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Timesheet Next Gen login. php Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

Release date:Updated on: 2012-10-07 Affected Systems:Timesheet Next Gen 1.5.2Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 52270Cve id: CVE-2012-2105 Timesheet Next Gen is the work hour table software. Timesheet Next Gen 1.5.2 and other versions have multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities. the input of parameter passing in php is not properly filtere

"Three-stone jquery video Tutorial" 03. Create a vertical timesheet (Timeline)

Video Address: http://v.qq.com/page/g/i/o/g0150rvi6io.htmlHello everyone, Welcome to "three-stone jquery video Tutorial", I am your old friend-Sansheng stone.Today, we are going to use the basic HTML, CSS, jquery to achieve the vertical schedule, first look at the final product:For simplicity, each node in the timesheet is replaced with a picture, which may be the title-picture-Body shape in the actual application.STEP1: Site DirectoryThe site directo

Install Django-timesheet (wheezy)

The boss said that he would like to build a demo version of the time table tool for him to see and find a few solutions. He still prefers timesheet. I have never touched on Django before, and it is full of pitfalls in the process. The final steps are as follows: 1. Install Pip aptitudeinstallpython-pip Ii. Pip install dependent components apt-getinstallpython-dateutilpipinstalldjango-selectablepipinstalldjango-paginationpipinstalldjango-compressorpipi

Ng2-timesheet, a timesheet.js copy of the ANGULAR2 version.

Angular 2 copy of a timesheet.js (JavaScript library for HTML5 CSS3 time sheets)Usage:NPM Install Ng2-timesheet--saveApp.component.tsImport Models and Componentimport {timesheetitem} from ' Ng2-timesheet/src/models/timesheet-item '; import {timesheet} From ' Ng2-timesheet/s

"Three-stone jquery video Tutorial" 03. Create a vertical timesheet (Timeline)

Video address: Video is uploading, please later (about 15 minutes) .... Hello everyone, Welcome to "three-stone jquery video Tutorial", I am your old friend-Sansheng stone.Today, we are going to use the basic HTML, CSS, jquery to achieve the vertical schedule, first look at the final product:For simplicity, each node in the timesheet is replaced with a picture, which may be the title-picture-Body shape in the actual application.STEP1: Site Direc

jquery Timesheet Plugin B1njtimeline

JQuery Timesheet Plug-in B1njtimeline ;(function ($, window, undefined) {var pluginname = ' B1njtimeline ', document = Window.document, D Efaults = {height:400, margetop:40}; Pugin constructor function Plugin (element, options) {this.element = element; this. $element = null; This.options = $.extend ({}, defaults, options); This._datedebut = false; This._datefin = false; This._duree = false;

WD-CMS 3.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities

# Exploit Title: WD-CMS 3.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities # Date: December 31st, 2009 # Author: Sora # Software Link: http://www.webdiamond.net/cms.html # Version: 3.0 # Tested on: Windows Vista and Linux (Backtrack 3) --------------------------------------------------------------- > WD-CMS 3.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities > Author: Sora > Contact: vhr95zw [at] hotmail [dot] com > Website: http://greyhathackers.wor

Configuring WebDAV Services in WD MyCloud (V04)

#WebDAV Config 2014-11-16#WebDAV Path/nfs/public/webdavAlias/webdav/nfs/public/webdavOptions Indexes MultiViewsAllowOverride NoneOrder Allow,denyAllow from allDAV onAuthType BasicAuthName "WebDAV"Authuserfile/etc/apache2/passwd.davRequire Valid-user#End WebDAV ConfigVerify4.Apache Check ConfigurationApache2ctl ConfigtestResult Syntax OK5. Restart the service/etc/init.d/apache2 ReloadOutput OK Word.Browser Access Http://IP (MC IP)/webdav, the Index of/webdav configuration is successful, other app

NPM install failed with "cannot run in WD"

} Do not use preinstall scripts to install the global modules, you can install them separately and then install other modules under the non-root account, as follows:sudo Install -G coffee-scriptnode-Install The specific content can be seen in the following two pages of the introduction:Https://docs.npmjs.com/misc/scripts#userHttps://docs.npmjs.com/getting-started/fixing-npm-permissionsThe general meaning is: If NPM is executed under the root account, it will change the UID to the curren

win8/8.1 How to right-add antivirus WD scan function

win8/8.1 How to right-add antivirus WD scan function Windows Defender is Microsoft's own anti-virus software, under normal circumstances will automatically real-time protection of the background. In the win8/8.1 system, to facilitate real-time protection, users can add their scan capabilities to the right-click menu. The specific methods are as follows: 1, Win+r, call "Run", enter Regedit, return. 2, open Registry Editor, navigate to the "Hkey_c

Keyword of Baidu search result page (WD | word | kW | keyword)

The most common display parameter is WD | word | kW | keyword = keyword. Keyword of Baidu search result URL parameter (WD | word | kW | keyword)NameWD | word | kW | keywordKey word)Parameter ValueThe user independently enters the search term,Prompt words in Baidu search box,Related search termOrIncorrect keywords prompt correct search termAnd can contain up to 38 Chinese characters.

The difference between the black disc WD of the blue disk and the green disk

Green disk, Lan Pan, black disk and WD is the Western data according to the characteristics of the hard disk produced by the classification, popular point: the so-called black plate, Lan Pan, green disk, WD refers to the west of the data hard disk affixed to the paper, is black, blue, green, or red. Black Disk: High performance, large cache, fast. Code: LS WD C

Wd TV player: some materials

In April this year, I bought a wd TV player. After several months of playing, I added three hard disks. It feels good, but there are also some shortcomings and inconveniences. Firmware: two versions have been used: 1.01.02 and 1.02.10. Disadvantages: 1. DTS direct output is not supported, and AV Amplifier decoding is required. It is inconvenient for me to switch to AC3 audio track by myself. 2. The media repository mode is too slow. 3. The browsing m

Shell Base $ (CD ' dirname $;p wd)

)ElseCommand (s)Fiif commandThenCommand (s)elif commandThenCommands (s)elif commandThenCommand (s)ElseCommand (s)FiEmpty command:Branch JumpCase variable invalue1)Command (s);;value2)Command (s);;*)Command (s);;EsacCycleFor variable in word_listDoCommand (s)DoneWhile conditionDoCommand (s)DoneUntil commandDoCommand (s)DoneBuild a Select for a menuSelect program in ' ls-f ' pwd dateDo$programDoneInterrupt loopBreak [n] jumps out of the nth layer loopContinue [n] continues the nth layer loopCaptur

How's wd-e85m?

wd-e85m conforms to HomePlug 1.0 Turbo Edition specification, maximum theoretical data bandwidth 85Mbps. The maximum theoretical transmission distance of 1500 meters, and the use of HomePlug AV standard line telephone network bridge WD-E200MAV maximum theoretical data bandwidth 200Mbps. The maximum theoretical transmission distance of 2000 meters. Look, wd

Western data hard disk maintenance WD disk ROM write dead and no programmer write back method

West number hard drive 25PROM write after death without the programmer. Next Write Method: To find a board of Seagate, preferably a S15 board (originally with ROM), no other board can be used, but note to add a 4.7K resistor in the main control of the 2nd foot can be written. 1, the ROM to be written by the corner of the position check welding. (Change the plate to weld resistance) 2, into the PC3000,ST function module (error can ignore it), you can, to the 4, 5 feet short-circuit in. 3, cli

Linux $ (CD ' DirName $ ';p wd) __linux

Linux to get the current directory, you need to execute the following command: $ (CD ' DirName $ ';p wd) which DirName $, get the parent directory of the currently executing script file CD ' DirName $ ', enter this directory (toggle current working directory) PWD, display the current working directory (after CD execution) This should be noted in the course of use:The command "'" is not a single quotation mark in English, but an English input met

WD Blog Park Custom Theme Styles

1Open the Background Settings screen, go to your blog home page, open the debugger (Chrome comes with a debugger or firebug), see where uncomfortable, navigate to the relevant elements of the page DOM structure, start debugging, for example I want

win8/win8.1 New WD Scan function

The specific tutorials are as follows: 1, Win+r, "Run", input regedit, enter 2, open Registry Editor, navigate to the "Hkey_classes_rootfoldershell" path, right click on the shell, select "New-Item", Item: "Windowsdefender".

Javascript Inheritance Mechanism

* object = new ClassName (param ); Write Java as follows: Foo foo = new Foo (); You can also introduce the new command to Javascript to generate an instance object from the prototype object. However, if Javascript does not contain a "class", how does one represent a prototype object? Constructor is called when C ++ and Java use the new command ). Brendan Eich simplifies the design. In Javascript, the new command is followed by a constructor instead of a class. For example, there is a prototype

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