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Last week, the legendary world H5 broke 1500 million lines of water screen, the secret behind the success of tens of millions of explosion H5 games? -

Last week, butterfly interactive announced that the "Legend of the world" monthly flow of 15 million, known as the industry's first tens of millions of levels of explosive H5 games. What does H5 game win over ten million? Can we copy the secret to its success? Last week, butterfly interactive announced that the "Legend of the world" monthly flow of 15 million, kn

"Dynamic world view" in online games"

As we all know, the current game has a tendency to favor online games."Online Interaction"As an important part of online games,MMORPGIt is also an important role. I have also played many games.MMORPGOnline games, impressive westward journey, fantasy westward journey, perfect world, legend, miracle,

Talking about the buff system and camp system of World of Warcraft __ Games

The effect of action in games is designed to be a seemingly simple, but difficult to do abstract and highly scalable system. But World of Warcraft created the buff system to unify the design concept. This concept can be very simple to connect some systems, such as: Channel Magic, just cast a buff, and set the duration and the middle of some effects, the client to do some special effects, server handling da

2015/11/1 writing games with Python, Pygame primer (1): Pygame installation

uppygame.display.update ()#Refresh the screen .After you enter and run this code, you will get a picture like this:Clicking Close closes normally, and the title of the window becomes Hello, world!In this procedure, a lot of new concepts, such as events, are mentioned. I will continue to explain these concepts later.The code gives enough comments and believes that every friend who knows Python can read it.If you are not in touch with Python or have no

At Intel™The processor transplanted OpenGL * games to Android * (Part 1)

name to the local source file according to the specific naming scheme. Note: For more information about using JNI with NDK, see OpenGL ES 1.1 or 2.0? Which version of OpenGL ES should you use on Android? Version 1.0 of OpenGL ES has been replaced by version 1.1. Therefore, you must select version 1.1 and version 2.0. Khronos and Google may support two editions without limit, but in most cases, OpenGL ES 2.0 is better than 1.1.

Passion for Asian Games integration by communication (1)

On July 15, November 12, the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games will kick off. Athletes, technical officials, and news and media personnel from all over the world will also stay in the Asian Games city. In addition to the grand opening ceremony and fierce competitions, Guangzhou Asian Games city has become a highlight of atten

37th days one happy here-Android games hitting the plane (1) environment construction, 37th days android

37th days one happy here-Android games hitting the plane (1) environment construction, 37th days android August 3, Sunny. "The green trees are overcast and thick in summer, and the building is reflected in the pond. The crystal curtain starts with a breeze and is fragrant with roses. " Cocos2d is an open-source game development framework that can be used to easily develop 2D

Start making pygame games (1)

Start making pygame games (1) Start to enter the world of Python1. About this series This will be a series of articles. It is my experience reading makeing games with Python pygame. Since the book is in English, I can organize it into an article in Chinese for your convenience. The author also wrote another book "inv

Download and decryption of source code (article 1) of 2048 game games with more than 10 million downloads)

, animation production, font design, as well as particle, physical system, MAP and so on, and easy debugging, and real-time simulation; Download CocosEditor, introduction and Tutorial:; CocosEditor blog: /; 2048 series of articles 2048 source code decryption and download (first analysis of the original version) 2048 source code decryption and download (Article 2 analyzes various versions) Portal (premium blog ):

Days of playing games in the past (1)

After 7 consecutive shifts, we had a three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday. I don't want to work overtime during this holiday. First, I do not have any work to work overtime or want to go out for a tour, because staying at home makes it easy to watch the World Cup and the NBA Finals. I went swimming again last night. Although this summer's hot season hasn't come yet, it's so refreshing that I can freely move in the water without sweating. When I got

Flash MX 2004 Instance making video tutorials: Tangram Interactive games (1)

Tutorials | video Tutorials   Section 91st: Tangram Interactive Games (1)   Course Objectives: making Tangram Interactive games   Lesson points: use flash MX 2004 to develop Tangram interactive games. Divided into four sets of explanations, this is the first episode, while providing the FLA source file download, conven

The combination of games and Weibo, the design of a microblog background and front-end (based on mysql ). (1)

Inscription-I dare not say anything about Weibo design, but there are still some differences between the integration of Weibo and the design of Weibo separately in the game. I have some experience and share it with you. I hope you can stay away from it, I did not waste my time on the road. At present, many games have been added to the Weibo system. Of course, those games are supported by mature Weibo backen

HTML5 game development-Zero-basic development RPG games-Open Source lecture (1)

In the development of lightning in the previous article, some friends did not quite understand it. This article will explain how to develop an RPG Game from a zero-base point of view. In the gaming world, we can see various maps, various game characters, and figures walking and talking on maps. maps and figures are actually processed and displayed, by displaying different images on the screen, we can see different game interfaces. To make these images

RPG Games Learn--2.rpgmaker Event Learning 1

B is on", the graph is still original, the starting condition is "decision key". In the second event page of the selection, do not forget to add the page on the Accept task when you open the Independent switch B.The number of independent switches is only four, and it is only within a single event that controls the page and cannot be called globally.The switch is the entire game's global control engine, which map can be used to determine whether the switch is on to execute the event content.Sele

Beginner's journey to j2-2d games (1) game framework

complicated. As a beginner, if you want to think too much about it, I am afraid it will lead you away from the main line. Here we only provide the canvas code, if you do not understand it, you can refer to another series of articles on this site, "using midp2.0 to develop Games". Use singlon, because each gamecanvas requires a lot of memory space. In addition, we only need to rewrite gameinit (), gamemain (), and write the code initialized at one tim

Flex online game development-Chinese chess games: (1) core logic

In the development of four-nation military games, use flex online game development-four-nation military games (5)-refine the chess development api, we have extracted the first api for chess game development-FlexChessAPI. This api design principle is based on the state machine and event-driven flex mechanism to make the development work simple and easy. Now, we use this api for the first time to develop a Ch

Five interesting online HTML5 games (part 1 with source code download]

HTML5 has been developing for a while, and there are many HTML5-based products. Its rich and brilliant page effects have really highlighted us, more and more browsers now support HTML5. Today I will share with you five classic HTML5 games. You can try them in your spare time. In addition, several HTML5 games are accompanied by source code downloads. If you are interested, you can also study HTML5 games.Sour

[POJ3710] Delete and play games on restricted charts in the Christmas Game (tree-based deletion and Game evolution 1) and poj3710christmas

[POJ3710] Delete and play games on restricted charts in the Christmas Game (tree-based deletion and Game evolution 1) and poj3710christmas Reprinted please indicate the source: fact, I feel that the original traffic volume is a little less uncomfortable than unauthorized piracy by 233... Question: A tree chart is followed by a root node. The two sides

CSDN Heroes-Fifth annual online programming contest Month III: Stone games (1)

Topic detailsA B Two people face a number of stones, each of which the number of stones can be arbitrarily determined.The two men took turns to take some stones according to the following rules, the rules of the game are as follows:1. Each step should take at least one stone;2. Each step can only take part or all of the stones from a heap;3. If anyone fails to take a child according to the rules, who is the loser?If a B two people take the optimal str

Java: the path from basic to advanced learning-creation of Sudoku games (1), java advanced

Java: the path from basic to advanced learning-creation of Sudoku games (1), java advancedPreface Most people have played this game, so the specific game itself is not described. See Baidu Encyclopedia: and objectives The rule of DT independence is simple, that is, duplicate numbers cannot appear in each row, column, and cell (3X3. First, paste the approx

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