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DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration.

other party to give the final result. If the content to be searched by the client is directly obtained on the server, the answer is an authoritative answer; otherwise, it is a reference answer. 2) iteration) When the client sends a request, the server replaces the client's request again and again to obtain the final answer. Therefore, the iterative query is performed by the server on behalf of the client. Therefore, the client directs to the

DNS Hijacking DNS Pollution introduction and public DNS referral

Source: know that some network operators for some purposes, some of the DNS operation, resulting in the use of the ISP's normal Internet settings cannot obtain the correct IP address through the domain name. Common means a

6.DNS company PC access settings + configuration of primary DNS server and secondary DNS server

Web site Deployment ~windows Server | Local Deployment Http:// server deployment is not clear can see an article: PCs, basically DNS are internal servers (because there are some internal sites and systems)So how does the DNS server set up to get the company PC to access the extranet?Just take the transponder

DNS. COM is free of charge for DNS domain name resolution service and can be accelerated

For domain name management, we must select a third-party DNS service provider when using domain name resolution During website construction, even free domain names are more stable than the original domain name platform. After all, most domain name registration platforms only provide domain name registration services. Stable resolution services are specialized by third-p

DNS server address National computer/netcom DNS IP address

The most common DNS is, this is the United States Google, if you do not know your own DNS how to set up we can use or or Beijing DNS Address: Shanghai DNS Address: 202.96

What is the summary of common means of DNS hijacking and DNS hijacking

, resulting in a DNS query for records that do not exist. In the past, browsers usually return an error message. Most of the time, users will see the ISP settings for the domain name correction system prompts.The majority of users and enterprises, government webmaster How to prevent DNS hijacking?1, using a secure and reliable DNS server to manage their own domai

Linux-dns (primary dns+ secondary DNS) configuration quick glance (reprint)

1. Use the Netconfig command to configure IP, gateway, DNS, and other parameters for the primary DNS.2. Configure primary DNS master configuration file/etc/named.conf3. Configuring a Forward zone database file for primary DNS4. Configure the Reverse zone database file for primary DNS5. Configure the primary configuration file for the secondary

What is dns-prefetch front-end optimization? DNS pre-resolution improves page speed _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

whether the browser performs pre-Resolution on the domain name, you can use the x-dns-prefetch-control attribute of the Http header. Unfortunately, only google chrome and firefox3.5 tags are supported currently. In general, the reason for this delay is not the bandwidth or load of the website of the other party. So what caused this situation. Blue blue tries to speculate, assuming it is a

Creating a DNS system to create a DNS private root: DNS family six

We now have a lot of knowledge about DNS from the previous blog, today we use a comprehensive experiment to string up the previous content to review, this interesting experiment is the private root of DNS. A private root is a DNS root server created by the individual or enterprise itself, which belongs to the creator private and cannot serve as many netizens as t

Public Account third-party platform development and creation of public account third-party platform, third-party public

Public Account third-party platform development and creation of public account third-party platform, third-party publicRegister Registered address: Fill in the information, submit the information, and pay 300 yuan for the certification fee, and wait for the authentication to pass.1. Create a third-

Windows. DNS. How do I use my own server for DNS domain name resolution and how do I create a Domain Name Server?

Many people do not know how to resolve public domain names on their own DNS servers. Now let's announce the steps. 1. You must have your own domain name. Therefore, go to the domain name registrar to apply for a registered domain name. Try to find a large domain name registrar. com. CN or. CN, you can directly go to the register. Other international domain names can go to Remember, unless you are not techn

DNS attack principle and Prevention

crash or refuse services. The other attack is not targeted at the DNS server, instead, the DNS server is used as the "attack amplifier" in the middle to attack other hosts on the internet, resulting in DoS attacks. 4) DNS Spoofing DNS Spoofing is a spoofing behavior by attackers impersonating domain name servers. Prin

Configure domains from DNS servers and cache DNS servers

One, the role of domain from DNS serverAs we mentioned in our previous essay, there are generally three types of DNS servers, one is primary DNS server (primary DNS server), one is secondary DNS server (from DNS servers), and the

Investigation Report on DNS Pollution Prevention Solution

: result too largeread failed: result too large *** the cannot find unspecified error Unfortunately, the current mainstream operating systems cannot change the system's DNS query method from the default UDP to TCP without using third-party software, which is inconvenient to implement. Let's test the query of Twitter.

Explanation of common DNS records (I): DNS Series II

Http:// Common DNS records (I)In the previous blog, we introduced the architecture of the DNS server, from which we learned that if we want to register a domain name, then, the domain name that we apply for must be delegated through the top-level domain name server or its subordinate Domain Name Server, and the resolution right must be delegated to our

Where can I modify the DNS of a HiChina registered domain name? DNS server modification tutorial

1, login million network domain name self-service management platform address as follows: 2, and then login successfully after we find the panel "domain DNS modification" as shown in the following figure click on it. 3, then we will see that there are other DNS in the inside, the default is million network their own DNS, we dele

DNS Literacy Series 3: Smart DNS (BIND + VIEW)

DNS Literacy Series 3: Smart DNS (BIND + VIEW) preface: Smart DNS is the function implementation of BIND + VIEW. In China, the first thing we put smart DNS into the market was even (how can we feel unmodest ). I think the introduction of the VIEW function in BIND9.X is not targeted at China, but this function can solve

The use method and principle of Dns+tunnel (DNS tunneling) technology-DNS2TCP

Recently met a domestic Daniel, heard a call DNS tunnel technology, after a study, found very interesting, record. what is DNS tunnel. DNS tunnel is the DNS tunnel. From the name point of view is to use the DNS query process to establish tunnels, transfer data. Why use

Introduction to DNS hijacking and recommendation of Public DNS

Description We know that some network operators perform DNS operations for some purpose, so that the correct IP address cannot be obtained through the domain name through the normal internet access settings of the ISP. Common methods include:DNS hijackingAndDNS pollution. DNS hijacking and DNS pollution are very common in tianchao. Generally, after an error or no

DNS Literacy Series III: About Smart DNS (Bind+view)

Intelligent DNS is the function realization of bind+view. At home, the first smart DNS into the market is a I (how to give people not humble feeling it). I think bind9.x introduced view (view) function is not for China, but this function just can solve the interconnection between network operators in China, is the pie in the sky. This article unifies oneself these several years to erect maintains the intell

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