tfs 2015 code review process

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TFS code review

Block ID Each block in TFS has a unique identifier. The current implementation is a uint32_t integer ID. Each time a block is added, a new ID is assigned to it, the specific implementation method is to save the value of global global_block_id. This value is directly added with 1 for each allocation as the new blockid. The code implementation is roughly as follows. The generate function is called every alloc

Apache+svn+review Board Code Review Server Setup process

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Custom code review process and tools based on Rational team concert

Introduction IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) is a software development environment on the IBM rational next-generation collaboration platform for software delivery technology-jazz platform, which enables agile development through integrated work item tracking, source control, and configurable process management. Process management is an important feature that distinguishes it from the generic version manag

Hands-on experience in peer code review process

out.But it also means that when you finally decide to deal with them. Your own development work will be a certain accident stranded.This also makes it more difficult to do the review, because the correct code review requires a strong, continuous mental work, it is very difficult to keep up for several days.As a result, developers should do their best to empty th

Agile Software Development Practice-code Review Process

breakpoint), and then in front of you with Firefox open, open Firebug, in the key JS file corresponding line also hit the breakpoint (front code breakpoint), and then completely with a single step way, step by step, At the same time watch the value of the key variable, this walk is very slow, but you will be very familiar with the code logic process and impressi

Review process for OpenStack commit code

This article organizes the basic process of submitting code to the OpenStack community, as well as some information about the community. If there is reprint, please indicate the source!Let's take a picture to illustrate the general flow of OpenStack code review:The process for submitting

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