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"20 Encounters with Austin"--A small city tour of the capital of Texas (describe what you have to do in Austin, recommend it, and do the 20 things you have done with your cattle)

American expansion campaign. He said such a word:All go to Hell, and I'll go to Texas.The main thrust of the article today is to change this sentence to read as follows:All go to Texas, and I'll go to Austin.Welcome to America's largest, most cowboy, most rugged state in 48 states, Texas.Welcome to the Southern United States the smallest fresh, small literary, small atmosphere of the city, Austin.What the?

Texas railway station near the full set of "reputation first" (have called Sister Health) also serve a night real how much

"Composition Ren said: azky876" door Texas train station sister find real service "No ☆ NEED ☆ SET ☆ Gold" "Composition ren words: azky876" [Texas railway station Hotel real sister find real service "Composition Ren said: azky876" [Texas train station beautiful beautiful service "Composition ren words: azky876" [ Texas

Share a Texas hold ' em algorithm

Texas hold ' em is presumably a lot of people have played, of course, for the novice need to explain that Texas refers to Texas, not Shandong Dezhou. These months have been doing a Texas hold ' em server, sharing under the calcula

How to calculate the face value of a Texas poker _javascript skill

This article illustrates the method of JS calculating the face value of Texas poker. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows:1. The code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: var Poker = function (n) { This.num = (n% 13) + 2; this.ch = this.num > 9? ("abcdef" [this.num-10]): this.num; This.show = "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,j,q,k,a". Split (",") [This.num]; This.color =

A method to realize fuzzy decision when writing Texas hold ' em ai

pie above each color area represents the Y value. The rest of the work is running out. We randomly 0~3009 a number between the numbers in a clockwise direction, and you will find that this stochastic process satisfies the P (Y) probability distribution function we are pursuing.So, through the three processes of slicing, sorting, and random, we get a "fuzzy" Y va

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