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In-place upgrade to Team Foundation Server (TFS) from TFS 2013Team Foundation server TFS TFS upgrade TFS Wit H Sharepoint

This upgrade document gives detailed step by step procedure for the In-place upgrade from TFS ing and SharePoint.Environment Details:TFS EnvironmentWindows server R2, TFS update 5, SQL SP1, SharePoint SP1TFS EnvironmentWindows server R2, TFS RTM, SQL SP1, SharePoint SP1Permission Requirements:The account running the upgrade needs to the following permissions.–loc

Asp. NET's new member ASP. WebHooks

(This article also published in my public number "dotnet daily Essence article", Welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: A few days ago, Microsoft, in addition to the release of the ASP. NET 5 Beta7, there is a noteworthy thing, is the publication of ASP. NET Webhooks Preview D. Webhooks is a lightweight interactive model of the HTTP world that integrates SaaS systems and Web APIs with

Use of webhooks in GitHub

Directory The configuration of webhooks in GitHub Testing the configuration of the Webhooks Currently in the team designing an application management feature, you need to understand the use of common code-managed webhooks. Webhooks, the first of GitHub, took the lead, and recorded the use of

Microsoft publishes ASP. Webhooks Preview Version

Microsoft recently released a preview of ASP. Webhooks, a library that can be used to create and use the Webhook feature. Webhooks supports MVC 5 and Webapi 2.Webhook is a pattern that implements user-defined callback functions via HTTP. Customers can choose to subscribe to certain types of events and receive them as post requests when these events actually occur. One of the main points of Webhook is that i

Automatic update of release code via git webhooks+ script

Demand:Write an automated deployment script that automatically updates the release code according to the Git Push action (patch file (or update file, patch for short))Solution:With git webhooks, Python scripts, and Linux shell scripts, all actions are done automatically, and the manual part is limited to the release of patch files git webhooks implementation triggers execution script Python scr

Webhooks-web Hooks

WebHooks, an enhanced mode of HTTP interaction, is a user-defined HTTP callback that is defined, maintained, and managed by a third-party user, a developer, as if allowing someone to mount a network cable to your Web site or application's hooks to receive your push message in real time, So the web hooks, hence the name. In this way, a publish/subscribe model is provided for connected Web APIs and SaaS services, and then the MicroServices Architecture

Automate the deployment of Web sites using GitHub webhooks

automate the deployment of Web sites using GitHub webhooks Transferred from my genuine blog: using GitHub webhooks to automate the deployment of the site Using MWeb to do their own blog, the server did not directly use the Gh-pages function of GitHub, but deployed to its own server.Since then, the blog has become three steps away: 1. Use MWeb to generate static Web 2. Push to GitHub 3. The login server pul

Web site Automation deployment using Github/gitlab's Webhooks

origin/master git clean -fgit pullgit checkout Masterecho "Changing permissions ..." Chown -r $WEB _user:$ Web_usergroup $WEB _pathecho "finished." The next thing to do is to automatically call this script whenever there is a push.Second, the monitoring Web HooksGitHub and GitLab natively support Webhooks settings.The Payload URL is populated with the URL of the server that needs to be deployed, say

41st Micro Service CICD (3)-Jenkins + Gitlab + webhooks + publish-over-ssh (1)

First, the role Using Webhooks to implement the GIT Client push code to Gitlab, Jenkins will immediately go to Gitlab and build the replacement code. Second, step1, install the plug-in Ruby_runtime (Hook plugin depends on the plugin) Gitlab Hook Plugin 2. Jenkins Global ConfigurationSystem Management, System settingsDescription: Make a two tick and build a branch3. Jenkins project configurationProject, "Configuration"No

Automate deployment with Webhooks

Work often use webhooks to achieve automatic deployment, the total write is placed on oneNote above, experience not to share the fun, now take out to share, I hope everyone in the work can easeUbuntu Install git clientsudo apt install git查看版本git --versionCloning code from the linegit clone git 地址Prepare the hook file* 创建并修改目录 mkdir -p /Data/wwwroot/hooks chown -R root:root /Data/wwwroot/hooks* 写入文件:每个项目两个文件 -- 入口文件+.sh文件 sudo -Hu apache tou

Use Webhooks of GitHub/GitLab for automated website deployment

Use Webhooks of GitHub/GitLab for automated website deployment I have long wanted to write this topic. Today I have the opportunity to study the automated deployment of git. The final result is that whenever a new commit is pushed to the master branch, git pull is automatically pulled from the test/production server to obtain the latest code, it eliminates repetitive work for programmers to perform part-time O M over ssh to pull code deployment. We a

42nd Micro Service CICD (4)-Jenkins + Gitlab + webhooks + publish-over-ssh (2)

get the Mytest-service1-1.0-snapshot.jar process, use awk to get the first parameter of process information (that is, the process number PID) If the application server natively, as long as the configuration of Java_home, you can directly use the JPS, but through the Jenkins remote execution will be written all, including the Java command behind. If the PID is not empty, kill the process, sleep 5s Enter the location of the jar treasure, execute the start command, and out

TFS Exception handling------API TFS User or role ' tfsexecrole ' does not exist in the this database.

Use API call Queuecreatecollection to create TFS collection return the collection servicing job did not succeed.Query TFS for logs: [Error]:tfs User or role ' tfsexecrole ' does not exist in this database.Because the administrator of TFS is not in the sysadmin for SQL, add the Administrator account for

TFS API: First, TFS Architecture and concepts

TFS API: First, TFS Architecture and conceptsTFS is the short name for Team Fundation server and is part of Microsoft VSTS, a core collaboration platform for Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, simply as a platform tool for managing and developing the entire lifecycle of software projects.  TFS is divided into the client layer, the application

TFS API: Two, TFS code query work items

TFS API: Two, TFS code query work itemsFirst, we need to recognize the two classes of TFS's fetching service objects.They were tfsconfigurationserver and tfsteamprojectcollection, and their differences were that they could get different TFS API service classes. Their difference is as follows: Service Tfsconfigurationserver( server level )


1. Installing YAJLYAJL is an open-source JSON libraryPlease download here: website): the fileUnzip make installTip No CMake installed, apt-get install CMakeHints for some test errors that can be ignored directly2. Installing Nginx/tengine1) Install Pcre: xvf pcre-8.35.tar.gzCD pcre-8.35./configure--prefix=/usr/loca

TFS secondary development series: 1. TFs architecture and Concept

TFS is short for Team fundation server and part of Microsoft vsts. It is the core collaboration platform for Microsoft Application lifecycle management (ALM) tools, simply put, it is a platform tool for managing and developing software projects throughout their entire lifecycle.   TFS is divided into the client layer, application layer, and data layer.   Their data model flow is as follows: Client layerIt

How to restore the system default query "Assigned to me" setting in TFS (TFS 2013)

This is how the story started, one day the developer turned to say that after modifying the system default work item query "Assigned to me" in the browser, it was found that the query timed out every time and there was no way to revert to the initial setting state because the query editor could not be used after the timeout prompt, such as: Searched all the tools that can edit work item queries, Visual Studio, Eclipse does not see the ability to edit system default queries. Even if you use Save

TFS source code management, tfs source code

TFS source code management, tfs source code I. Server Configuration 1. Create a Visual Studio Online account Open VS, select Team Resource Manager (under the View menu), and register Team Foundation Service in Team resource manager to open the VS logon page. If you have an account, log on directly, if you have not registered one, you can. 2. Go to the Account creation page after logon. Enter the informa

TFS-nginx-tfs Module

TFS-nginx-tfs Module1. Install yajl Yajl is an open-source JSON library. Please download here: (official website) : Http:// Decompress the file Unzip ./Configure Make make install Prompt that cmake is not installed, apt-get install cmake Some test errors are prompted, which can be ignored directly. 2. Install nginx/t

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