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Test Case management Tool-testlink

Testlink is a web-based test case management system, the main function is the creation, management and execution of test cases, and also provides some simple statistical functions, the main functions include: test requirements management test case

[5] Use testlink for Test Management "reprint 』

Testlink is used to manage the test process. By using the functions provided by testlink, you can manage the test process from test requirements, test design, to test execution, it also provides statistics and analysis of a variety of test results,

Testlink-windows Installation Tutorials

Testlink-windows Installation Tutorial QQ Group Exchange: 585499566OneThe purpose of this articleto be used later in the work Testlink to manage the process of testing , it needs to be practiced on a local or testlink Server, and the personal local

Use testlink for Test Management

Testlink is open to SourceForgeSource codeProject. As a Web-based test management system, testlink provides the following functions: Test Requirement Management Test Case Management Test Case coverage management for test requirements

Testlink Learning II: Windows Build Testlink Environment

Environment Preparation :Build php5.4.39+apache2.2+mysq5.5.28l Environment(Refer to http://www.cnblogs.com/yangxia-test/p/4414161.html)(Note: testlink1.9.13 requires more than php5.4.)First, Testlink environment constructionDownload the Testlink

Build the testlink environment (for Dummies)

Today, I took some time to set up the testlink environment. I always felt that this was not very advanced, because QC, Zen Road, and other management tools came with test case management. It seems that many companies are still using it, so you can

Install Testlink under Windows

Because no test case management tool has been used in the project, if necessary, it is written in the excle of the individual to save, because there is no systematic record of the test methods and test cases at the time, each time the need to test

Under Windows, Testlink Installation Guide

First, pre-installation preparation1, download mysql (mysql-5.0.96-win32) 2, download Testlink (testlink-1.9.4.tar) 3, download xampp (xampp_3., install MySQL databasethird, installation xampp1, click to run and install 2,

Installation and configuration of test case management system Testlink

installation and configuration of Tesklink Install WAMP5: WAMP5 is Apache, MySQL, PHP integrated environment, after installation can start 3. To modify the Apache port: When IIS starts at the same time as Apache, the default of 80 for the port

Deployment and introduction of testlink

Testlink is an open-source test management tool used to manage test cases, from test requirements, test plans, test case management and case execution to final result analysis, A complete set of test process control helps testers effectively control

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