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WordPress restricts non-administrator users to comment only once after the article. wordpress_PHP tutorial

WordPress restricts non-administrator users to comment only once after the article. WordPress restricts non-administrator users to comment only once after the article. some netizens have suggested that in wordpress, is there a way to allow users to

Use VBA to copy the name of PowerDesigner to comment

The code is as follows:Option Explicit '-------------------------------------------------------------------------------'role: PowerDesigner physical model Copy name to comment"'Author: lio5n'Time: 2015-12-18"'version: V1.0"'Description: If comment

Turn-powerdesigner copy comment to name and copy name to comment

When you use PowerDesigner to make conceptual and physical model designs for a database, you typically write Chinese in name or comment and write English in code. Name is used to show that code is used in codes, but the text in comment is saved to

Microsoft declined to comment on further Linux infringement lawsuit

Article Title: Microsoft declined to comment on further Linux infringement litigation. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded

Code comments (tips to comment your code)

Tips to comment your code   For each class, include a brief description, author and date of last modification For each method, include a description of its purpose, functions, parameters and results Break code blocks into multiple "paragraphs" that

Powerdesigner sets the field name attribute of the table to comment comments.

1. Copy the following vbs script and save it as name2comment. vbs. '******************************************************************************'* File: name2comment.vbs'* Title: Name to Comment Conversion'* Model: Physical Data Model'*

13 tips to comment your code

1. Comment each level Annotate each code block with a uniform method for each level, for example: Contains a brief description, author, and last modification date for each class. For each method, including its purpose, function, parameter, and

PowerDesigner write comment to name and write name to comment Pd7 later version available

Code One:Copy the characters in name to commentOption ExplicitValidationmode = TrueInteractivemode = Im_batchDim MDL ' The current model '    get   the   current   active   model set   MDL    =   Activemodel if   (mdl   is   Nothing)    Then      

WordPress restricts non-administrator users to comment only once after the article

This article describes how to restrict non-administrator users to comment only once in WordPress. It also describes how to determine whether a user is an administrator, if you need it, you can refer to some previous suggestions. Is there a way to

Config file to comment line

[[email protected] ~]# grep-v ' # '/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf |grep-v ' ^$ 'Servertokens OSServerRoot "/ETC/HTTPD"Pidfile Run/httpd.pidTimeout 60KeepAlive OFFMaxkeepaliverequests 100KeepAliveTimeout 15Startservers 8Minspareservers 5Maxspareservers 20

I 'd like to comment on the software I just wrote. I'll take a look at the results and write a software tutorial later.

I 'd like to comment on the software I just wrote. I'll take a look at the results and write a software tutorial later.Whiteboard camera, a lifetime companion to the whiteboard. The best tool for meeting recording and efficient office tools are

Interview with Jia Zhangke to comment on crazy programmers

First declare, "CrazyProgramClerk, I only read 1, 2, 3, 26-33 and the last one. Not all. Today, I saw Jia Zhangke's interview: Where is the problem with Chinese movies? I went back to the age of students. At that time, I studied Chinese and knew

iOS Dev Click to go to the app Store or click the button to comment

//跳转到应用页面 NSString *str = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"",appid];  [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL urlWithString:str]]; //跳转到评价页面 NSString *str = [NSString stringWithFormat:

Tencent application treasure How to comment

1. In the mobile phone we install an application treasure, and then we open access to the mobile app download page (Hint: only commented on downloaded app) 2. Then we find "comments" to open into the details as shown in the picture

Why in the Ucos to stm32f103 Transplant said OS_CPU_C.C three functions such as os_cpu_systickinit () need to comment out

I am looking at the OS_CPU_C.C code when the following paragraph puzzled over a long time always in Baidu's help to find the answer/* Declare a few functions, here to note that the last three functions need to be commented out,

A netizen, to comment on the video age

The advent of the video age, as if to due to the decline of the SP industry and silence of the Chinese Internet, played a stimulant, a video site like springing up, popping up more than 200. Everyone began to comment on video, watch video, play

How to comment on Red Hat Linux

The following describes how to evaluate the Linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. RedHat, or RedHat, is currently the world's largest Linux system developer. His Community version of Fedora and the most classic

How to comment _ Mysql in MySQL statements

How to annotate statements in Mysql server supports three annotation styles: · Start from the end of the line with the '#' character. · From the '--' sequence to the end of the row. Note that the comment style of '--' must be followed by at least

Powerdesigner adds the name item to comment, the perfect solution!

I wrote a blog for the first time and shared some experience. When using powerdesigner, PD does not add the name item to the comment by default, therefore, the generated database table does not contain comments for Chinese fields. I checked it

I 'd like to comment on Java and. NET from the perspective of a Chinese programmer.

After working for a while and using Java in depth, let me talk about my feelings. My own profession may have to scold some people. I honestly say that I am outsourcing Japan. Doing this job doesn't mean how fond I am of Japan, but it is hard to find

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