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UML Common Diagram-class diagram, use case diagram, sequence diagram (sequential diagram), collaboration diagram (communication diagram), state diagram, activity diagram __JAVA/J2EE

interface of vehicles2. Engine assembled into cars, car radios converged into cars3. Taxis are inherited from automobiles4. The taxi and the driver are many to many two-way correlation relations, the driver one-way correlation driving licence (one driver holds a driving licence)5. Drivers rely on onboard WiFi Use case diagram example Use case

Data Flow Diagram in UML, use case diagram, class diagram, object diagram, role diagram, activity diagram, and sequence diagram

sequence diagram, a sequence receives and sends messages (also known as interactions). A model can be established by connecting the message and the Framework Element Boundary (see figure 2 ). For a sequence chart, the label of the chart starts with the text "sd. When you use a frame element to close a graph, the label of the graph must follow the format below: Graph type graph name. UML specifications pro

The most common UML diagrams include: use case diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram, state diagram, activity diagram, component diagram, and deployment diagram)

Use case diagram The use case diagram describes a functional unit provided by the system. The purpose of the use case diagram is to help the development team understand the functional requirements of the system in a visualized man

Design Pattern 1 UML Basic use case diagram, Class diagram (associative dependency aggregation), time series diagram, activity diagram, Package diagram, Component diagram,

case diagram 12.png "alt=" Wkiol1gz-qwd5hmeaadtezbu2tk282.png "/>Generalization diagram:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Generalization relationship. png "alt=" Wkiom1gz-t_y-59-aafyvcaj6xg142.png "/>Included in the extension diagram:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://

Use case diagram, class diagram, activity diagram, class diagram, and sequence diagram usage Summary

of being able to add multiple abstract methods with stronger representation capabilities. 3) Association class Like a class, association can also have its own attributes and operations. In this case, this association is actually an association class. An association class is both an association and a class. It connects two classes like an association, and can define a group of characteristics that belong to the association itself. Note: you can create an association class only when the objects

Software architecture Introduction and use case diagram, activity diagram, Sequence diagram top-down design

parameters can not increase or decrease. Although it is sometimes permissible to add new operations, the semantics (or behavior) of the operation should remain the same.Implementation--The implementation of the component can be arbitrarily changed according to the underlying database, algorithm (such as sort) used, as long as the behavior of the customer's concern is not affected, and can even be written in different programming languages.Use case diagrams are a brief description of the externa

Is the first diagram of your UML a use case diagram? (1)--the activity diagram is the beginning

Objective:If your UML diagram is still a use case diagram, please keep looking, if you do not know the relationship between the business analysis diagram and the activity diagram, please continue to look, if your computer room is

UML System Analysis and Design 02-use case diagram and activity diagram (below)

In the previous article "UML System Analysis and Design 02-use case diagram and activity diagram (I)", we mainly explained the use case analysis and drawing methods and techniques in requirement analysis, however, the use case

Use case diagram and activity diagram in andromda (magicdraw)

Translated andromda3.2 User Manual Use case diagram (use-Cases)Use cases represent a set of logical processing, and the use case names cannot be the same. The version of the use case is Activ

Object-oriented Requirement Analysis-use case diagram and activity diagram

Object-oriented software development methods include: A, object-oriented analysis (OOA) B, object-oriented design (OOD) C, object-oriented implementation (00i) d, the main steps of object-oriented testing (OOT), E, and object-oriented maintenance (OOM) are as follows. Next we will learn the related diagrams of UML from the object-oriented perspective. This section describes the use case diagram and

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