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Docker4dotnet #5 Use VSTS/TFS to build a container-based continuous delivery pipeline,

capabilities for Small and Medium-sized teams and large teams across regions in the software development process, this platform is free for small teams with less than five development teams (with any number of managers involved at the same time, VSTS distinguishes between stakeholder and developer roles, provides a free access permission for stakeholder, who only need to manage the process without modifying the code ). The Team Foundation Server is a

#VSTS日志 # TFS Update 2 RC2 new features

There is a period of time not updated #vsts log #, the recent small series too busy, all over the country flew to a variety of different teams to implement agile, today sudden a look, yes! TFS Update 2 RC2 has been released. There are a lot of good things, List a few for everyone to see.Use the TFS Web to create and delete team projectsPeople who have used

Microsoft Online VSTS/TFS usage profile, how to delete items, account numbers, get git addresses, etc.

Name: Microsoft VSTSFull name: Visual Studio Team ServicesAddress: Registration can be used (how to use the registration please Baidu, there is a detailed tutorial, here is not explained in detail)This article mainly describes how to delete and find the Git clone address, which is also a problem I have recently encountered!!!How to delete an item:How to delete an account:How to get a git clone addressMicrosoft Online

The path to migration-vsts Software Development Guide

the importance of these bugs? How can we ensure that modifications to a bug do not affect other functions? Is there a simpler and faster way to ensure the correctness of all units than unit tests? Even if we have passed enough tests, we still cannot guarantee that there will be no errors in actual operation. Is there a more standard and applicable method for bugs in the maintenance phase than patching? These problems may seem very naive to the development team, and I can easily explain them eve

Sync_by_file of TFS Data Migration

in this article, I followed an article that introduced the TFS 2.2.16 version uses the syn_by_file tool to implement data migration between two sets of TFS Systems based on file names . The test environment is consistent with the previous article. One: Clear the data on target at the end of the previous migration#/usr/

Sync_by_blk for TFs data migration

This document records the data migration process between two TFs 2.2.16 systems. Source Environment Introduction: TFS master nameserver: (VIP 229) TFs from nameserver: TFS Data Server 1: (start three mount points and allocat

Active Directory Parent-child domain user migration: Tfs&sharepoint issues Summary (ii)

Then the previous article, continue to summarize the problems encounteredIV: SharePoint account name is not updated automaticallyProblem Description:After the user migrates, the account name still displays the original login nameProblem handling:After migration, run the command on the SharePoint server:Stsadm-o migrateuser-oldlogin olddomain\xxx -newlogin newdomain\xxx –ignoresidhistoryThis problem is still relatively simple to deal with, if the user

TFS server and service account migration process

Applicable scenarios: The TFS server is migrated from one domain to another. Here, the server is added to the new domain, and the Service Running Account is changed to the account in the new domain. The machine name remains unchanged. This article passes the test in the single-host Deployment scenario of TFS. Migration steps: 1. Stop the

TFS 2010 Migration/Reload/restore steps

1. Check in all code2. Stop the TFS Service: Run the command line and switch the path to the TFS installation path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\toolsRun: Tfsservicecontrol quiesce3. Backup (or Detach) TFS database4. Restore the TFS database to the new server's database5: Install

Remember server migration TFS client IP replacement

Server migration, TFS service-side IP replaced by the original to Client Replacement IP operation is more complex, please operate with caution, avoid the risk of de-Library!!! Open registry, run-"regedit Find hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\visualstudio\, If you have vs2010, vs2012, vs2013, the red box needs to be modified, such as: To modify the

TFS data migration based on block blocks

inside, and then migrate the data:650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 5.jpg " alt= "Wkiol1rusfuwscvkaaegsyxjrcw277.jpg"/>Blck block information for statistical SOURCE_TFS:show>block>/tmp/1.txtshow> Exit filters out Version,filecount,size,del_file,del_size These fields are all 0 of those block_id, and the rest of the blocks contain actual data. grep-v ' 00 00 0 ' NBSP;NBSP;/TMP/1.TXTNBSP;NBSP;>NBSP;/TMP/2. TXT remove block_

Issues with project migration after the TFS address changes.

It is often time-consuming and cumbersome to run into TFS's server address changes so that all items are not available, and if you reopen them all and then remap them. But there are actually simple ways.Locate the workaround file, which is the sln file.Open with Notepad, find sccteamfoundationserver This section, see, the following is the server address, change the address can be. "Modify the address of the project"But it's not that simple, but it's just the address of the project, but the addre

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