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Sync_by_file of TFS Data Migration

in this article, I followed an article that introduced the TFS 2.2.16 version uses the syn_by_file tool to implement data migration between two sets of TFS Systems based on file names . The test environment is consistent with the previous article. One: Clear the data on target at the end of the previous migration#/usr/

Sync_by_blk for TFs data migration

This document records the data migration process between two TFs 2.2.16 systems. Source Environment Introduction: TFS master nameserver: (VIP 229) TFs from nameserver: TFS Data Server 1: (start three mount points and allocat

Active Directory Parent-child domain user migration: Tfs&sharepoint issues Summary (ii)

Then the previous article, continue to summarize the problems encounteredIV: SharePoint account name is not updated automaticallyProblem Description:After the user migrates, the account name still displays the original login nameProblem handling:After migration, run the command on the SharePoint server:Stsadm-o migrateuser-oldlogin olddomain\xxx -newlogin newdomain\xxx –ignoresidhistoryThis problem is still relatively simple to deal with, if the user

TFS server and service account migration process

Applicable scenarios: The TFS server is migrated from one domain to another. Here, the server is added to the new domain, and the Service Running Account is changed to the account in the new domain. The machine name remains unchanged. This article passes the test in the single-host Deployment scenario of TFS. Migration steps: 1. Stop the

TFS 2010 Migration/Reload/restore steps

1. Check in all code2. Stop the TFS Service: Run the command line and switch the path to the TFS installation path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\toolsRun: Tfsservicecontrol quiesce3. Backup (or Detach) TFS database4. Restore the TFS database to the new server's database5: Install

Remember server migration TFS client IP replacement

Server migration, TFS service-side IP replaced by the original to Client Replacement IP operation is more complex, please operate with caution, avoid the risk of de-Library!!! Open registry, run-"regedit Find hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\visualstudio\, If you have vs2010, vs2012, vs2013, the red box needs to be modified, such as: To modify the

TFS data migration based on block blocks

inside, and then migrate the data:650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 5.jpg " alt= "Wkiol1rusfuwscvkaaegsyxjrcw277.jpg"/>Blck block information for statistical SOURCE_TFS:show>block>/tmp/1.txtshow> Exit filters out Version,filecount,size,del_file,del_size These fields are all 0 of those block_id, and the rest of the blocks contain actual data. grep-v ' 00 00 0 ' NBSP;NBSP;/TMP/1.TXTNBSP;NBSP;>NBSP;/TMP/2. TXT remove block_

Issues with project migration after the TFS address changes.

It is often time-consuming and cumbersome to run into TFS's server address changes so that all items are not available, and if you reopen them all and then remap them. But there are actually simple ways.Locate the workaround file, which is the sln file.Open with Notepad, find sccteamfoundationserver This section, see, the following is the server address, change the address can be. "Modify the address of the project"But it's not that simple, but it's just the address of the project, but the addre

Summary of data migration tasks between TFs Clusters

In the past few days, we have been doing a data migration task between clusters. What we need to do is to give a task file, and each row in the file corresponds to a source: A migration task in the form of DeST (both source and DEST are file names) with tens of millions of tasks. The task is actually very simple. read each row, parse the source and DEST, read the source from the source cluster based on the

In-place upgrade to Team Foundation Server (TFS) from TFS 2013Team Foundation server TFS TFS upgrade TFS Wit H Sharepoint

This upgrade document gives detailed step by step procedure for the In-place upgrade from TFS ing and SharePoint.Environment Details:TFS EnvironmentWindows server R2, TFS update 5, SQL SP1, SharePoint SP1TFS EnvironmentWindows server R2, TFS RTM, SQL SP1, SharePoint SP1Permission Requirements:The account running the upgrade needs to the following permissions.–loc

TFS Installation and Management

record is not only to record the completion status of the task, but also associated with a lot of information, to see the New Task Creation dialog box:Detailed information can be how the task is done, and what problems encountered in the record;All links can be the source code of the migration set to associate, know which code the task to modify;Attachments can upload some other content about this task, documents, etc.1.3. Project TrackingWith the ab

TFS API: Two, TFS code query work items

TFS API: Two, TFS code query work itemsFirst, we need to recognize the two classes of TFS's fetching service objects.They were tfsconfigurationserver and tfsteamprojectcollection, and their differences were that they could get different TFS API service classes. Their difference is as follows: Service Tfsconfigurationserver( server level )

TFS Exception handling------API TFS User or role ' tfsexecrole ' does not exist in the this database.

Use API call Queuecreatecollection to create TFS collection return the collection servicing job did not succeed.Query TFS for logs: [Error]:tfs User or role ' tfsexecrole ' does not exist in this database.Because the administrator of TFS is not in the sysadmin for SQL, add the Administrator account for

Migrate TFs 2012 service to new computer hardware

When TFs 2012 was migrated, some problems were encountered. There were very few Chinese records and the English records were scattered. the most direct and simple method was recorded here. Environment: 1. In the company domain environment, all TFs users are company domain accounts. 2. TFs is transferred from one server to another. All servers are added to the Com

TFS API: First, TFS Architecture and concepts

TFS API: First, TFS Architecture and conceptsTFS is the short name for Team Fundation server and is part of Microsoft VSTS, a core collaboration platform for Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, simply as a platform tool for managing and developing the entire lifecycle of software projects.  TFS is divided into the client layer, the application

TFS source code management, tfs source code

TFS source code management, tfs source code I. Server Configuration 1. Create a Visual Studio Online account Open VS, select Team Resource Manager (under the View menu), and register Team Foundation Service in Team resource manager to open the VS logon page. If you have an account, log on directly, if you have not registered one, you can. 2. Go to the Account creation page after logon. Enter the informa

TFS-nginx-tfs Module

TFS-nginx-tfs Module1. Install yajl Yajl is an open-source JSON library. Please download here: (official website) : Http:// Decompress the file Unzip ./Configure Make make install Prompt that cmake is not installed, apt-get install cmake Some test errors are prompted, which can be ignored directly. 2. Install nginx/t


1. Installing YAJLYAJL is an open-source JSON libraryPlease download here: website): the fileUnzip make installTip No CMake installed, apt-get install CMakeHints for some test errors that can be ignored directly2. Installing Nginx/tengine1) Install Pcre: xvf pcre-8.35.tar.gzCD pcre-8.35./configure--prefix=/usr/loca

TFS secondary development series: 1. TFs architecture and Concept

TFS is short for Team fundation server and part of Microsoft vsts. It is the core collaboration platform for Microsoft Application lifecycle management (ALM) tools, simply put, it is a platform tool for managing and developing software projects throughout their entire lifecycle.   TFS is divided into the client layer, application layer, and data layer.   Their data model flow is as follows: Client layerIt

How to restore the system default query "Assigned to me" setting in TFS (TFS 2013)

This is how the story started, one day the developer turned to say that after modifying the system default work item query "Assigned to me" in the browser, it was found that the query timed out every time and there was no way to revert to the initial setting state because the query editor could not be used after the timeout prompt, such as: Searched all the tools that can edit work item queries, Visual Studio, Eclipse does not see the ability to edit system default queries. Even if you use Save

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