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404 Error Debugging Analysis-run JSP Dynamic Web page tomcat always reported 404 errors (Detailed) __jsp

First, the development of JSP Dynamic Web pages, when we request a resource on the server through the browser, you may often encounter the bug reported 404 errors. Problem analysis: The cause of this bug may be in a JSP Web page, or it may be inside a servlet. If the resource being accessed does not exist, a 404 error is generated. (1)

After eclipse configures Tomcat, launch Tomcat to access the Tomcat 404 error

When you create a new project in Eclipse, configure Tomcat, and then test if Tomcat is configured successfully, report a 404 error exception.Workaround:1, remove the project files, re-establish a new project,2, create a new project.3,new a Server, configure Tomcat.4, double-

Start Tomcat project under Eclipse, Access tomcat default port display 404 error

Solution: Open the server view of Eclipse, double-click the tomcat you configured, open the edit window, view the server locations, and see if the first option is selected (the first option by default), which is the Use workspace metadata ( Does not modify Tomcat instation),You should choose the second option, use Tomcat installation. Then you can start the servi

Tomcat inside Configuration SOLR service, Tomcat started successfully, but access to SOLR 404 error

implementation and word processing similar, add synonymous processing is also very easy. Chinese and other oriental words need to be divided into words, in order to achieve the purpose of indexing by word, in this regard, is the current Full-text search technology, especially the Chinese full-text search technology difficulties.Then look at the problems with installing Linux:Configuration of SOLR service in Tomcat,

Tomcat cannot display list error configuration virtual directory 404 error

1, modify the XML code in%tomcat_home%/conf/server.xml, add the Red section (Configure virtual directory) Unpackwars= "true" autodeploy= "true" Xmlvalidation= "false" Xmlnamespaceaware= "false" > Notice the red part, the path inside is Tang and the front "/" must not be less, docbase for f:/tangjsp, these two names can not be the same, that is, can not be If this is the case, there will be errors, this is the use of information on the Internet. 2, modify the%tomcat_home%/conf/web.xml X

Intellij idea + Tomcat workaround for HTTP status 404 error

I'm going to make a POC, get an old project, use the war exploded to deploy to the native Tomcat (version 8.5)When you start Tomcat by IntelliJ idea, you find that the login page of the system is http-status-404 error, and when you open http://localhost:8080 directly in the browser, you can open the

When tomcat is started in eclipse, Error 404 occurs

Http:// Symptoms: Tomcat can be started normally in eclipse, but http: // localhost: 8080/cannot be accessed in the browser, and Error 404 is reported. Other project pages cannot be accessed. Close tomcat in eclipse and double-click startup. bat under the

Configuring a custom 404 error page in tomcat

404,50x Such errors are often encountered.If the%catalina_home%\conf\web.xml and the specific application have the settings%catalina_home%\webapps\root\web-inf\web.xmlThe application is in effect.How to set up a friendly user experience, for example in the Windows environment:Add the default file when an exception occurs, the file location is as follows (if you do not set reloadable to True or autodeploy= "true", you will need to restart Tomcat for th

Eclipse launches Tomcat after 404 error

Problem descriptionAfter you deploy the Web project in Eclipse, you find that Tomcat can start, but access the http://localhost:8080 address 404 error. Instead of using Eclipse to start Tomcat, it is OK to start Tomcat directly by using the Bin directory under the

How to customize the Tomcat 404 error page

Click here to subscribe to this blog using RSS: How to customize the Tomcat 404 error pageAdd the following code before the Conf/web.xml final FAQ and Solution:404 error page This problem, I defined the following definition in Web.xml,The path is right, it is strange that I

Eclipse configuration tomcat, access 404 error

I downloaded the TOMCAT6 from the official web site, directly started to find normal use, but started after eclipse binding, access to localhost:8080, originally should be Tomcat's homepage, but reported a 404 error. Baidu search for a bit, the original is the reason for the location of Tomcat compiled!Double-click Tomca

Springboot project into a war package, deployed to Tomcat, normal start access error 404

Tomcat. Note * local run time to ignore this paragraph to introduce a comment out, or the project can not start - Exclusions> exclusion> groupId>Org.springframework.bootgroupId> Artifactid>Spring-boot-starter-tomcatArtifactid> exclusion> Exclusions>Dependency>Summarize:I passed the above two steps and the problem was solved. The reason for the error is that the Springboot embe

[Resolved]tomcat started successfully in eclipse but displayed a 404 error on Access?

This article is written to beginners, but also to their own later need to redeploy the project as a reference, if it happens to help you, please feedback to me, increase my growing process to share the momentum. There are a lot of procedures on the internet about Tomcat installation and environment variables, and I will not repeat them. issue : Tomcat can successfully access localhost:8080 when testing wh

The "Go" Tomcat access page under the Soft Connection folder appears with a 404 error, description The requested resource (/xxx.html) is not available.

Create a soft connection file under tomcat/webapps/root/Ln-s/home/ubuntu/report Reportand create a report.html in the report soft link directory.There was an error accessing this report.html through the browser.The error is as follows:HTTP Status 404-report/report.html---------------------------------------------------

404 error resolution for accessing Tomcat home page in eclipse

First, add Tomcat. Find Window-preferences-server-runtime environments-add-apache-in the menu bar select Tomcat Version-find the path to the Tomcat file-Modify the JRE path to add success to jre-Second, locate the Server view (Window-show view-server) and double-clickTomcat v7.0 Server at localhost, the window will come up with a UI interface that configures

Tomcat configured in eclipse starts normally but accesses the 404 error

Problem Description:The tomcat configured in Eclipse, boot is normal, the console display starts successfully, and no error message is reported, but when the access is reported 404 error, and then directly in the Bin directory to start Startup.bat is normal. Then I was very puzzled, after the online search for informat

When you deploy two projects under Tomcat, only one can access and another 404 error occurs, how to resolve

When you deploy two projects under Tomcat, only one can access and another 404 error occurs, how to resolveIn the development of new projects, sometimes in order to save time, directly to the project has been done in a copy into the renamed B project, and then in the B Project for the development of functions,At this time, if you deploy a A, B project to

The newly installed Tomcat can be started successfully, but the error 8080 is reported when you access http: // localhost: 404.

The following two errors occur when you reinstall Tomcat today: 1. it can be started successfully, but error 8080 is reported when accessing http: // localhost: 404/, 2. the selected server is enable, ....... Error 1: the root folder is missing in the webapp file under my tomcat

Hide or modify the version number on the Tomcat 404 500 error page

This article introduces how to hide or modify the version number on the Tomcat 404 500 error page. If you do not want to know that your website has an error, you can find out the version used by your server, you can modify it as follows. The Code is as follows: Copy code Cd/home/

Eclipse Tomcat Project error: HTTP Status 404 errors

To deploy Tomcat in eclipse, the result is that Tomcat can pass the connection test alone, with Eclipse at 404.404 must be the wrong directory, try to change the configuration and file location in eclipse for half a day.1. Stop Tomcat in the menu bar, then select Servers at the bottom of the screen to delete the running project2. Right-click on the server, should

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