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Windows Phone-use the sterling database to achieve tombstone (tombstone) [Zhuan]

If your WP application already uses the Sterling database, use Sterling to generate a tombstone (Tombtsone. Jeremy Likness's blog details how to use Sterling to implement Tombstone in the MVVM architecture. There are several main points: 1. Define a Tombstone data class. The Singletone Serialization mentioned in the Sterling User Guide is used. public class Tom

The tombstone mechanism of WP7 (the tombstone mechanism ). Multi-task Development Research

WP7 does not support multitasking, but provides a tombstone mechanism. In general, it provides five graves for you. If you want your program to enter the "background ", then you will be buried there. If you want to enable your "background" program, you will dig out the program from the grave and load the relevant data into the control from the memory, in simple terms, it is a zombie. However, if you have more than five "backend" programs, you will be

Apple iOS, with Windows Phone7, System, memory, CPU processing, and background programs running, detailed Microsoft Tombstone mechanism system

addition to the Microsoft license can be backstage, other programs once you are backstage, you will be the representative to pack your buried, no matter what you need, what priority, the same as bury it again. Microsoft's so-called 5 allow the background of the restrictions may be to give themselves convenience ... Those Microsoft default background interface will be XX in the future, the software will be able to impersonate the real backstage.

Windows Phone application tombstone execution model Summary

1. WP third-party applications Program Restrictions WP allows only one third-party application to run at a time in the foreground. This means that the user can only start one third-party application when operating the mobile phone, making people think that WP is a single-task operating system. However, unlike the generally-understood single-task operating system, WP provides a mechanism, which is Tombstone (to

Understand the execution model, tombstone mechanism, starter and Selector of Windows Phone 7 Applications and more -- Part 1

UnderstandingWindows Phone7 application execution model, tombstone mechanism, starter and Selector and more-- Part 1 Author: Yochay kiriaty The articles in this series have a name that is so long and very loud. I believe it will be very good. Of course you should judge it. However, the reason for such a long name is simple. These "big" words can briefly summarize all aspects of the execution model. If you want to continuously improve the user experien

Windows Phone 7 handles sleep and tombstone Restoration

WP7ProgramAs shown in: The sleep state and the tombstone state are confusing. The program stops running during sleep state, but the difference is that the entire process still exists in the memory. When this program is restored, you do not need to create a new instance. In this way, the program recovery and switching are accelerated, and we do not need to restore the tombstone data from the sleep state

Use of Caliburn micro framework WP8 (iii) tombstone Processing

Background In the Windows Phone 8 development process, tombstone's processing really makes us love and hate, and it can makeProgramIt seems to be running all the time. However, it is very troublesome to process the tombstone. In the traditional method, we need to put the state to be saved after the deactived event of the program is triggered, and then load the state after the user returns. However, if our program adopts the mvvm architecture, the si

Windows Phone tombstone (9)

Several terms: Name Description Launched Start a new program Closed Use the back button to close the program Deactivated A program is running. Press the START key to stop the program. Then, the program enters the tombstone. Activated The program is revived from the tombstone, that is, activated Then the life cycle of our program is roughly s

Discussion on Windows Phone 7 development on the 31st day-14th: tombstone mechanism (multi-task)

data from device sensors, such as GPS. If the program is not running, I will not be able to tell you that you have finished the 4-mile journey you want. In addition to these two cases, I do not think that the program must be run in the background. (If your program is in any of the above categories, you can call on the "authority" to access a "super API" that enables the program to run in the background ". But I still want to remind you ...... Provide a very good reason for obtaining access per

Restoration of sleep and tombstone in Windows Phone 7

The following figure shows the life cycle of the WP7 program:The sleep state and the tombstone state are confusing. The program stops running during sleep state, but the difference is that the entire process still exists in the memory. When this program is restored, you do not need to create a new instance. In this way, the program recovery and switching are accelerated, and we do not need to restore the tombstone

How to debug tombstone occurring in Android

How to debug tombstone occurring in Android The following three types of problems are more likely to occur in Android: Force Close/anr/tombstone The first two are mainly to look at the current process or system framework layer state and stack can be analyzed, this article mainly discusses the situation of Tombstone. Tombstone

Android Native/tombstone Crash Log Detailed analysis (RPM)

the validity of the base site, you can try to calculate the symbol for the 0X518254A5 (func_a+56): 0x518254a5- 0x51825000 = 0x4a5. Then use Addr2line query 0x4a5 to get hello-jni.c:34. There is another way to calculate the available addresses, as well as the individual symbol information provided in the stack: Example 0x518254a5 (func_a+56), which is then mentioned objdump can be used to directly input the. So, this will come out the entire LIB assembly information. Then you can find "0XXXXXXXX

Modify the DC tombstone survival time

Modify DC Tombstone Survival Time U Case Requirements How do I change the time limit for an authoritative restore? U Knowledge Tips When you delete an object (such as a user account, OU, and so on) in AD, the object is not actually deleted, but is moved to a special container. When the object is eventually deleted, it is determined by the tombstone's survival time. Tombstone lifetime refers to the time inte

Caliburn Micro Framework Windows Phone 8 use Research (iii) magical tombstone treatment

Background Tombstone in the development process of Windows Phone 8 really makes us love and hate, it can make the program seems to be running. But dealing with tombstones is a very troublesome thing, the traditional way we need to be in the program Deactived event triggered, the need to save the state to put in, and then the user back to load out. And if our program uses the MVVM architecture, the situation will be more complex and complex. Believe t

In-depth study of Windows phone7 Development (IV. Tombstone)

The following executable modes are available for phone7 : tombstoning , page state , application state , persistent data , transient state . tombstone and transient state because they can simulate multiple tasks. In tombstoned mode, the application is terminated by the operating system (this can reduce resource usage), you need to save the transient state , it is used to restore the original state of the application after the applicatio

Log analysis and positioning for Android Tombstone/crash

direct crash, my mother, such a big lump, what things ah, totally do not understand, no clue Satan. This nnd Android out of the question, popping up such a large heap of addresses, to make wool.In fact, I can be very responsible to tell you, brothers so much actually I can not understand, in my eyes except the red and blue places, all the rest is nonsense. With the exception of these two places, I really do not understand, a bunch of linear addresses, plus registers, like the Martian text.Forge

Parsing JNI code process by tombstone file

Android development testing will often encounter crash.(1) cd/data/tombstones/(2) ADB pull/data/tombstones/tombston_00 (save path)(3) Open tombstone file and find BackTrace:BackTrace: #00 pc 000239c2/data/app/com.morpho.cinemagraph-1/lib/arm/ ( mor_cinegrph_renderer_ycc420semiplanar_draw+2377) #01 pc 00021871/data/app/ Com.morpho.cinemagraph-1/lib/arm/ (mor_cinegrph_renderer_renderwithmvec8real+260)

Windows 8 Study Notes (15th)-Windows 8 RP Metro tombstone Mechanism

Just now, when I was running the Win8 Metro app, I suddenly thought of the program lifecycle issue that had been very tangled for some time ago. I don't know where to implement the tombstone mechanism. I think there may be improvements in the RP version. After some tests, Conclusion: The RP version automatically implements the tombstone mechanism, 10 ~ after closing the program (window pulling down or Alt +

Speed up software/housekeeper software/UF software/Kingdee software/Catering software/financial software database repair/Data initialization recovery

"Data Recovery failure description"Company financial personnel for data maintenance, misoperation, in the financial software to initialize the data, because recently did not do backup, it caused a lot of financial documents lost.Because the financial data is very important, the customer is anxious to get back.The data Recovery Analysis "Engineer detection, in SQL Server database Enterprise Manager, discover what the

There is a tombstone in the basement of the Chapel of Westbrook, England.

When I was young, I dreamed of changing the world. But when I became mature, I found that I could not change the world, so I shortened my eyes and changed my country! But when I arrived, I found that I could not change my country at all.So my final

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