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What is an Internet domain name

The Internet domain name is the name of a server or network system on an Internet network, and there is no duplicate domain name in the world. The form of a domain name is made up of several English letters and numbers, by "." Divided into several

Matches the regular expressions of IP addresses and domain names.

Matches the regular expressions of IP addresses and domain names. A complete domain name consists of the root domain, top-level domain, level 2, level 3 ...... Domain names are separated by dots. Each domain name consists of letters, numbers, and

Domain name registration related knowledge (Novice must read) 1th 2 Page _ website application

Pu and the Domain name registration knowledge (Novice must read)! first, the choice of registrars and agents:1, Million network: Easy Name:http://www.ename.cn3, the new network interconnection: Business

Introduction and tips for domain investment

Reprinted from:HTTP://WWW.FANIS.CN/POST/2Let's talk about the introduction of domain name investment today.Domain name: Before the domain name appears, people use the IP address to access the website. But the IP address is long and meaningless,But

[RegEx] regular expressions match IP addresses and domain names

Reprinted: After reading several pages of mastering regular expression, I tried to write a regular expression that could match the IP string. I did not write a few lines of code to determine

Transactions must look: website, domain name transactions common scam

To help people deal with the site hundreds of, trading a domain name of hundreds of, I would like to talk about my experience in avoiding transaction risk and deception. This is my two years of trading intermediary efforts, the following random

Teach you how to get some "reliable" domain names.

Introduce myself first: Is the domain name rookie. But the rookie is a few years old. Year I play with a lot of dear Milou here. Together with the quality of rice. Now it's good to think about it. It's been so many years before. At ordinary times I

Two sides of the new top-level domain name: stimulating competition leads to network privatization

It is reported that in the United States, a domain name registration company named Donuts received an investment of $0.1 billion, and spent 56.8 million yuan to apply for 307 new top-level domain names. In China, this investment boom continues with

Mail/domain name/DNS related knowledge

What is an IP address?An IP address is a 32-bit digital ID assigned to each computer or network device on a network. On the Internet, the IP address of each computer or network device is unique across the world. The format of the IP address is

The universal domain name SSL certificate constructs the whole strategy

Worry-Free online project management ( is an online project management service provided by the Zen Development team, which provides the functionality of the professional version of Zen software, with the built-in subversion and Git

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