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"Machine Learn" decision Tree case: A python-based forecasting system for commodity purchasing ability

The algorithm realization of decision tree in the case of commodity purchasing ability forecastBai NingsuDecember 24, 2016 22:05:42 absrtact: with the upsurge of machine learning and deep learning, all kinds of books abound. However, the majority is the basic theory knowledge Introduction, lacks the realization the thorough understanding. This series of articles is derived from the author's notes combining video learning and book basics. This

Python development [algorithm]: time complexity of the Fibonacci series, python Fibonacci

Python development [algorithm]: time complexity of the Fibonacci series, python FibonacciFibonacci Series Overview: The Fibonacci series, also known as the Golden split series, refers t

Time series mode (ARIMA)---python implementation

, 0.022673435440048798, 0, +, {' 1% '): -3.6327426647230316, # ' 10% ': -2.6130173469387756, ' 5% ': -2.9485102040816327}, 287.5909090780334) #一阶差分后的序列的时序图在均值附近比较平稳的波动, Autocorrelation has a strong short-term correlation, the unit root test P-value is less than 0.05, so the first-order differential sequence is a stationary sequence ???#对一阶差分后的序列做白噪声检验From Statsmodels.stats.diagnosticImport Acorr_ljungboxprint (White noise test results for u ' differential sequence: ', Acorr_ljungbox (D_data,

Python for data analysis, chapter tenth, time series

The tenth chapter of the book, "Python For Data Analysis", focuses on the processing of time series data.Label1. DateTime object, timestamp object, period object2. Two special indexes for pandas series and Dataframe object: Datetimeindex and Periodindex3. Time zone expressio

"Data analysis using Python" reading notes--tenth chapter time series

The time series is very important. Time series data is an important structured data format. The meaning of the time series depends on the specific application scenario, mainly in the following ways:

Analysis of time series prediction using LSTM model in Python __python

Time Series Model Time Series Prediction Analysis is to use the characteristics of an event time over a period of time to predict the characteristics of the event in the future. This is a kind of relatively complex prediction mod

Data analysis using Python-the Tenth Time series (1)

???IndexP.asfreq (' M ', ' Start ') #将年度数据转换为月度的形式, converted to the month of the yearP.asfreq (' M ', ' End ') #将年度数据转换为月度的形式, converted to December of the yearP1=PD. Period (' freq= ', ' A-jun ')P1.asfreq (' m ', ' Start ') #Period (' 2015-07 ', ' m ')P1.asfreq (' m ', ' End ') #Period (' 2016-06 ', ' m ')P2=PD. Period (' 2016-09 ', ' M ')P2.asfreq (' A-jun ') #2016年9月进行频率转换, equivalent to 2017 years in the time frequency ending in JuneRng=pd.period

Python Processes time Series data

Initial claims processing time series data with Python, hitting some pits. In this article to record, I hope that the latter can be less detours.Background note: I use an existing CSV data sheet as raw material for processing.Objective: To realize the visualization of time series

"Data analysis using Python" reading notes--tenth Chapter time series (iii)

said that the interactive way right-click and hold the date will be dynamically expanded or shrunk, actually do it, no effect ...plt.show ()>>>AA AAPL GE IBM JNJ MSFT PEP SPX XOM1990-02-01 4.98 7.86 2.87 16.79 4.27 0.51 6.04 328.79 6.121990-02-02 5.04 8.00 2.87 16.89 4.37 0.51 6.09 330.92 6.241990-02-05 5.07 8.18 2.87 17.32 4.34 0.51 6.05 331.85 6.251990-02-06 5.01 8.12 2.88 17.56 4.32 0.51 6.15 329.66 6.231990-02-07 5.04 7.77 2.91 17.93 4.38 0.51 6.17 333.75 6.33AAPL MSFT XOM1990-02-01 7.86 0

[Calculated date difference in time series processing]python

Reference from: http://blog.csdn.net/sinat_37487842/article/details/728644621 Import Time2 Importdatetime3 4 #calculates two date difference days, a custom function name, and a variable name of two dates. 5 defCaltime (date1,date2):6 #%y-%m-%d is a date format in which the--can be substituted or not written, but unified, the same as the seconds after the same; you can only calculate dates, not time. 7 #Date1=time.strptime (date1, "%y-%m-%d%h

[Python] Statistical analysis of the time series

specified window size.""" returnValues.rolling (window=window). Mean ()defget_rolling_std (values, window):"""Return rolling Standard deviation of given values, using specified window size.""" #Todo:compute and return rolling standard deviation returnValues.rolling (window=window). STD ()defget_bollinger_bands (rm, RSTD):"""Return Upper and lower Bollinger bands.""" #todo:compute Upper_band and Lower_bandUpper_band = RSTD * 2 +RM Lower_band= RM-RSTD * 2returnUpper_band, Lower_bandde

Python Data analysis: Time series One

When we are dealing with a lot of data, we have to use the concept of time. such as timestamps, fixed periods, or time intervals. Pandas provides a standard set of time-series processing tools and data algorithms. The datetime.datetime module is the most used module in Python

Analysis of Econometric and time series _ACF and PACF algorithm (PYTHON,TB (trading pioneer))

whether the value is beyond the range to judge the truncation, trailing and other information, and then determine which model to use.3.5 Here is a special note of how these two lines are calculated by default:Under large samples (T is very large, here T refers to the number of samples, in fact, the sample is exactly the same as the average of 0 is the distribution). So here for the ACF or PACF belong to a sub-site test, this thing in many Baidu can find a positive distribution map, and then lef

Python Draw time Series scatter plot

In operation and maintenance management, often encounter time series data, such as network card traffic, number of online users, number of concurrent connections, and so on. Scatter plots are used to visually visualize the distribution of data.The Pyplot of the Matplotlib module has a function of drawing a scatter plot, but the function requires that the x-axis be a numeric type. In the Pandas plot function

Using Python to make time series analysis of stock futures

the residual of the sequence, basically white noiseFig = Plt.figure (figsize= (12,8)) Ax1 = Fig.add_subplot (211) FIG = SM.GRAPHICS.TSA.PLOT_ACF (Resid.values.squeeze (), lags =40, ax=ax1) ax2 = Fig.add_subplot (212) FIG = SM.GRAPHICS.TSA.PLOT_PACF (Resid, lags=40, AX=AX2) plt.show ()  The model with autoregressive fitting is used to predict the results as follows:Fig=plt.figure (figsize= (15,7)) price2=strike_info=history_n (symbol= ' Cffex. IF1808 ', frequency= ' 60s ', end_time= ' 2018-07-01

Python Pandas time Series double axis line chart

Time series PV-GMV Double axis line chartImport NumPy as Npimport pandas as Pdimport matplotlib.pyplot as Pltn = 12date_series = Pd.date_range (start= ' 2018-01-01 ', Periods=n, freq= "D") data = { ' PV ': [10000, 12000, 13000, 11000, 9000, 16000, 10000, 12000, 13000, 11000, 9000, 16000], ' GMV ': [+-------------- DataFrame (data, index=date_series) ax = df.plot ( secondary_y=[' GMV '), x_compat

Measurement Economics and Time series _ self-covariance (autocovariance) algorithm parsing (Python)

), 2) -K + = 1 - autocovariance.append (result_temp0) in Print(autocovariance) - #Show Results: to #[2418.4380925669107] + - #then calculate the molecule thep =0 *Q =0 $ whileP Len (Zt):Panax NotoginsengQ =0 -RESULT_TEMP1 =0 the whileQ Len (zt[p]): +RESULT_TEMP1 = Result_temp1 + (Zt[p][q]-avg) * (Lzt[p][q]-avg) AQ + = 1 theAutocovariance.append (RESULT_TEMP1)#keep three digits after the decimal point +p + = 1 - Print(autocovariance) $ Print(Len (autocovariance)) $ #Show Results: - #[2418.

The Python Basic Tutorials Series catalog, the most complete series of tutorials for getting started with Python!

basic Python tutorial series Python Basic Tutorial Seriespython continue statement The –python Pass statement for the basic Python tutorial se

Python time-time module and python-time module

Python time-time module and python-time module Time is a python module used to handle time issues. It provides a

R language Mixing time prediction better time series point estimation

interval of those parameters), and the randomness of the individual associated with the specific point of the prediction.For example, a study found that the prediction interval was calculated to include real results 95% of the time only between 71% and 87% of the time to get it (thanks to Hyndman again on his blog easy to get the results). There are many reasons, but the main reason is that uncertainty in

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