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PDA Mobile Open Single system-PDA open a single, mobile phone billing, open a single app, Mobile billing, mobile POS billing

, delivery agent on a single truck, on a single delivery. The receiving clerk uses the PDA to scan the acceptance of the supplier order receipt. Every commodity from the supplier delivery, to the warehouse distribution, and then to the store receipts are traceable. Each car sent the line, the number of loading, distribution store customers are clearly clear.Euro-Hong YuanBlog: 13530893964Date: September 4, 2014PDA Mobile Open Single system-PDA open

Telecom Billing Service: Prognosis Fusion message Billing

----message billing or document billing for the convergence of prognosisStarting to sort out some of the ideas of this thing, the first one to think about is file billing or consumer billing, although it's a question, but given the fact that I've been doing OCS for the last few years, and I'm a very easy-to-brainwash p

SD-about Billing replication's "Allocation Number" and "Reference Number" Settings, sd-billing

SD-about Billing replication's "Allocation Number" and "Reference Number" Settings, sd-billing Two Billing replication control settings are available: "Allocation Number" and "reference number ". These two settings are mainly used to copy some SD information to the FI document, so that SD information can be used to find the corresponding FI document. The follow

The Gospel of small number of broadband users, panabit cloud Billing Easyradius Interface, PA broadband billing system

PA interface was released earlier, but has been slow to release official documentation, due to the recent customers more, close up this documentBecause PA uses the standard RADIUS authentication protocol, so users need to build a local billing, because the majority of users only hundreds of, do not say to buy a local version of the charge 5000-6000,On the single from the electricity bill, a server, the most common PC also to 120w/h,120w*24*365=1051200

Easyradius launched the Ros API billing interface to support Ros 3.3 and above, enabling simple and fast ROS Broadband billing System Cloud Edition

Easyradius Docking Ros is also using the Ros API interface, that is, you want to open the /ip/service API service, do not understand the API interface, you can own Baidu OHOpen API, to Easyradius configuration communication interface, the specific parameters, as follows:Note: The admin address and alternate address do not add: Port, Easyradius and Ros communication using the default 8728 portTest success is not complete, you also have to download this script:Unzip, then upload the DISPPPOE.RSC t

The easyradius broadband cloud billing system for wayos billing is officially released, supporting one account to manage multiple routes

Easyradius has always been a product that I have been paying attention to and devoted to. Although easyradius does not charge fees or make money, it just pays for it! He can increase the operating experience of a product. I have always thought that there are two types of product discovery: one is a virtuous circle and the other is a vicious circle. What is a vicious circle? Let's talk about the simplest Internet cafe. An Internet cafe doesn't make money now, and the boss is not willing to inve

[DAO] simple document of billing system database design, dao Billing System Database

[DAO] simple document of billing system database design, dao Billing System DatabaseDatabase Design Documents Database Design Documents, SQL statements for table creation. 1) account Id number (9) PK account ID Login_name varchar2 (20) not null user self-service Username Login_passwd varchar2 (8) not null user self-service Password Status char (1) not null 0: Activate 1: suspend frozen 2: delete real data r

Data center billing, report, and data center billing report

Data center billing, report, and data center billing report Understanding: checkout is actually a collection of funds, that is, a summary of the work of an operator and administrator on the day, and transfer the funds in their hands to the company's funds. Optimization: You can add or close the Administrator account when only the operator is finished, and the daily statement of the report shows which operat

OpenStack Billing Service Cloudkitty analysis (i) __openstack

We all know that cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go service model, the component of the billing service in OpenStack is Cloudkitty, and I am delighted to be able to communicate with you this evening to discuss OpenStack billing service--cloudkitty. When it comes to billing, we have to say that OpenStack's metering services, although the early in the measurement

What kinds of Aliyun billing mode

   The billing mode of Aliyun Cloud Server ECS has two billing modes: Package Annual Monthly Pay by volume "Pay by volume" and "Package year Monthly" Billing mode is different, can also use the same free cloud shield, cloud monitoring, load balancing, such as Ali Cloud products. The following table lists the differences between the two

Python crawls through ADB to pay treasure mobile end billing information __python

Python crawls the billing information for the Alipay mobile end through the ADB connection, and the process is as follows: This file can then be decomposed into the following four main features: 1. Image recognition; 2. Analog clicks; 3. Simulate slide; 4. Screenshot function I. Handling of Billing details page: After the Bill details page screenshot, then choose to split with the picture, capture to 3 scr

The solution to the billing problem after the lock of the motorcycle is closed

For the users of the motorcycle software, please share the solution of the opening billing problem after the end of the paper. Method Sharing: Can be restarted in the shutdown, but also click on the "failure" to report the function, choose the lock off the fault Oh. Well, the above information is small to give you the motorcycle of this software users to bring the detailed opening of the solution to the

[Interview] Financial customer online operations Director-Tiank, online billing Service website operation

Host: Eric Consulting website operator Group Interview Guest: Financial customer online operations director-Tiank Time: 2009.3.5 20:00 Host: Angel Heart The record is as follows: Iris-Angel Heart:In order to better complete this dialogue, please do not forcibly insert the topic between interviews. If you have any questions please send me your question brother Tian, you first ad, give you three minutes, say, your project is mainly what, why do this project? Tian: I

Research and Implementation of the real-time billing function of the VoIP system

I. architecture of the billing systemThe design of the VoIP Billing system follows the design principle of real-time Internet billing, and features real-time, stability, reliability, portability, and scalability. The function design not only takes into account the basic functions of the Internet billing system, it also

Evolution of the Next Generation Telecom Billing System

The billing system is no longer a subsidiary of the entire telecom business in the traditional sense. With the rapid development of the telecom business, it has become the source and basis for the telecom operation Support System (OSS) to achieve operational income. The accuracy and timeliness of the telecom billing system are directly related to the Customer Service Quality and the income of telecom operat

GPRS Billing analysis

GPRS, as a transition from second-generation mobile communication to third generation mobile communication, has taken an important step in mobile internet. As a new business, its billing system is closely combined with the communication Process control. On the basis of introducing the billing features and information collection points of GPRS, this paper describes the analysis and processing of GPRS

Linux-based campus network billing system

Article Title: Linux-based campus network billing system. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 1. Overview    As one of the five main functions of network management, charge management can detect and control the cost and cost of network operations and record the usage of network resources, after cernet h

Telecom Billing Service: Sub-statement

the problem of arrears has always been a problem for telecom enterprises. In the beginning, the telecom enterprises adopt the model of after-pay, that is, calculate the cost once a month, if the cost is not paid within a certain period of time to stop. Mobile business development, because the user may be due to the cost of the month to stop using this card, so the use of each business to calculate the cost of the model, if the balance is insufficient, the start of downtime. Later found that a si

Preliminary study on GPRS billing model

The traditional GSM billing system is a fixed line service model: The billing engine charges the voice call by time and distance. Mobile Switching Center (MSC) is similar to fixed line switching, generating call detail logging (CDR). Billing systems charge for voice calls based on these records. However, the rules in a packet-based connection are difficult to im

Detailed description of billing and price during the construction of broadband and NGN

Broadband construction and Discussion of NGN are in full swing, and various preferential methods are also emerging. Of course, the subsequent business construction is also changing with each passing day. However, after this boom, the issue of billing methods has always been a very important and easy-to-use technical problem, especially in the development trend of precision. With the reform of China Telecom and the gradual formation of the telecom mark

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