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10 completely free web page prototypes (wireframe) tools

differs from other tools in that he can automatically evaluate your design based on human cognitive models. You can make a description and click on the Evaluation button by clicking on some icons, a button, and he will evaluate the human cognitive model of your design, and he will tell you how long it takes for the average person to understand your intentions. Cogtools has a lot of user-led documents, there are many tutorials, the forum can also let

20 Excellent mobile product prototypes and wireframe design tools

Wireframe (Wireframe) is a very important part of the design process for apps, software, or Web sites, and it allows you to organize and simplify content and elements in a reasonable way. In addition to helping developers save time, Wireframes can deepen the developer's understanding of the product, give developers a clear product architecture, and avoid the confusion of developers in the form of unclear le

Interactive designers must use 50 wireframe kits and online design tools

Online Design Template Wirefy The online design tool of wireframe with the principle of content priority. Allows you to design a response wireframes using standard elements. Lumzy A prototype design tool for Web design and interface design. Mockup Builder Another prototype design tool Mobilizer Select the device, enter the URL, immediately display the effect of the device diagram. Proty A good

20 Mobile wireframe design tools for outstanding applications (figure)

If you want to successfully complete a set of design processes, the Web site or application of the wireframe design, as well as effective planning is essential. This will not only help you reduce overhead (especially in terms of design and development costs), but can further expand your initial creativity and effectively build the functionality and architecture of your Web site or application, and, more importantly, effectively collect valuable early

Exquisite (Android, IPhone, IPad) mobile interface design material and wireframe design tools

Button SetA wide variety of Web UI and button collections.Eightshapes UnifyWeb Form Elements Volume 1Photoshop Button TemplatesIPad GUI PSDVery beautiful PSD format IPad common interface design material.IPhone GUI as Rich Symbols for FireworksRIM Blackberry PSDA beautifully crafted BlackBerry PSD material.Ultimate IPhone Stencil–graffletopiaExtremely useful IPhone interface Design component template.IPhone App Wireframe TemplateWireframe template fo

10 ways to make your wireframe prototype more communicative

, regardless of product personnel or designers, developers, you can make a clear track of the version of the prototype changes. 9. Avoid Dark line frame A dark wireframe full of pages will make your prototype look a little layered, rough and messy. As we said in the 1th, try to use different shades of gray as the background color to define the edges of the page and the module. This will not only show the visual priority of the interface

Web wireframe UI Suite for 10 PSD

project design. UI Bundle This is a complete UI suite or collection. Includes star ratings, radio buttons, text boxes all you need for UI components! All vectors are complete, and you can freely modify them to any size you need. All in one web elements kit This is a complete set of web elements, and you can find many elements that are very useful to your project. A large set of elements of various styles, simple modifications can be generated groove style. There are 17 modules, but each

10 recommended tools for Java developers and 10 recommended tools for java developers

10 recommended tools for Java developers and 10 recommended tools for java developers The following are the 10 most commonly used tools for Java programmers in their daily lives. If you are using Java, this article will help you.

10 best and up-to-date web design tools and 10 web design tools

10 best and up-to-date web design tools and 10 web design toolsGenerate unique music, background images, Photo filters and geometric art with a batch of tools this month. Need a little inspiration for web design? Or, maybe you need help to start a blog? Thanks to the increasing complexity of building a website, we are

10 Excellent tools for designing Web Wireframes

consider the following 10 excellent tools to choose from, to help you to create Web page creation, wireframe sketch design: Axure Axure is a very suitable tool for designers, it can create wireframe, design flow chart, interactive design, automatic output site prototype, automatic output Word format specification

10 recommended efficient Java tools and class libraries, 10 Java tool Libraries

10 recommended efficient Java tools and class libraries, 10 Java tool Libraries As a Java architect and developer, some efficient tools are essential for stable and qualified completion of work. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to support the Java platform. These

Top 10 websites and tools indispensable for Android development and top 10 for android Development

Top 10 websites and tools indispensable for Android development and top 10 for android Development 1. Google Before development, I was completely a little white. I really don't know about Google. I only know about Baidu. If I encountered a problem, I went to Baidu rather than Baidu. Baidu is indeed reliable in Entertainment gossip, however, the technical informat

10 new design tools with unlimited prospect

Before we mentioned the new design tools, they often regard as PS, ai such as the traditional strength of the dependencies, even the increasingly powerful sketch because of the Mac platform Monopoly can not be a broader alternative to PS's solid position. But the new design tools are really so chicken? Unconsciously, the balance of the overall situation is gradually tilted. A recent survey by famous Americ

10 most commonly used Android development tools and 10 android

10 most commonly used Android development tools and 10 android 10 most commonly used Android development tools are recommended When we use various languages for development, we always use a variety of development tools. Some devel

Top Web Designer Essentials 10 free Model tools

as a wireframe editor and contains a large number of wireframe parts. We can use this to create wireframe for our own websites and applications. It is designed for iOS and Android applications and features storyboards, which means we can combine storyboards with wireframe to complete the scene design. All in all, if y

10 Useful PHP Open source tools, 10 PHP open source _php Tutorials

10 Useful PHP Open source tools, 10 PHP open source In development work, the right tools are used to maximize efficiency. In addition, a large number of open source projects also save developers from repeating the "wheel" time, so that developers can focus on the implementation of the business. This article introduces

The best 10 interactive design tools of the 2014

A few years ago the interaction designer was an obscure job, and now the interaction designer and the UI designer are fighting at the forefront of the design. UI designers have classic PS and pioneer sketch to open up the territory, compared to the new professional interaction designer is not a more unified design tools. However, the maturity of the interactive design community has spawned more and more full-featured new

Share 10 excellent UI box tools

Most web designers use wireframes to initialize their design approach so that anyone can see their plans, which involves creating quick sketches or using UI wireframes. No matter what designDevelopers are the first step in the design process of Web developers. Therefore, it is very important to select a suitable UI box. Unless you have not used the UI box yet, you will not understand the importance of agile development, it can save time and efficiency Today we will share

10 best web and app development tools

The world is full of innovation, and the passion and determination to develop is a key factor in achieving higher goals. In web development, there is no doubt that tools and available online Web pages and app design resources have played an important role.Below we will bring some of the best tools for websites and apps. 1. Powermockup This is a wireframe and mock

. NET programmers 10 of essential tools

See this article from MSDN, feel good turn over, for me like this. NET Novice, each tool is a good starting point for improving efficiency. The introduction of the 10 software will be reformatted to facilitate later inspection. The 10 articles that begin with the ". NET Programmer's 10 prerequisites" are separated from this article, and each article is not separa

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