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What does hibernate session. Flush do?

This is an exception encountered when a transaction is committed. An assertion failure occured (this may indicate a bug in hibernate, but is more likely due to unsafe use of the session) Net. SF. hibernate. assertionfailure: Possible nonthreadsafe

Oom killer "out of memory: killed process" solutions/Summary

From: Since this problem seems to popup on different lists, this message hasBeen cross-posted to the General Red Hat discussion list, the rhel3(Taroon) List and the RHEL4 (nahant)

Detached entity passed to persist error causes and solutions

Today when testing the integration of spring and hibernate, encountered a problem, the error situation is as follows: error message: Org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException:detached entity passed to Persist:com.bean.Cat;

phpmyadmin+mysql-5.6.16.tar.gz use

The use of phpMyAdmin first requires a lamp or a LNMP environment:First, to build the phpMyAdmin operating environment.Now take the lamp environment as an example:Install the deployment lamp environment1. Installing ApacheDownload installationyum

More effective C + +----Tips & (25) virtualization of constructors and non-member functions

SkillsMost of the content in this book is a programming guideline. Although these guidelines are important, programmers cannot live by the rules alone. There is a long-time cartoon called "Philip Cat" (Felix the Cat), Philip Cat whenever encountered

MySQL series eight: differences between Mycat and Sharding-jdbc, Mycat shard join, mycat pits in pagination, mycat annotations, Catlet use

The difference between Mycat and SHARDING-JDBC 1) Mycat is a third-party application of middleware, SHARDING-JDBC is a jar package 2) You do not need to change the code when using Mycat, and you need to modify the code when using SHARDING-JDBC Mycat

How can we effectively prevent invisible webpage viruses?

When webpage viruses are getting worse and worse, such as malicious code on webpages, webpage Trojans, worms, bad bombs, happy times, extreme girls, and other viruses, engineers have to focus more on Webpage viruses when spreading and damaging

Ubuntu User Management operations

Linux is a system with a very strict user rights management, Ubuntu as the most popular desktop distribution, provides a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface tools to manage users, but command-line tools are often more powerful, the use of

Book reviews, feelings, and quick reference to the "Practice of programmers"

In the "Praise" of "code Daquan", a student named John Robbins thought that "code Daquan" should be read every year. I think this suggestion also applies to this book. Many of the ideas and arguments in this book are based on the author's years of

Document and automate development processes using rational method composer and jazz (ii)

Using Existing Processes Brief introduction In the 1th installment of this series, Bruce MacIsaac explains the value of the software development approach. This article describes how to implement the process defined in IBM Rational method Composer

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