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Study on the relationship between HTML textarea cols,rows attribute and width height

First, about the cols and rows properties of the TEXTAREA elementElements, commonly known as "text fields", or "Multiline text boxes", whose own native HTML attribute represents the rows meaning of the line, can change the visible area height,

Textarea uses cols and rows instead of css to control the height and width

In the tutorial of www.bkjia.com, we thought that the width and height of all elements should be controlled by css. As a result, html validator prompts that textarea must have the cols and rows attributes, otherwise it does not comply with W3C XHTML

Textarea should use Cols and rows to control width and height, instead of only using CSS

In this case, the width and height of the element should be controlled by CSS. As a result, HTML validator prompts that textarea must have the Cols and rows attributes; otherwise, it does not comply with W3C XHTML 1.0 transitional standards.  

Strange HTML control textarea

Although I have never used the HTML control textarea, according to my own style, lou pig boldly believes that the textmode of the textarea and Server Control textbox is multiline and should be the same on the final HTML Tag. Maybe it's preemptible.

The width and height of the text field should be controlled by cols and rows, or by width and height.

Text field width If you use cols to control, the width of the text field does not change automatically when you zoom the pageUse width to indicate that it will scale with the page zoomSee the following paragraph of text:For content-oriented Web

Unified results solution for textarea in IE and Firefox

if you use the attribute word width (Cols) and number of rows (rows) of textarea to control the size of textarea, in IE and FF, the number of words in each line and the number of lines in the text are not the same, and IE has a scroll bar by default

TextArea the height of the text field changes with the content

Using CSS to control the height of the textarea text field varies with the content, and no scroll bars appear.CSS code:Copy CodeThe code is as follows:. t_area{width:300px;Overflow-y:visible}Whatever you enter here, the height of the textarea will

Sample Code for JavaScript Implementation of textarea to limit the number of words entered

This article describes how to limit the number of words input by textarea in JavaScript. It has good reference value. Let's take a look at it below. This article mainly introduces the principle and method of implementing textarea to limit the number

How is the TextArea property fixed size in an HTML form? TextArea Attribute Instance Introduction

This article mainly introduces the textarea of the HTML form in the fixed size of the use of the text field, can be used as a Web page message box, there is a detailed form page below, then let us look at this article on the HTML form of the

Remove the carriage return newline character from textarea in IE

In textarea, press enter to generate the escape character \ r \ n. In some cases, we do not need these two escape characters, that is, clearing textarea. The following method is not empty, but can achieve similar results.If you press enter in

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