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Fix an issue where you cannot change the mapping between a local folder and a TFS project

Issue Description: A new TFS server has been replaced and the old TFS Server is discontinued. But from the client VS2008 to connect to the new server, and download the source to the local original working folder, there is an error, said the local folder has been mapped to the old server, can not get the source from the new server. This prompt still appears after

C # The path of the Holy Road Note--tfs Resolve a left-over file check-out legacy check-in issue

method Two : use MSBuild SidekickMSBuild Sidekick is a third-party tool suite for VSThe TFS account that uses this tool must have certain permissions, and the following is a brief description of how to use it.First to download the Sidekick installation file, close the VS install this tool,After installation, a "team Foundation sidekick" option is shown in the Tools tab of the VS tool column.Select the "statu

Understand issue tracking system

ArticleDirectory Bugzilla Fogbugz JIRA Microsoft TFs Edgewall TRAC Issue Tracking System (ITS) is a system for software development. It allows you to track every problem process in software development until the problem is finally resolved. In its, a "problem" may be a bug, a function, or a test. These can be managed by its, and tracke

Use JIRA to build an enterprise issue tracking system. PART4)

defect distributorDefect registrantAll owners of this defect The procedure is as follows: 1)Select "manage"-"Schemes"-"Notification Schemes" to go to the "Notification Schemes" page. 2)Copy the Default Notification Scheme and change it to the appropriate name (do not modify it in the Default permission Scheme) 3)Follow the instructions above to set the parameters.4.6 Set the interface design scheme 1.Enable time tracking The procedure is as f

Linux disk read and write slow issue tracking

Linux systems react very slowly and disk reads are particularly slowThen I conclude that the process of subsequent investigation is1, vmstat 1 10 check memory read and write situation650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "Title=" d6jkdg{t@g3n{}] ' 7t2 ' u$l.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1ydu3mqasxnaanqg-0ftzw559.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "style="

Program RPC 1726 error issue tracking

Recently encountered a headache in the customer environment, one node through the RPC connection to the other node succeeded, but when sending RPC packets, but returned a 1726 error.error MessageLet's take a look at MSDN's explanation, "This remote call failed", this sentence message content is really too little ah, error I must know that the remote call failed AH.rpc_s_call_failed1726 (0X6BE) The remote procedure call failed.And then Google, for the RPC 1726 error

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