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Windows7 under Thingworx 7 installation

1. Environment preparationWindows7 64-bit +JDK8+TOMCAT8+POSTGRESQL92. Installation of JDK8 and TOMCAT8There is not much to be described here, the basic is the next step.It is important to note that a Tomcat-installed interface changes the 8080 to 80In addition, after completing the Tomcat installation, select Configure in the menu and change the configuration toThe official document also has this paragraph, because the Server.xml default is commented out, so I did not control it, and temporarily

Bronze RDM and PTC windchill work together to build a genuine PLM solution

service advantages, and the bronze RDM is a recognized leader in the field of scientific innovation project management. Bronze RDM and PTC Winchill build an integrated PLM solution:Bronze RDM core focus on project management, technology planning, product planning, technology development, product development as different types of projects in a platform to achieve centralized unified management.One of the core business chain: to undertake technical pla

Ptc. arbortext.advanced.print.publisher.11.1.m020 Advanced automated printing and typesetting

Ptc. arbortext.advanced.print.publisher.11.1.m020 Advanced automated printing and typesettingFeatures and Benefits:Improved output quality-comply with stringent output requirements and publishing standards by adopting effective typography and layout controlsLower production costs-automate desktop publishing tasks to reduce manual effort and eliminate human errorImproved output flexibility-apply conditional formatting and multiple output views to creat

Ptc. 1DVD

Lumerical Suite Optics Design Softwareaerohydro.multisurf.v8.5.379 1CDbentley.sacs.v8i.v05.06.00.08 1CDmicrostran.limcon.v3.61.131003 1CDTFC. essential.macleod.v9.7.0 2DVDavenza.geographic.imager.v4.3.0 1CDavenza.

Geologger v5.70 1cd

.winnt2k 1cd Progressive. Die. extension. v5.0.winnt2k 1cd Smartanalysis. v5.0.winnt2k 1cd Smartassembly. v5.0.winnt2k 1cd Gproms. modelbuilder. v3.15 1cd Pvtsim v18.0-ISO 1cd PTC products: Ptc pro/E Wildfire + Pro/mechanic CIA 4.0 m060 working for WinNT_XP-ISO 1dvd (latest multi-language official edition includes simplified, Traditional Chinese) Ptc pro/E Wildf

Java several useful commands-all Options, Memory Options, GC options, System Properties, Thread dump, Heap dump

Jcmd # #Refer to Java -xx:+printflagsfinal -version #Display all JVM options Java -xx:+printcommandlineflags -version # #Display default JVM Memory and GC options -xx:initialheapsize=134209344 -xx:maxheapsize=2147349504 -xx:+printcommandlineflags-xx:+ usecompressedclasspointers-xx:+usecompressedoops-xx:-uselargepagesindividualallocation-xx:+" 1.8.0_60 " 1.8. 0_60-25.60-b23, Mixed mode) Java-xshowsettings # #Display System Pr

Oracle11gORA-03113 fault, rebuilding Control File

In Windows, Oracle 11g cannot be started normally after a shutdown and cannot be started to the mount state: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel Process ID: 4276 Session ID: 1286 Serial number: 2 Find the trc file of the corresponding number in the D: \ app \ Administrator \ diag \ rdbms \ wind \ trace directory and find the following prompt: Error: kccpb_sanity_check_2 Control filesequence number mismatch! Fhcsq: 168754 bhcsq: 168757 cfn 0 Therefore, it is confirmed that the control

Oracle EMCA on Linux$lsnrctl StatusLsnrctl for linux:version on 16-jul-2017 23:12:16Copyright (c) 1991, Oracle. All rights reserved.Connecting to (Description= (address= (PROTOCOL=IPC) (Key=extproc1)))STATUS of the LISTENER------------------------Alias LISTENERVersion Tnslsnr for Linux:version Date 15-jun-2017 16:11:15Uptime days 7 hr. 1 min. 1 secTrace level offSecurity on:local OS AuthenticationSNMP

When applications based on struts2 and spring are idle for a period of time, a null pointer error is reported)

(SqlMapExecutorDelegate. java: 589)At com. ibatis. sqlmap. engine. impl. SqlMapSessionImpl. queryForList (SqlMapSessionImpl. java: 118)At com. ibatis. sqlmap. engine. impl. SqlMapClientImpl. queryForList (SqlMapClientImpl. java: 95)At com. wangar. ptc. dao. ibatis. IbatisSysMenuDAO. querySysMenuList (IbatisSysMenuDAO. java: 50)At com. wangar. ptc. dao. impl. DefaultSysMenuDAO. querySysMenuList (DefaultSysM

Battery Knowledge _ Mobile phone

This article comes from the network, the author is unknown. This article mainly introduces the protection circuit of cell phone battery. All of us in the use of batteries will always occur when all kinds of misoperation, and cell phone battery is actually relatively fragile batteries, so complete protection measures for a qualified mobile phone battery is essential. The following is the text: I. The protection of NI-MH battery Cell Phone Ni-MH battery protection device is very simple, which is

Difference between reference and pointer

not copy the copy. The procedure is as follows:# Include Void pt (int * pta, int * ptb){Int * ptc;Ptc = pta; pta = ptb; ptb = ptc;}Void ref (int ra, int rb){Int rc;Rc = ra; ra = rb; rb = rc;}Void main (){Int a = 3; int B = 4;Int * pa = a; int * pb = B;Pt (pa, pb );Printf ("zhizhen: a = % d, B = % d \ n", a, B );Ref (a, B );Printf ("yinyong: a = % d, B = % d

Parameters of auto-recovery fuses

of PTC polymer auto-recovery fuses at a certain ambient temperature.Rmin = minimum device resistance at 25 ℃ prior to tripping. The minimum resistance of the device before the mutation at 25 °, which determines the minimum operating current of the polymer auto-recovery fuse. Rmax specifies the highest resistance for the supplied polymer auto-recovery fuse. R1max = maximum device resistance measured in the nontripped state 1 hour post reflow. R1max is

Thinkbox.deadline.v8.0.4.1.linux 1DVD Easy-to-use management and rendering +xpedition Enterprise vx.2.1

the next generation of mature, innovative PCB design ideas of the foundation. The new XpeditionThe release features advanced layout automation to address increasingly complex issues in high-speed design, as well as emerging means for high-end computing chipsetsSouth. The following key features help optimize the performance of your design:Label routing, used to minimize crosstalk and impedance discontinuity of the interconnect geometry, can be created and modified on high-speed traces.Designers

Basic PDM/PLM knowledge

What is PDM: Product Data Management manages design, R D, manufacturing, and other data. The Design and R D data must be synchronized with the manufacturing data, which must be paperless. Data managed by PDM includes: Design Information of CAD, cam, and CAE-bom, configuration file, and design File MRP and CAD Synchronization Process Information: workflow, approval relationship, etc. What do PDM software have? Storm history: IMAN--UGS Windchill -- PTC

Auto_ptr functions and usage

. Use features to "automatically analyze the objects on the stack when they leave the scope" 2. for the dynamically allocated memory, the function scope is manually controlled by the programmer, which brings convenience to the programmer but inevitably avoids Memory leakage caused by negligence. After all, only the compiler is the most reliable. 3. auto_ptr builds an object A on the stack. In object A, wrap dynamically allocates the memory pointer P. All operations on the pointer P are converted

Basic knowledge of lithium battery Protection Board (RPM)

Source: Lithium Battery Protection Board basic knowledgeFirst, the origin of the protection plateLithium-ion batteries (rechargeable) need to be protected, it is determined by its own characteristics. As the material of the lithium battery itself determines that it can not be overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit and ultra-high temperature charge and discharge, lithium battery components will always follow a delicate protection plate and a piece of current safety device appears

Intelligent pointer auto_ptr study Note 1

memory, the function scope is manually controlled by the programmer, which brings convenience to the programmer but inevitably avoids Memory leakage caused by negligence. After all, only the compiler is the most reliable.3. auto_ptr builds an object A on the stack. In object A, wrap dynamically allocates the memory pointer P. All operations on the pointer P are converted to operations on Object. In the destructor of A, the space of P is automatically released, and the Destructor is automaticall

InstallShield Script using Notes

Thanks to some of the predecessors of the sharing, and then according to the resources on the Internet, read and test their own test project. In order to facilitate their next search and use, but also to facilitate the reference of others to write this article. //=========================================================================== //File Name:Setup.rul//Description:blank Setup Main script file//Comments:blank Setup is an empty setup project. If you want toCreate a new project via. step-by

Successful Learning Experience of Cisco trainees in Shanxi Sinoe

poor English .) The other three are ccna learning guides, Cisco and IP addressing, and Cisco ios ip technical guides of the Mechanical Industry Press. As for routers, I like routersim2.0. I think it is suitable for ccna. Test simulator is best for boson, boson router test3.38 Winner 5: To sum up, we have the following experiences: Have a good grasp of the OSI reference model and TCP/IP model; have used Cisco's low-end routers; Have some foundation for the operation functions of switches; Before

S7-200 PLCRS485 Interface

communication line is long or there is an outdoor air line, lightning will inevitably cause overvoltage on the road. Its energy is often huge, and users often say with frustration: "dozens of connected PLCs are all broken! ".Iii. solution:1. Consider from the PLC:● The 24 V power supply and 5 V power supply are isolated from each other using an isolated DC/DC. The same is true for the PROFIBUS interfaces of Mitsubishi, OMRON, Schneider PLC, and Siemens.● High-speed RS485 chips with complete pro

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