows ServerWindows Server R2 und Windows Server 2008Browse Windows Server TechnologiesNetworkingDirectAccessDirectAccess for Windows Server R2DirectAccess Design GuideDirectAccess Deployment Strategy PlanningDirectAccess available

"DNS Server Set up" the erection and testing of a forwarding DNS server under CentOS

Pre-Erection Preparation:To set up a DNS server, you must install a software program that provides a DNS service, the BIND software, that can be installed using the following command:Yum install-y bind-chroot Bind-utis 1. Modify the master

Installation and deployment testing of DNS in Kubernetes

[TOC]After DNS is installed, the pod can resolve the service through DNS to enable communicationKubernetes version:kubectl version My current version is, kubectl DNS installation 1.1 Download the configuration file on the official

The use method and principle of Dns+tunnel (DNS tunneling) technology-DNS2TCP

Recently met a domestic Daniel, heard a call DNS tunnel technology, after a study, found very interesting, record. what is DNS tunnel. DNS tunnel is the DNS tunnel. From the name point of view is to use the DNS query process to establish tunnels,

DNS Service details for Linux

I.  dns theory: DNS: Domain Name Service (domain  nsme  service) role: Resolving Domain names to IP (forward parsing) or resolve IP to domain name (reverse resolution) The classification of DNS top-level domains: Organization domain:.

Troubleshooting of k8s implementation problems in the development and testing environment-internal network DNS resolution

I believe many of my friends have already used k8s in the testing or production environment to solve their own business problems. The following are some of our practices in the testing environment. We direct all services and pods to developers and

How DNS sets network DNS settings guide

Do not know if you have not used to set up DNS to maximize the speed of computer network optimization, set up DNS everyone is relatively unfamiliar, because generally also rarely mentioned, because the computer is generally the default is to

DNS Follow-up (DNS cluster, "Peanut shell", "Remote IP password Change DNS")

DNS Cluster ( multiple servers synchronize one primary DNS information, easing the pressure on the primary DNS )Configure the secondary DNF server (so that it can synchronize primary DNS, sharing the pressure of the primary DNS :)Modifying a

Build a DNS server by yourself

Build a DNS server by yourself Preface: During normal internet access, domain names are all accessed. How can we convert domain names to IP addresses? What about accessing our server host? In this case, you need to use the DNS server. DNS is

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