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"Thinkinginc++" 47, about the use of macros, explore the disadvantages of using macros

/*** book: "thinkinginc++" * Function: about the use of macros, explore the disadvantages of using macros * Time: September 11, 2014 07:50:54* Author: cutter_point*/#include ". /require.h "#include "Thinkinginc++" 47, about the use of macros, explore the disadvantages of using macros

IOS development advanced: Use macros to define macros (#,##,..., _ Va_args _)

For a long time, macro definition # define is used to define some simple constants. At most, it is used to define a function. It seldom pays attention to macro definition usage. Until the following code is displayed: #define PLAYSOUNDEFFECT(...) \[[GameManager sharedGameManager] playSoundEffect:@#__VA_ARGS__] I have never thought about such a powerful usage before. Take a look at some iOS framework header files and find that almost all of them are macro-defined: I have to say that macro defi

Recording macros of word macros

When you record a macro, you can click the toolbar buttons and menu options. However, the macro recorder cannot record mouse motions in the document window, and you must record these actions with the keyboard if you want to move the insertion point, select text, and scroll through the document. If a dialog box appears during recording, Word will record the dialog box and record all the options settings for the dialog box only if the OK button or close is selected in the selection dialog box. Fo

Gcc/g ++ compiler and some predefined macros and user-defined Macros in vs ide

Predefined macros, Compilers usually provide different predefined macros for compiled programs based on different platforms and compilation options, For example, Win32 win64 Linux, such as debug and release. 1. When using the GCC/g ++ compiler, you can run the following command to print the macros pre-compiled by the compiler. Gcc-DM-e- 2. For details abou

Differences between assert macros and verify Macros in VC

Developed with VCProgramIt is best to use the verify macro instead of assert, I didn't know why. Today I read the definition of two macros and finally understood it. 1. In debug mode, two macros have the same functions. 2. In the release mode, assert does not calculate the expressions in the parameters. Verify calculates the expressions in the parameters (if it is a function, it will call the function ).

C language Offsetof macros and CONTAINER_OF macros

, which is (type *)2: Function and Principle analysis:(1) Function: A pointer to an element in a struct, and a pointer to the struct variable. YesThe CONTAINER_OF macro, we can get pointers to the entire struct variable from the pointer of an element, and thenGet pointers to other elements in the struct.(2) The function of the TypeOf keyword is: Typepof (a) is the type of a given by variable A, typeof is theVariable name gets the variable data type.(3) How this macro works: First use typeof to g

Two-level macros & string macros

If you want to serialize the macro parameter extension results, you must use two levels of macros. 1 # define xstr (s) STR (S) 2 # define STR (s) # S3 # define Foo 44 STR (FOO) 5 => "foo" 6 xstr (FOO) 7 ==> xstr (4) 8 ==> STR (4) 9 ==> "4" When S is used in STR, S is stringized, so it is not a macro extension first. However, S is a common parameter of xstr. Therefore, s itself has been expanded before the xstr macro extension is complete. When STR

[ThinkingInC ++] 47. Regarding the Use of macros, we explored the disadvantages of using macros. thinkinginc47

[ThinkingInC ++] 47. Regarding the Use of macros, we explored the disadvantages of using macros. thinkinginc47 /*** Book: [ThinkingInC ++] * function: describes the use of macros. * Time: 07:50:54, January 1, September 11, 2014 * Author: cutter_point */# include ".. /require. h "# include Reasons for liking Wang Lihong It can be said that I am a little similar

Use Variable Parameter macros, built-in compiler macros, and printf to output debugging information

and print it out! So we have the following story... Compiler built-in macros: First, we will introduce several built-in macro definitions of the compiler. These macro definitions can not only help us write cross-platform source code, but also help us output useful debugging information flexibly. The ansi c standard has several predefined macros (which are also commonly used ): _ Line __: Insert the current

Use of Conditional compilation macros and Conditional compilation macros

Use of Conditional compilation macros and Conditional compilation macros Jni is often used when writing code in cocos. Sometimes the class instance pointer is used in the c ++ code of jni. 1. define a global variable # If (CC_TARGET_PLATFORM = CC_PLATFORM_ANDROID) GameInstance * gameInstance = nullptr; # endif 2. In the constructor # If (CC_TARGET_PLATFORM = CC_PLATFORM_ANDROID) GameInstance * gameInst

C: Hierarchical debug Macros (print macros) similar to Linux kernels

[log_buf_size]; Va_start (AP, FMT); vsnprintf (buf, log_buf_size, FMT, AP); Va_end (AP); printf ("", Prio, buf); printf ("------------------------\ n"); printf (BUF);}#defineEnter () logd ("Enter into%s", __function__)#defineLOGD (...) (void) LOG (Log_debug, Log_tag, __va_args__))#defineLOG (priority, tag, ...) \Log_pri (android_# #priority, Tag, __va_args__)#defineLog_pri (priority, tag, ...) \Android_printlog (priority, tag, __va_args__)#defineAndroid_printlog (Prio, tag, fmt ...) \__

How to remove macros in excel? How do I remove macros from excel?

1: Let's test and create an excel file, such as "haiguifurong1 ..2: If you want to enable the document, the following message is displayed: "macro disabled.3: click "OK".Table.4: as shown in the following figure, in "tools"-"security" settings, the effect is as follows.5: Go to the macro's "security"-"low"-"OK", and open the excel file again without being affected by the macro.Now you have successfully deleted the

Summary of CONTAINER_OF macros and OFFSETOF macros

#defineContainer_of (PTR, type, member) ({6 Const typeof((Type *)0)->member) *__mptr =(PTR); 7(Type *) ( (Char*) __mptr-Offsetof (type, member));})8 9typedefstruct{Ten intID; One Charname[ -]; A intAge ; - }student; - the intMain () - { -printf"%lu\n", Offsetof (student, id)); -printf"%lu\n", Offsetof (student, name)); +printf"%lu\n", Offsetof (student, age)); - + student S; AS.age = -; atStudent *ps = container_of (S.age, student, age); -printf"%d\n", ps->Age ); -printf"%p\n"

Edit Excel Macros command duplex print Excel2003 table

You can easily set up double-sided print Word documents in the Word2003 Print dialog box, but there is no setup option for duplex printing in Excle2003. Users can implement double-sided printing Excel2003 tables by editing macro commands in Excel2003. 1. Edit Excel2003 Macros Command The first time you use the macro feature in Excel2003, you need to add a Personal macro workbook (that is, Pernosal.xls), and then use the Visual Basic Editor to edit t

Swift uses global constants instead of macros

preprocessing Directives The Swift compiler does not contain pre-processors. Instead, it takes advantage of compile-time properties to generate configuration and language features to accomplish the same functionality. Therefore, Swift does not introduce pre-processing instructions. Simple Macro In C and objective-c, you typically use a # define directive that defines a basic constant in swift, which you can use instead of global constants. For example: A global definition of # define Fade_a

Practical clojure-macros and metaprogramming

Document directory Code vs. Data Homoiconicity, code = Data Working with macros Debugging macros Code Templating When to use macros Using macros, for example What is metaprogramming? Metaprogramming is the use of code to modify or create other code.It is primarily a developer tool and acts as a force multiplie

About predefined macros for standard C languages

Standard C-language preprocessing requires defining some object macros, with the name of each of the predefined macros beginning and ending with one or two underscore characters that cannot be undefined (#undef) or redefined by programmers. The following predefined macro table, I copied it down.__line__ the line number of the current program line, expressed as a decimal integer constant__file__ the current

Tips for removing macros in Word

In Word, it's not difficult to learn to create macros, but it's important to delete them on the basis that they're created. Of course, a lot of friends, not even a macro understand, how can you understand the method of deleting macros? Next, is the master introduced the commonly used to delete a single macro method. Word Open Word 2003, click the Tools menu, point to

How Word 2013 documents record macros

A macro is a well-defined operation, a collection of instructions, or a piece of program code. A macro is actually a series of commands and functions stored in a Visual Basic module that can be run at any time when it needs to be performed. Creating autorun operations does not require programming with VBA, as long as you record these repetitive actions as macros and run the macros when you need them. Here's

Write macros for Word 2010 to quickly print the current document page

In Word2010, to print the current page of the current document, you need to do this: Click the File tab, click Print, and then under Settings, click the triangle arrow to the right of print all pages, click Print Current page, and then click Print to complete the task. This is not simple in Word2007 or Word 2003. If you frequently want to print the current page of a document, record the feature as a macro and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. Can quickly improve work efficiency. Here we will

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