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SEO practitioners do not "tiger"

SEO This industry has grown up to now is not a personal hero of the Times, personal webmaster site either from SEO or website user experience have a qualitative development, not to mention the development of large-scale websites. So how in the future SEO this industry to develop and make a contribution? The answer is SEO

Tiger SEO assistant 0.3

Welcome to Tiger SEO assistant,This software requires installation of. net framework 2.0 Click to download tiger SEO Assistant V0.3 improved by 20070711+ Added support for Yahoo! For keyword queries+ Added the indexing quantity query function, which mainly includes the following search engines:Baidu Google sogouYouda

Novice SEO Talk about the next two months to learn SEO experience

it is SEO, I said to learn what to do, I do not have a website. Simply retire the group. I thought money was the real thing and I just wanted to make money on the Internet. So, I'll do whatever it take to make money. Later, I learned to do a website, I made several websites and then began to do the site to others. Plus do dot Taobao dozen yards and so on a day is also good. Taobao did a good job at that time, net make good do, but these years is not

Mouchangqing: SEO does not equal to the network to promote non-SEO experience to share

About SEO is not equal to the point of network promotion, I have some Bovenri also occasionally mentioned, but never discussed this topic alone. Today will write this article, is I in 28 push to see a post feeling. Cause is a member in 28 push Post asked "in the network promotion, SEO is the only means of promotion, do you agree?", I read the reply in the post. Did not expect many members agree that

Interview Seobbs stationmaster le Shu

platform, lets the customer know us, again is can give the beginner to help, communicates with the Seoer (although currently in the forum SEO basically is diving). The biggest worry is spam. Every day we have to remove a lot of spam information from the personnel who are responsible for the chores. There is still an unsatisfactory place, although vigorously advocated, and as far as possible does not appear any with the black hat related content, let

SEM is not "scourge" please seoer attention to

Some time ago I and a friend to do SEO has been arguing for a long, because I am now doing Baidu bid promotion, he joked and I said I was a "SEO renegade", do SEO is to save this kind of promotional costs, how can I put a good SEO do not do it to give Baidu to send money? In fact, I believe there are many seoer, especi

The last 40 days of the SEO competition

The Tiger Valley competition, there are still the last 40 days, any time is not too late, quickly to participate in it! Fight for interest, fight for search. At present, including Sina Technology, Sohu Technology channel, and so on the national network has aroused strong repercussions of the activities. Search engine has become the window of public access to information and the important channel of network marketing, search engine optimization (Engine

Webmasters in the end how much patience to see the miracle of SEO

that SEO is a natural, but, there are a few people do so. SEO personnel who write articles do not want to add keywords, who do not want to do outside the chain, and who do not want to add more points to the keyword. Find yourself really without a little patience. In fact, I also know that the SEO will take a long time to see the effect. However, if you do so mu

Oracle series: (26) User Rights control

Tags: Oracle1. UsersUsers in Oracle are divided into two major categories1) when the Oracle database server is created, users that are automatically created by the system are called system users , such as Sys.2) users created by the system users, called ordinary users , such as scott,hr,c# #tiger, Zhaojun,..."Log in with SYS to query the name and status of existing users in the current Oracle database serverUsername indicates the login nameExpiredlock

How to record suspected cheating sites

conference. Matt:It's up to the Google China branch to decide. But I'm glad to hear that Google fans were having a good time at the party last year. We are also looking forward to the convening of this year's meeting. Stone:I heard you will attend the SES meeting in Xiamen and give a speech, can also disclose your speech content? Zhu Jianfei:Since I've been doing anti-network cheating since I joined Google, I'll give some tips to search engine optimizer and network administrator at the meeti

Oracle Rights Management

Tags: a10 ant function Deb get amp account HBA CascadeA) UsersUsers in Oracle are divided into two major categories1) when the Oracle database server is created, users that are automatically created by the system are called system users, such as Sys.2) users created by the system users, called ordinary users, such as scott,hr,c# #tiger, Zhaojun,... "Log in with SYS to query the name and status of existing users in the current Oracle database serverUse

Motive impure Electric business District SEO contest don't make wedding clothes for others

It's a pity to know this game today! But after reading, ready to the electric circle of the so-called SEO contest to spray a few words, but also hope that those who are sharpening the head to participate in the game of friends do not be called bonuses blinded, your value should not use this motive impure activities to reflect. Personal into the SEO industry may not be early, as far as I know, at present, th

Baidu Green Luo algorithm background webmaster where to go

accumulate to a certain degree of attention to obtain the desired effect, so adsense do SMO still need to calm some. (iii) There is also a concern in the industry, the industry in the SEO links have been born a group of their meals by the company, such as some linked companies and so on. Where these companies are going in the future. It is clear that such companies must be transformed in this context. The author thinks its transformation way can tr

SEO is not the whole network marketing.

Really warrior, dare to face the site by K and not in the home page rankings. But I do not know, how many seoer is really warrior, or a tiger, drift, be outside the chain kidnapping. Influenced by the big environment of e-commerce, a lot of people want to enter the network marketing industry, but in the real implementation of this work but do not know how to proceed, coupled with a company or individual wantonly exaggerated the role of

360 Search for SEO changes

Baidu, but I still hope that 360 search can treat grassroots personal webmaster, after all, this is a very difficult group. The author believes that in the future, search engine optimization, and grassroots webmaster website promotion will become more and more diverse. It has also benefited from the number of Internet portals like the 360 search engines. We must not only be satisfied with Baidu SEO, we must pay more attention to similar 360seo, as w

On the ways of effectively avoiding the right of the website being lowered

the right to be lowered. Ancient palace, there is a sentence used in the SEO is very appropriate, that is accompanied by the Prince as a companion tiger. The same in the site optimization, if you do not always focus on the development of search trends, and blindly adhere to the method to optimize the operation of the word, your site can always stay in the back of the opponent. As in seven years ago, by in

By experts, no one can casually succeed behind the misunderstanding

A few days ago, a G-city tutor friend through QQ contact me, his site was K, hope I help him to restore the site Baidu included. I have a rough look at this friend has done more than a year of the site, SEO does improve the space, mainly content is poor, lack of regular maintenance, in addition to Baidu K station, Google has never included, the most search engines included only 49. Outside the chain promotion is not good, Baidu domain query quantity

UNDO tablespace Backup Recovery

UNDOThe tablespace is restored when there is hot standby and no transaction occurs. First, let's take a look at ensuringUndoNo transactions in the tablespace SQL> select XID USN, XIDSLOT, XIDSQN fromv $ transaction; No rows selected Second, confirm the currently used tablespace for rollback SQL> show parameter undo NAME TYPE VALUE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Undo_management string AUTO Undo_retention integer 900 Undo_tablespace string UNDOTBS1 T

"Dry goods sharing" three major losses

In fact, the purpose of writing this article, a lot of it is in sarcasm, ridicule what? Our SEO training industry is in full swing, SEO industry is tepid, pay more pathetic, even say, our SEO industry is deteriorating (because of the reasons for Baidu succession adjustment, Also because a lot of webmaster and seoer own cheating behavior, and of course, our Sparta

Tiger, tiger

Tiger, tigerIntroduction The year of the tiger is coming, and the year of the tiger is coming. First, the tiger will give you a year of worship! New Year's weather. The year of the Tiger has a tiger!

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