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UVA-753 A Plug for UNIX

Time Limit: 3000MS Memory Limit: Unknown 64bit IO Format: %lld &%llu Submit StatusDescriptionCharge of setting up the Press hostel for the inaugural meeting of the All Nations Internet eXecutive (UNIX), which has a

POJ1087A Plug for UNIX (Conference Room outlet) -- maximum stream

POJ1087A Plug for UNIX (Conference Room outlet) -- maximum stream   Description:Now you are responsible for setting up the meeting room for the Internet Union's CEO to hold the press conference.Since the conference room was designed to accommodate

Distributed Power Supply Design of Modern Communication Networks

A Distributed Power Supply System is a large-capacity power supply system composed of several small-Capacity Power Supply Modules. It is a relatively small Power Supply Module Made of new power theory and technology, combined into a modular,

The advantages and disadvantages of LDO, switching power supply DC

The typical Ldo power supply itself consumes (vin-vout) *iout, so the larger the two, the greater the power consumption and the lower the efficiency.LDO, switching power supply DC's advantages and disadvantages (2008-11-06-22:40:23) Reprint Tags:

(For more information about Java character types ).

Java version 1.1 introduces many operators (char data. These new classes can convert the characters on a certain platform into Unicode characters. In this article, we need to check which classes are added, and add the operators to the category. Char

Analysis of date and calendar date Processing classes of Java APIs

Introduction On the computerProgramIt is difficult to accurately process the date in. Not only are there obvious (English: January, French: Janvier, German: Januar, etc.) Internationalization requirements, different date systems must also be

What is FTTH

With the advent of video on demand, network games and IPTV and other high bandwidth services, the user's demand for access bandwidth will increase further, the existing ADSL-oriented broadband access method has been difficult to meet the user's high

HD shooting skills

How to obtain the highest quality of HD Images I. Exposure problems: Exposure is the basic problem of video recording. Whether you use traditional films to take photos, make movies, use films to make movies, use digital recorders to make movies, or

Capacitor type and usage, basic knowledge

Capacitor type and usage, basic knowledge Capacitor is one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic equipment. It is widely used in the fields of direct separation, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion,

MySQL Character set

One, character set and validation rulesA character set is a set of conformance and encoding, a set of rules that are used to compare characters within a character set, that is, the collation of a character set. MySQL can use the pair of character

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