to read encrypted data recipient must

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Certificate related knowledge

Public key encryption This topic describes the public key encryption elements related to clear email security at a higher level. In addition, you can refer to other materials to learn more about the topic. Cryptography is a discipline that

Introductory blockchain must-read

introductory Blockchain must-read what the blockchain is. "Blockchain" technology was originally designed by an alias Satoshi for Bitcoin (a digital currency) and a special database technology, it is based on the cryptographic Elliptic Curve

Encryption and decryption technology in. net

Document directory Symmetric encryption Asymmetric encryption Basic implementation Advanced implementation Certificate Mechanism Symmetric encryption and decryption I recently read an article written by Zhang Ziyang. The encryption and

Encrypt data to ordinary people and use PHP programs to protect data

To protect data with PHP programs and to protect data with PHP programs, you must be careful to protect your data in an increasingly virtualized internet world. This article describes how to encode and encrypt important information (such as

Encryption and decryption in. net

ArticleDirectory Symmetric encryption Asymmetric encryption Basic implementation Advanced implementation Certificate Mechanism Symmetric encryption and decryption Introduction In some important application scenarios,

Seven disk encryption technology tools

Comments: TruCrypt, PGP, FreeOTFE, BitLocker, DriveCrypt, and 7-Zip. These encryption programs provide exceptionally reliable real-time encryption functions to ensure data security, avoid data loss, theft, and spying. Few IT professionals still need

Network-send and receive data on the network

Problem Creating and joining a network session is one thing. But if you cannot send or receive any data, what is the purpose of a network session? Solution When a player connects to a session, you can store all the data to be sent in a

Encrypt a PHP program to protect data from ordinary people

In this increasingly virtual world of the Internet, you have to be careful to protect your own data. This article describes the basics of encoding and encrypting some important information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or even the entire

Apply for a digital signature (real free)

As more and more people send confidential information via email, it is increasingly important to ensure that documents sent in emails are not forged. At the same time, it is equally important to ensure that the sent email is not intercepted or

Use of jmail. dll

Configuration environment:. NET Framework 1.1, imai8.02, w3jmail4.3 Implementation process: Unlike jmail in ASP, server. Createobject ("jmail. Message") can be used directly. In the. NET environment, you need to set. 1. Install jmail4.3 2. Find

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