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iOS Development-Learning Summary Swift Article &swift 2.0 learning and summarizing one

empty set of protocols.Anyobject is a protocol, and any is a 0 protocol. Finally look at a definition of Anyclass: Typealias Anyclass = Anyobject.type It's really just an alias.Any is also an alias and an alias for protocol1 Protocol lyprotocol1{2 //some code3 }4 classlynsobject1:nsobject,lyprotocol1{5 //some code6 }7 8 var ly1:any9var ly2:protocolTen OneTypealias Any1 = protocol Avar k:protocol - var k1:nsobjectprotocol - thevar sss1:protocolNSObject () -var sss2:nsobjectpro

Online collection and self-summarizing iOS development tips

, _cmd);}- (void) Setbx_borderwidth: (cgfloat) bx_borderwidth{objc_setassociatedobject (self, @selector (bx_borderwidth), @ (bx_ borderWidth), objc_association_retain_nonatomic); Self.layer.borderWidth=bx_borderwidth;}-(cgfloat) bx_borderwidth{return[Objc_getassociatedobject (Self, _cmd) floatvalue];}- (void) Setbx_cornerradius: (cgfloat) bx_cornerradius{objc_setassociatedobject (self, @selector (Bx_cornerradius), @ (BX _cornerradius), objc_association_retain_nonatomic); Self.layer.cornerR

Four tips for summarizing Java code writing

This article brings you the content is about summarizing Java code Writing four skills, there is a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you. Our usual programming task is to apply the same technology suite to different projects, and for the most part, these technologies can meet the goals. However, some projects may require some special techniques, so engineers have to

4 Tips for summarizing Web site updates every day

The advent of the internet era let us more people engaged in the "webmaster" this occupation, or that is identity. As the name implies the webmaster will have their own site, and every day to update the maintenance of their own website. And sometimes it is counterproductive, webmaster workload is very large, do the same thing every day, but often our results are not so ideal, and sometimes their own daily maintenance of the site ranking is not as good as others a week maintenance site. Here I wo

Some practical tips for summarizing MySQL table-building and query optimization

This article is a MySQL table and query optimization of some practical tips for a detailed analysis of the introduction of the needs of friends under the reference The MySQL table stage is a very important link, the table structure of good or bad directly affect the follow-up management and maintenance, to go to work before tomorrow to share the summary of Personal MySQL building table, MySQL query optimiz

People make available Windows tips above article 1th/2 page _ Application Tips

Whether you have upgraded to the latest Vista system or stayed in the XP camp, our list of tips can help you speed up your computer's processing speed, improve your PC's security, and even improve your computer's stylish nature, believe me! Objectively speaking, the performance of the Windows operating system is general, if you do not try to "dig" deeply, or change it according to your will, then you can never let it play a real potential. Whether y

_php tips for people to make available windows tips under the tip of the article

network, select the "Options" button can be captured together with the URL address, setup program from the clipboard copy grab, and then perform other actions.   Shortcuts for using Windows Media Player If you use Windows Media player 11来 to play music, you can use the following shortcuts to replace the mouse action.   Vista's best new tool The new aero interface may attract the bulk of the public's attention, but there are a number of best-of-breed tools added to

[ext] 25 tips and tricks for enhancing the performance of iOS apps-introductory article

_____________Transferred from: Beyondvincent's Blog_____________When developing an iOS application, it is critical that your program has good performance. This is also what users expect, if your program runs slow or slow, will incur the user's bad comment.However, due to the limitations of iOS devices, it is sometimes difficult to get good performance. There are a lot of things to keep in mind during the development process, and it's easy to forget about the performance impact.That's why I'm wri

The webmaster should master some tips when updating the article

Every day for the site to update a few articles is the webmaster will do things, but do you know that you update the article useful? is Baidu included in the article? Before I do not know how to update the article, every day is to write articles and then updated to the website, the long-term waste of the actual is quite a lot, But the site is not added to the col

Ajax implementation of static page of the article Access statistics function example _php tips

;db->init (); The public function set ($key, $value) {$this->db->set ($key, $value); } PubLic function Get ($key) {return $this->db->get ($key); } } Add Count Code In your article content page, add the following AJAX request code, which is based on jquery: var keytemp = $ (' #postTemp '). Text (); $.get (' http://localhost/counter.php ', {action: ' Add ', key:keytemp}); $.get (' http://localhost/counter.php ', {action: ' Get ', key:key

Very good Google Adsense Tips 100 Article _ website operation

Turn from: Fernando HalTranslation: Cloudream Http:// please indicate the above information Basic Tips Comply with Google Adsense terms and agreements, this is Google's game, comply with their rules, ask Google questions. High traffic is the most important, can be appropriate for SEO Content for the king, often update your website. Provide value to you

Homepage article layout tips to increase the click rate

Stationmaster Most need is what, may get a unanimous answer: flow. Yes, whether it is to do simply rely on the Advertising Alliance site, or do e-commerce stations, industry stations, whether relying on search engines or by promotion and word-of-mouth, or to do products and services to allow users to actively find the door. In fact, frankly speaking are doing traffic, because whether it is a valid user or invalid users, long-term users or short-term users, visit the most direct embodiment of the

SQL Tuning Tips: Statistical information (end-of-article benefits)

the article you learn SQL language experience, or probation book feel, we will elect 3 readers to give "SQL optimization core ideas" 1, quickly actively participate in it! Event deadline: May 10, 2018 In the "async Community " Backstage reply " concern ", you can get free 2000 online video courses ; recommend friends follow the tips to get books link, free to get an asynchronous book. Come and join

function usage _php tips for getting article information and classification links in WordPress

Get_post () (Get an article)the Get_post () function can query the information of an article based on the ID, and return the current article in the loop. Usage Get_post ($post, $output, $filter); Parameters $id (Integer | Object) (optional) The article ID or articl use page breaks in the FCK editor to implement long article paging capabilities _ Practical Tips

The example in this article tells you that uses page breaks in the FCK editor to implement a long article paging feature. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Using System; Using System.Collections.Generic; Using System.Linq; Using System.Web; Using System.Web.UI; Using System.Web.UI.WebControls; Public partial class SplitContent:System.Web.UI.Page {private st

The website does not include how to do? Let the article included the tips

search, you write this article there is no repetition! For example: intitle: The site down the right how to do? Such titles are expected to be poorly written. So, there should be a lot of repetition! Then we can change a title, such as: To solve the site down the right 10 tips. The same thing is said, but the title is different! General of this novel title is more conducive to the search engine included,

Share 12306 tips for robbing a ticket-final article

Latest version download:Http:// Only Firefox is currently supported For more functions, please refer to "Sharing 12,306 second ticket killer source code" written in the last This is the final article, because of the individual amateur research only, and powerless, so later do not provide follow-up maintenance and support This is suitable for programmers, need to customize and modify their own, oth

28 Tips for improving ASP performance and appearance 1-6 (from Ms)-July article, it seems

28 Tips for improving ASP performance and appearance Len Cardinal, Senior Advisor, Microsoft Consulting Services George v. Reilly Microsoft IIS performance lead adapted from Nan Cy Cluts's Article Developer technical Engineer Microsoft Corporation April 2000 Summary: This article describes the techniques for optimizing ASP applications and VBScript. Introduction

Tips from for image processing with a scan line of GDI + bitmap data

Tips for using GDI + bitmap data scanning lines to process images: C/C ++ 2071 people read comments (4) collect reports In GDI + image processing, we often use the bitmapdata structure to scan the line of image data. This method is used in most of my Bolg articles. Using its lockbits method and unlockbits method, GDI + bitmap is used to lock (obtain) and unlock (release) bitmapdata data respectively. We generally operate the scanned line of image data

Cocos2d-x game released defense article 01: preventing package party tips

In fact, I don't have much experience in this aspect, and I have no profound experience, but I once had four or five games packaged (Xiao RuO: show off your failure ). Although the title of this article is "defense article 01", it does not mean that there must be "defense article 02", but it is random. (Do you dare to take responsibility ?) Here, let's take a lo

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