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June 20 "Thunderbolt King" has been updated available Thunderbolt members 80

Follow the Thunder KingThunderbolt Wang Blog All Thunderbolt account by the Python program automatically verified by the use of Send to the blog for free to enjoy, if quickly be seized canScan Two-dimensional codeFree daily Special Thunderbolt VIP account! "Thunder King Blog" Id:xunleiaccount Press "Ctrl + D" to collect "Thunderbolt King"

June 19 "Thunderbolt King" released the latest Thunderbolt members 57

June 19 "Thunderbolt King" released the latest Thunderbolt members 57"Thunder King Blog" Id:xunleiaccountThunder Account _ Thunderbolt King _ The latest Thunderbolt accountThunderbolt Account _ Thunder King insisted in the blog park at least every day update 10 of the latest available

June 19 "Thunderbolt King" has updated the latest Thunderbolt members 57

Follow the Thunder KingThunderbolt Wang Blog All Thunderbolt account by the Python program automatically verified successfully sent to the blog for everyone to enjoy free, if quickly be seized canScan Two-dimensional codeFree daily Special Thunderbolt VIP account! "Thunder King Blog" Id:xunleiaccount Press "Ctrl + D" to collect "Thunderbolt King"

360 browser can not enable the Thunderbolt components, Thunderbolt prompted repair failed?

"Workaround" "1" First login to a Web site, such as the Thunderbolt Software Center click a file download, see whether pop-up Thunder download box. ① if the above screenshot of the Thunder download box may be a Thunderbolt software problem, can be reload or ignore all can, after testing can be associated with the proof does not affect the use. ② if it's IE11, pl

Thunderbolt 7 Suddenly prompted "Your Thunderbolt 7 has stopped working" solution

1. This problem occurs we can try the Thunder 7 uninstall first, login to: Download Thunderbolt 7 and then reinstall. 2. In addition to reinstallation, it is best to save the crash information by creating a dump file for the task list (pictured below): This problem resolution: Open Task Manager-the process, the "Thunder.exe" process right, the "Create transfer file" can be manipulated, OK about this sma

Thunderbolt 9.1.21 update what? Thunderbolt 9.1.21 Update content

Thunder yesterday launched the Thunder 9.1.21 official version, this time more optimization, with the past has a very big difference. So is not very familiar with the user, let the small series for you to talk about it. Thunderbolt 9.1.21 updated what? The Thunder 9.1.21 updates the Content list -The right browser to replace the chrome core, enjoy a smoother web browsing experience; -BT task file list optimization; -Task group All Tasks do

Thunderbolt 7 Ads How to remove the Thunderbolt advertising ban tutorial

1.hosts Shielding Thunderbolt Advertising We install the Thunderbolt after the opening of the hosts file will see a number of files pointed to, we can define the Thunderbolt several ads loaded files hosts address, (location: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc copy past paste can): plugin.xl7.xunlei.com127.0.0.1 search.daquan.xunlei.comcan also directly run

Thunderbolt 7 Members can not login how to do? Thunderbolt 7 Unable to login solution

Logon Timeout network connection interrupted (including Thunder 7.2, Thunder 7.9, the Thunder Prestige Edition, all network applies) 1. It is recommended to restart the Thunderbolt. 2. Close the kill soft, firewall, 360 and other flow monitoring software. 3. Unplug the network cable or do not connect to the router, reconnect the Internet and try again later. 4. To the computer here Delete c→program Files→co

Things to do: Install Thunderbolt and QQ under Linux. (Thunderbolt close to perfect, QQ can remember the password, can not video) reproduced

. Speaking of which, I am always feeling a word,It would be nice if Ubuntukylin and Deepin had some co-operation in wine software and system stability. Or if the Ubuntukylin Software Center can ingest some of the wine applications in the Deepin store, it will certainly make the system more user-friendly. For these reasons, I have the idea of trying to install the wine software supported by Deepin on Ubuntu, Finally I choose to test is QQ8.9 and Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt 7 Download or start a sudden prompt "Your Thunderbolt 7 has stopped working"

May be the program crashes caused. As with the Thunderbolt 7 crash, there may be a system incompatibility. 1. After the uninstall is recommended, login to: download the installation again. 2. In addition to reinstallation, it is best to save the crash information by creating a dump file for the task list (pictured below): This situation generally in the Thunderbolt 7 downlo

The thunderbolt is facing more than a crisis of trust?

A few days ago, the "Financial Times" a name for the "Private user information thunder into a crisis of trust," the article, once again the Thunderbolt pushed to the forefront of public opinion. In fact, as early as last year, Huajun and the sky has been because of Thunder hotlinking and Qi Qi ban. Today, the thunderbolt because of unauthorized uploading user information and into a crisis of trust. Looking

The new changes in the official version of the Thunderbolt Supplemental support WiFi Connection mobile phone

improvement: New panel displays the Advanced Settings entry by default Select the "Customize" button for the save location and change to "choose another directory" When you use the search feature, the search results are opened using the default browser All right-click menu supports select action using keyboard arrow keys Problem fixes: Fixed in private space enter the password interface can use shortcut keys to change the status of the task "

ubuntu14.04 Toss Thunderbolt Xware

Thunder has not been out of the Linux version, wine do not want to get. Linux, although there are all kinds of BT software, but I tried to find that the speed is far less than thunder, and even some resources can not be found at all. And some of the special link of Thunder, but also can not under (forgive me 2M of small water pipe, but like to watch the American drama). With the advent of various TV boxes and intelligent routing, Thunderbolt got a rem

Toast displays an imageview, toast displays a button, and toast displays a textview

I. Toast displays an imageview 1 package ZYF. ex_ctrl_3_ B; 2 Import android. app. activity; 3 Import android. OS. bundle; 4 Import android. widget. imageview; 5 import android. widget. toast; 6 public class ex_ctrl_3_ B extends activity {7/** called when the activity is first created. */8 @ override 9 Public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {10 super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); 11/* set the homepage Layout */12 setcontentview (R. layout.

Thunderbolt 8 can not automatically play out what to do

Please try to click to download the Thunderbolt test. Note: ① individual website can not be associated with the Thunderbolt, this is due to the problem of the site, but if the site has written support Thunder download, you can feedback to our customer service test download to see if it is normal. ② if it's IE11, please go directly to the internet option = "Advanced =" Remove "enhanced prote

19 Tips for using a thunderbolt

1. How to keep the original download record when upgrading the new version First back to the Thunder installation directory in the DEFAULT.SDH and history.cfg files, the 2 files saved the original download file information, installed after the new version of the Thunderbolt, the 2 files copied to the Thunderbolt installation directory can be. 2. Right click on the link when did not show "Use Thunder downl

A trick to solve Thunderbolt 5 does not update cannot continue to use < original >

PS1: The home of the old desktop to redo the system, the system is still Thunderbolt 5, because the system of QQ version is older, to be updated to use. On the website download QQ2012, with Thunderbolt 5 downloaded. I this computer tried to use Thunderbolt 7 taste, open on the card, not to mention the next thing. Today when you open the download,

Intelligent driving speed Limit Thunderbolt 7 overall co-ordination of bandwidth resources

Thunderbolt 7.1.6 release, brought a new drive intelligent speed limit, Internet priority and network speed, with these three functions, we can better co-ordinate bandwidth resources, so that the download does not disturb other network applications. First, the use of driving intelligent speed limit 1. Understanding Drive Intelligent Speed limit Sometimes we use the Thunderbolt high-speed download, there

Thunderbolt 7 tips that you don't know but have to know

Thunderbolt Compact version, the official strong release, relying on the powerful Peer-to-peer resource Network and unique download technology, the Thunderbolt compact version for you to bring a new lightweight download engine, the slightest loss of download speed, no sacrifice of the system performance. One, the Thunder 7 banner advertisement how closes off 1, move the mouse to the banner of the

Thunder Remote Download and Thunderbolt activation Code is what

Often beautiful vision is: In the Office remote Control Home Thunder Client (Thunder client here including the PC version of Thunder, intelligent router version Thunder and box class thunderbolt) Download HD or even Blu-ray video resources or other files, go home after work can directly use the downloaded files. This requirement is typical for remote download requirements. Through remote download, we do not need to go to the location of the device to

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