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Description of RTP timestamp and load type of multimedia opening

(1) Time stamp(2) Load type(3) RTP Header(1) Time stampThere are three ofA real time unit timestamp_increse= (unsigned int) (90000.0/framerate);//+0.5);One is the current time of the sample send Ts_currentOne is increment timestamp Timestamp_increse,

Load type and timestamp in RTP Transmission

I was recently depressed by the load type and timestamp of RTP. After debugging for nearly a week, I finally solved the problem. Let's look back, I found that the main reason is that I did not really understand the meaning of the load type and

Datetime and timestamp -- the timestamp is the absolute value and the date is the relative value.

Problem: the system time is different from the database time. the system time is, and the time saved to the database is.   The first intuition is caused by different time zones.   First look at a piece of code:    Java code Public static void main

RTP and Rtcp explain. Include sync timestamp

RTP and Rtcp explain. Include sync timestamp RTP is real-time transport protocol abbreviation, is designed to transmit streaming media data, has a wide range of applications, other related to the introduction of their own to see the RFC, I do not

Analysis and research of real-time Linux based on Xenomai

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/cyberlabs/article/details/6967192 introductionWith the rapid development of embedded devices, the function and flexibility of embedded devices are more and more high, and many embedded devices start to use the

Convert the UTC timestamp in DB2 Universal Database

IntroductionThis document describes the Java Implementation of A DB2 User-Defined Function UDF. This function has two input parameters: a utc timestamp, for example, 2004-04-04- and a region name such as "America/Guayaquil"), and

Linux ping plus timestamp real-time output to file background run

Run the background command: SETSIDReal-time output command: UnbufferTimestamp: awk ' {print $ "\ T" strftime ("%d_%h:%m:%s", Systime ())} 'The command is as follows: Setsid unbuffer ping 2 | awk ' {print $ ' \ t ' strftime ("%d_%h:%m:%s"

Linuxunix-time timestamp processing conversion function

Linux/unix-time timestamp processing conversion functionThe time function under LinuxWe can often use time in programming, such as getting the system time (to get the system's year, month, day, hour, minute, second, week, etc.), or to do something

In-depth explanation of interchange between Unix Timestamp and C # DateTime time type

The minimum unit of Unix timestamp is second, And the start time is Greenwich Mean Time 00:00:00 The basic idea of the ConvertIntDateTime method is to get the local time zone to indicate the Unixk start time, plus the Unix time value (that is, the

Timestamp application (solve concurrency problem)-optimistic lock and pessimistic lock "turn"

This data type represents a binary number that is automatically generated, ensuring that the numbers are unique in the database. Timestamp is generally used as a mechanism for adding a version stamp to a table row. The storage size is 8 bytes. A

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