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I-frames, p-frames and B-frames in MPEG images

MPEG image encoding consists of 3 components: I-frames, p-frames, and B-frames. During MPEG encoding, some images are compressed into I-frames, some are compressed into P-frames, others are compressed into B-frames. I-frame compre

I-frames, p-frames, B-frames, PTS, DTS (i)

Do video playback, involving key frame one said, when the data from the video stream to display the image, what is the correlation between these images? Then it is necessary to understand the concept of I-frame, P-frame, B-frame, PTS, and DTS, the relationship between i,p,b frame and Pts,dts is explained as follows:Basic concepts: I Frame: Intra-frame encoding frame also known as intra picture,i frame is usually the first frame of each GOP (a video compression technique used by MPEG), which is m

Features of I-frames, p-frames, and B-frames

I frame: intra-frame encoded frameI-Frame features:1. It is a full frame compression encoded frame. It will encode and transmit the full frame image information in JPEG compression.2. Decoding the full image can be reconstructed with the data of I-frame only;3.I Frame describes the image background and the details of the moving body;4.I frames do not need to refer to other images to generate;The 5.I frame is a reference frame of P-frame and B-frame (i

What are the differences between key frames, blank key frames, and normal frames?

The key frame, that is, this frame is connected to two different contents. The video content after this frame will change or transition. On the timeline, this frame carries a small black dot sign; A blank key frame has the same effect as a key frame, but this frame has no content. On the timeline, this frame has no small black spots. After this frame is filled with content, it becomes a key frame; A normal frame is used to measure the playback time or transition time. You cannot manually set

How the Web page frames and web frames work

A frame is an area in a browser window that displays HTML documents that are not related to what is displayed in the rest of the browser window. A frameset is an HTML file that defines the layout and properties of a set of frames. To view a set of frames in a browser, enter the URL of the frameset file, and then open the appropriate document to display in those frames

Animated frames and data frames

"Streaming media and frames in video"Network video-The birth of streaming mediaStreaming: The animation, audio or video and other multimedia through a special compression method into a compressed package, from the video server to the user in a continuous, real-time transmission. Users do not have to watch after all download, but the use of the corresponding player on the compressed animation, audio, video and other streaming multimedia file decompress

Android measures the number of frames per second (fps) by frames each Second _android

The example in this article describes how Android measures the number of frames per second (fps) by frames the Second. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Mainthread.java: Package Net.obviam.droidz; Import Java.text.DecimalFormat; Import Android.graphics.Canvas; Import Android.util.Log; Import Android.view.SurfaceHolder; /** * @author Impaler * * The Main thread which contai

Prevent logon pages from appearing in frames and prevent logon to Frames

Prevent logon pages from appearing in frames and prevent logon to Frames When using the nested frame page for development, the logon page appears on the frame page when the server is restarted, Therefore, you need to use js to determine the current address information on the logon page, and then jump to the separate logon page. The js Code is as follows: $ ("Document"). ready (function () {// prevent the

Flash Basics Tutorials-frames, keyframes, blank frames

Animation is generated by the frame to achieve, what is the frame? What's the difference between a frame, a keyframe, and a blank frame? This article will introduce you to the relationship between the three.   1. Concepts of frames, keyframes, and blank keyframes   Frame -is the most basic unit for Flash animation, each wonderful flash animation is composed of many carefully crafted frames, each frame on

JS5: Use of frames to make seamless connections between frames

The original Published time: 2008-11-08--from my Baidu article [imported by moving tools]JS5: Use of frames to make seamless connections between frames

Video I frame/p/b Frames

In video compression, each frame represents a still image. And in the actual compression, will take various algorithms to reduce the capacity of the data, which IPB is the most common. Simply put,I frame is a keyframe, which belongs to intra compression . Is the same as the compression of AVI. P is the meaning of the forward search. B is a two-way search . They all compress data based on I frames. I frame to represent the key frame, you can understand

Dreamweaver MX 2004 Advanced Tips (6) frames page operations

dreamweaver| Advanced | skills | Web page A framework is an advanced web technology that is more flexible than a template and makes it easy to create multiple pages that use the same layout. This article describes creating a framework-based Web page step and modifying the framework. Do 3 pages before making the frames page!   First, create a framework 1. Select File > New, in the New Document dialog box, select the Frameset category, and select the ap

Javascript tips for learning Essays (using Windows and frames) _ javascript skills

Javascript (using Windows and frames) Tips JavaScript allows you to create and open windows that represent HTML text, form objects, and frames. the window object is the top-level object of the JavaScript client hierarchy. The form element and all JavaScript code exist in the document, and the document is loaded into the window. to understand how Windows work, you can control these windows. Open and Close

CSS multiple child frames centered

Sometimes we need to center a child frame in a fixed-width container (for example, a Div, or other block-level element), and if there is only one child frame, we just need to add CSS attributes to the Margin:auto. But if we want to center multiple child frames and divide the rest of the parent frame, we use CSS box-align:center for all of the child frames to achieve this effect. But there are still a larg

Some tips for using frames in Dreamweaver

It is very easy to apply a framework in Dreamweaver, so let's look at the specific application below. Add New Frame    To add a new frame to a frames page, you divide a frame into two frames, just as cells in a table split. It operates as follows: (1) Hold down the CTRL key, put the mouse on the frame border, when the mouse into the up and down arrow, you can drag the border to a new position, when the mou

Definition of IBP Frames

I-frame: in-frame encoded frames, I-frames represent keyframes, you can understand the full retention of this frame screen, only need to decode the frame data can be completed (because the full picture is included) I-Frame features: 1. It is a full frame compression encoded frame. It will encode and transmit the full frame image information in JPEG compression. 2. Decoding the full image can be reconstruct

Mac frames in a computer network

I. Data Link layerThe data link layer implements a logical link between adjacent nodes, which uses the protocol unit as the data frame. when data is transferred between two nodes, the data link layer assembles the IP datagram that is delivered by the network layer into frames and transmits the frames across the links between the two adjacent nodes . Three basic issues with the Data link layer:1. Encapsulat

The difference between frame, IFRAME, and frameset of frames page tags

Frame page has frame, Iframe, Frameset 3 marks, beginners easy to confuse the three, the following respectively explain the difference between the three. The difference between 10.4.1 frameset and frame First, explain the difference between frameset and frame. In the above example, Note the frame order of the: The difference between the two is as follows: 10.4.2 Frameset Parameter setting The various parameter settings for the previous code and their meanings are shown i

Differences and features of video compression I, B, and P frames

The basic idea of MPEG-1 compression: Intra-frame compression and inter-frame compression. Second, statistical analysis of time correlation: the statistical results show that the interval is 1 ~ In a two-frame image, each pixel has only less than 10% points, and its brightness difference changes more than 2%, while the color difference changes only less than 1%. Compression Method: Grouping: divides several frames into one group (GOP). To prevent moti

JavaScript windows and Frames

Javascript 54 Change Browser status bar text hint155 Pop-up confirmation Prompt box156 Prompt input157 Open a new window1//opens a new browser window called Mynewwindow258 set the size of the new window159 Set the location of the new window160 show toolbars and scroll bars1 61 whether the new window size can be scaled162 load a new document into the current window165 actions for new windows and parent windows167 Close the parent window in a new window8window.opener.close ()66 writing to the new

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