titus document classification

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Plsi (Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing) Word classification, document classification

After grinding me for a week, I watched it intermittently and thought about it intermittently. When I went to the bathroom in the morning, I finally figured it out. Maybe I have poor understanding of English. I found it quite simple. Lsa should be familiar with IR and NLP. lsa uses SVD to reduce the dimension and then classifies documents based on word distribution. The disadvantage of LSA is that there is no good statistical basis, which is inconsistent with the current popular trend. T

Document Generation Model: Multivariate Bernoulli vs polynomial __ document classification

included in the document. It can be seen that the model ignores the number of occurrences of the word item, the position of the word item and the correlation between the word items (NB). So a document can be expressed as a bool vector, that is:, where EI represents whether the word TI appears in document D. The model needs to estimate the parameters, that is, t

Questions about php document classification

The classification of php articles is like this. [windows nbsp; 7 news] and [Windows nbsp; 8.1 nbsp; news] are nbsp; [] Level 2 Category id nbsp; parent nbsp; name1 nbsp; php document classification For example, the database is like this. [windows 7 news] and [Windows 8.1 news] are the secondary categories of [Microsoft news ]. Id parent name 1 0 Microso

Text Classification (2) feature weight quantizer (Representation of document conversion volume)

40 Console. readkey (); 41 42 43 44 } 45 } 46 } The test result is output as follows: Improvements: 1. The vectors calculated based on TFIDF indicate a high dimension. Generally, the dimension is equal to the number of words after deduplication in all samples. The next step is to perform dimensionality reduction. My existing ideas for dimensionality reduction are as follows: (1) select features in advance (feature selection methods include information gain an

Chinese standard document classification

Chinese standard document classification Return Level 1 category table A comprehensive 00/09 standardization management and general provisions10/19 Economy and Culture20/39 Basic Standards40/49 basic science50/64 Measurement65/74 STANDARD SUBSTANCES75/79 Surveying and Mapping80/89 mark, packaging, transportation and storage90/94 social and public security B. Agriculture and Fore

Multilevel classification selector similar to Baidu Library Document uploading page

Multilevel classification selector similar to Baidu Library Document uploading page : Http://download.csdn.net/detail/testcs_dn/6848547. The points will be returned after the comments are downloaded. Finally: Sample Code:

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