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How does "go" implement <textarea> placeholder wrap?

Transferred from: http://segmentfault.com/q/1010000002677808Writes the mobile web, defines a textarea, and adds some hints to the placeholder. Because some phone screens are different, the content of placeholder is not wrapped, but beyond the screen

DIV Simulation textarea Adaptive height

Before the company to do the project, there is such a demand, I write a comment box, you can increase the number of comments with the increment and automatically expand, at first I want to use textarea implementation, but later try to find textarea

Advantages and disadvantages of Div + CSS

Background Since html4.01, the new version is no longer released, because the HTML language is becoming more and more complex and dedicated. That is, there are more and more tags. Even browser manufacturers have developed HTML tags that are only

What do you know about Div + CSS? Worth reading

Div + CSS is one of the commonly used terms in website standards (or "web standards"). Div + CSS is a webpage layout method, this web page layout method is different from the table Positioning Method in the traditional HTML web page design language,

CSS common code Daquan and CSS compatibility (reprint)

CSS Common Quick Development Code summary (long-term update), including CSS3 code, some CSS effect is very stubborn, often can not find out the solution, the network also has a lot of tools and experts to provide specific browser-compatible code,

Z-blogSyntaxHighlighter long code cannot wrap a line (based on jquery) _ jquery-js tutorial

This article mainly introduces how long code z-blogSyntaxHighlighter cannot wrap (jquery ), if you need a highlight plug-in using SyntaxHighlighter syntax, you may have encountered a problem where the Code does not display line breaks. This problem

Solve the problem that syntaxhighlighter long code cannot wrap

Next how to solve. Open the Shcoredefault.css file, find the definition of the. Syntaxhighlighter textarea, and at the end, add a sentence: Word-break:break-all!important; OK, It means to have the code force line wrapping to appear. Specific steps

Z-blog syntaxhighlighter Long Code cannot wrap solution (based on jquery) _jquery

Use Syntaxhighlighter syntax to highlight the plug-in friends may have encountered code to show the problem, this problem on the Internet can not find any solution, has been bothering me for a long time, today is to solve it, the method is actually

General CSS style summary for mobile WebApp development

The HTML page tags I used:SECTION,DIV,ARTICAL,P,OL,UL,LI,HEADER,FOOTER,SPAN,FORM,INPUT,LABEL,H1,H2,H3, I will not say the details, only to the novice said, why so many labels, Can you solve the whole project with only 16 of them?The reason is not to

Negative margin in CSS you don't know the secret

Nowadays, the application of negative margin technology is more and more wide, any large site under glimpse will have its shadow. Personally think that the negative margin technology is a learning CSS on the road must be an indispensable topic, many

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