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Thunderbird 3 expansion strategy

Mozilla ThunderbirdIs a mail client similar to outlook. In fact, it is better in many aspects, because it is not only free but also multi-platform and multi-language support. Most importantly, it has many extensions and themes that can be used by

Thunderbird Mail supports Microsoft Exchange

Thunderbird Address: Https:// trying the online method to let Thunderbird Mail support Microsoft Exchange,

The Mail client Thunderbird uses

Outlook is so complicated that foxmail sometimes don't take emails or replace them with Thunderbird. English name is Thunderbird, the first use of the latest version 13, but the problem of dragging the window so I want to change a version, tried 8

Use the thunderbird to send patch

Windows:1. Select "Address Book" for tools-> email/news account settings, and remove the "write messages in HTML format" box.2. Generate the user. js file in the C: \ Documents and Settings \ yourname \ Application Data \ Thunderbird \ profiles \

Linux uses Thunderbird to send and receive Hotmail and Gmail__linux

Windows use Foxmail is easy to set up Hotmail and Gmail, go to Linux, found that evolution is not very good, the message encoding can not be set, GBK encoded message theme display garbled, had to replace Thunderbird. Thunderbird itself does not

Use Thunderbird to send and receive Hotmail and Gmail in Linux

Using Foxmail in Windows makes it easy to set Hotmail and Gmail. After Turning to Linux, I found that evolution is not very good, and the encoding of mail information cannot be set. The subject of a GBK-encoded email is garbled and I had to replace

Linux Open source mail system postfix+extmail+extman Environment deployment record

First, the basic knowledge cardingMUA (Mail User Agent)MUA is both a "mail user agent", because unless you can directly use software like Telnet to log in to the mail host, you will have to send mail to the email host through MUA. The most common

Tutorial on sending and receiving webmail through Thunderbird

Thunderbird webmail sending and receiving tutorials (Yahoo Hotmail, etc) Maybe everyone is not familiar with Thunderbird (TB ). In fact, he is developed by Mozilla like Firefox (don't tell me you haven't even heard of Firefox), so it also supports

Linux mail server

e-mail communication system protocols and concepts:Software roles:MUA: Mail clientMTA: Mail Service sideMDA: Mail server-side moduleMail client: Mail user agentMail server: Mail Transfer agent, message transfer agentsmodule/function on mail server:

Send and receive emails from the MSExchange server using thunderbird In Debian

In Debian, use thunderbird to send and receive emails from the MSExchange server-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. Evolution often gets stuck. I found out that MS Exchange supports the IMAP

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