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"Go" for simple text sentiment analysis with Python

step: Calculate and record the emotional value of all comments.Eighth step: Calculate the positive affective mean, negative affective mean, positive affective variance and negative affective variance of each comment by clause.Transferred from: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/23225934The original author provides a download link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1jirooxK Password: 6wq4The level of forwarding, save the later use, after the test part of the code robustness almost (the comment

SNOWNLP Text sentiment analysis using

SNOWNLP is a python version of the text Analysis tool, Ubuntu install SNOWNLP command: Pip install SNOWNLP. The use of SNOWNLP can be used for word segmentation, pos tagging, Text digest extraction, text sentiment

The basis of text sentiment analysis is natural language processing, affective dictionary, machine learning method and so on. Here are some of the resources I've summed up.

The basis of text sentiment analysis is natural language processing, affective dictionary, machine learning method and so on. Here are some of the resources I've summed up.Dictionary resources:Sentiwordnet"Knowledge Network" Chinese versionChinese Affective polarity dictionary NTUSDEmotion Vocabulary Ontology DownloadNatural language processing tools and platform

2016, 10 trends in text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics

Text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social analytics help you transform the "voice" of customers, patients, the public, and the market on a certain scale. The technology is now widely used in a range of industrial products, from healthcare to finance, media, and even customer markets. They extract business insights from online, social networks, and enterprise

Nltk31_twitter sentiment analysis

(len (featuresets)) Testing_set = Featuresets[10000:]training_set = Featuresets[:10000]open_file = Open (" Originalnaivebayes5k.pickle "," RB ") classifier = Pickle.load (open_file) open_file.close () def sentiment (text): feats = Find_features (text) return classifier.classify (feats) print (sentiment ("This movie is

Thoughts ----- mining Weibo sentiment analysis-mysql tutorial

A friend wants to capture and mine Sina Weibo as needed. In particular, this part of sentiment analysis facilitates his later experimental practices. In fact, text mining and analysis will produce greater results in the future. To give a simple example, everyone in the subway will refresh their circle of friends and fr

Sentiment analysis Resources

wikipedia:sentiment Analysis (also known as Opinion mining) refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis and computational Linguistics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials.In 1997, firstly proposed by the MIT Professor Rosalind Picard in effective Computing.Basic Task is classifying the polarity (positive, negativ

Sentiment:: Four months of the beginning of the graduate career ┭┮﹏┭┮r and the beauty of Python

put all the learning, only to find themselves to the mathematics Department of Statistics Department of all dry, honestly: you are the Department of Finance, do not and mathematics Department of the computer department to compare, their data analysis ability, algorithm ability is an advantage, The main thing is how you develop your strategy and deal with it. Well, I learned a mess before. Now also fast New Year, study time is too limited, now to shar

Summary and sentiment of data analysis

Niche research two this year, engaged in software data analysis and excavation less than two years. Two years, the niche busy, never summed up their work, today suspended busy footsteps, random writing a few lines of text, right when a sneak summary of the two years of data analysis and research experience and understanding. We encourage each other!

Weibo sentiment analysis (II.)

The previous article mentioned a few questions about sentiment analysis, and perhaps these questions can inspire you, but before we look at these questions, we need to know more about the characteristics of Weibo and whether it will have an impact on our emotional analysis. In addition to some very cow x people, in fact, most of the microblogging users are gras

Weibo sentiment analysis (i)

is not comprehensive, Perhaps the user's emotional microblog has become the user's subconscious first emotion, and at this stage may also need to the user psychology, behavioral analysis, which is beyond the "microblog sentiment analysis" of the scope. Therefore, if you want to really dig out the user's emotional inclination, the user's psychology, personality a

"Python" python splits Chinese and non-Chinese in text analysis

1. Description of the problemFor text analysis, the Chinese and non-Chinese are processed separately, and the Chinese part of the text is extracted by Python for the required processing.2. Problem solvingDevelopment environment: LinuxThe program code is as follows: split.py#!/usr/bin/

Springboot sentiment Edify-@Conditional and @autoconfigureafter annotation analysis

To undertake the previous text springboot sentiment edify [email protected] annotation analysis, this article will be on the basis of the previous article @AutoConfigureAfter and explain @Conditional the role of annotation and analysis [Email protected]According to the word, it is the meaning of the condition. We

Springboot sentiment edify-@SpringBootApplication annotation Analysis

To undertake the previous text springboot sentiment edify [email protected] annotation analysis, this article will be based on the above @SpringBootApplication annotation to make a simple analysis @SpringBootApplicationThis annotation is one of the most concentrated annotations in Springboot and the most widely us

Sentiment analysis-R vs Spark Machine learning Library test Classification comparison

Forest 40g Maximum entropy 40g Decision Tree 40g BAGGING 40g Svm 20% Experiment two (code file Sentiment_analyse. R):Data file: http:///sentiment/data/Classification using Bayes, MAXENT, SVM, Slda, BAGGING, RF, tree classifierThe results are as follows: Classifier Name Accuracy rate (R) Accuracy rate (spark) Bayesian

An example of keras sentiment analysis

International-airline-passengers.csv is less, roughly as follows"Month","International airline passengers: monthly totals in thousands. Jan 49 ? Dec 60""1949-01",112"1949-02",118"1949-03",132"1949-04",129"1949-05",121"1949-06",135"1949-07",148"1949-08",148"1949-09",136"1949-10",119"1949-11",104"1949-12",118"1950-01",115"1950-02",126"1950-03",141"1950-04",135"1950-05",125"1950-06",149"1950-07",170"1950-08",170"1950-09",158"1950-10",133"1950-11",114"1950-12",140"1951-01",145"1951-02",150"1951-03"

"51CTO College three Anniversary" programming growth sentiment, based on R,python and Java

This is my own programming skills to improve the way the summary, mainly the following three points: Business-driven, cultivation skills Cooperation needs, expand skills Personal interest, not for money, only for happiness and creation Recently entered the two months, is also engaged in the biological information analysis, the reason is engaged in the current industry, because almost most of the university's experts, senior intel

"Using Python to do HTTP interface testing" learning sentiment

Chance coincidence, signed up to participate in the "Good class leader" course "with Python to do HTTP interface test", registration fee: 15RMB, less than a cup of coffee money, so far the state: unswervingly follow, self-taught + course mode one hour per day!1. Learning intentionGoing to learn python, the idea started in 2017, and unlike most testers on the web, my work unit is a large state-owned enterpri

Python uses Gensim for text similarity analysis

the text similarity analysis, the product description and the actual product whether the difference is too large.Stick to my test data. The small data is to test this:Note that all the data has been word processing, participle how to handle, you can use the Python jieba library word processing. can refer to http://www.cnblogs.com/weedboy/p/6854324.htmlQueryDataS

Similarity analysis of Python text

=Corpora. Dictionary (T2) dic1.save (Work_dir+"/yuliaoku.txt")#Compare FilesF3 = Work_dir +"/t3.txt"C3= Open (F3, encoding='Utf-8'). Read ()#Jieba for participleData3 =Jieba.cut (C3) Data31="" forIinchData3:data31+ = i +" "New_doc=Data31Print(New_doc)#Doc2bow the file into a sparse vectorNew_vec =Dic1.doc2bow (New_doc.split ())#Doc2bow processing of dictionaries to obtain new CorporaNew_corpor = [Dic1.doc2bow (T3) forT3inchT2]TFIDF=models. Tfidfmodel (New_corpor)#Number of featuresFeaturenum =L

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